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Chapter 6

A week had passed since she started working in the mansion, caging herself in that cabin to rearrange the data according to her convenience. Whoever worked here before her was a very lazy and lousy person, there was no specific order in which the files were arranged. So when she was asked to file the fae document, she had to go through a hell lot of files to find the right one.

For a whole week, she had been responding to letters on behalf of Damien, making sure to be polite in rejecting invitations to personal gatherings and it was not a surprise when the only invitations that were accepted turned out to be from the higher society. The Dukes and Marquis and Counts. For the whole day she would go through all the letters and announcements that arrived and then whenever she found Lord Damien free she would recite them and wait for his response. Once he decided things, she would pen them down and send the letters out.

She was also experienced as an archivist, and as the days had proceeded Lord Damien had asked her to record all the matters of significance and store them appropriately. He would hand her all the parchments and tell her which sector it belonged to, then she would skim through it, make note of where it was filed and the subject matter of it, even the format of the document, and then she would place it in a file.

As tiring as it was, she was also required to make copies of the documents and she would have to write down all the letters in different tombs.

She had her meals with the other servants along with her new friends, and for the starting three days she would go to pet the wolf that she had befriended. The wolf would lick her face and play with her, and she didn't mind having him around all the time, even though she had to take a bath every time she played with him. But he had suddenly disappeared, just gone. She had asked a worker in the shed about it but all she had gotten was that the wolf was thrown out.

Whenever Orion came, he would spend some time with Elle, making sure she was alright and settled in the place properly. He was also generous enough to buy her small presents at times, but that was nothing that she was not used to. Orion always pampered her, even back at Milford's mansion he would make sure she was always looked after.

On the other hand, Damien was having a hard time accommodating the young lady in his household. Not because she was hard to handle or because she messed up her work. She was perfect when it came to her work, she even kept to herself leave for when she was with her friends. And the way she got all flustered whenever she was with him was something that he took pride in. It was like a boost to his ego and he liked the blush that colored her face.

What he did not like was how men in the mansion were fluttering around her like a bee to a flower. She didn't seem to notice it but when she was around people, the guys always hovered around her, and it should not have mattered to him, it shouldn't have. But it did. It irked him, like a small mosquito that kept buzzing by one's ear.

But that was a drop in an ocean when it came to things that irritated him. A war was standing at their foot, nose to nose with Damien's rationality which was trying to reason out with the mutts. But they were mutts for a reason, no matter how much he tried to explain them that war was redundant, they simply would not take things calmly.

Damien sighed and took a sip from his whiskey, he had a dull throbbing in his head at the thought of gathering his arms and fighters for a war. He had soldiers ready and trained, but he would not be able to hold his ground with such a small army. Not against the shifters at least.

His Dukes had two weeks worth time to arrive for the meeting, some had already arrived and were living in the mansion as guests with their wives. The werewolves had given him a time of six days before they announced a war and attacked his people. And he was completely unprepared when it came to protecting his civilians, he had resources but he was wary of using them. Exposing his true nature would save his people but create more complications on a personal level. He was cornered.

A knock on the door broke him out of his trance. When he asked to enter, Elle entered and filled the room with the mild smell of jasmines that calmed him.

She bowed once she was inside and had closed the door behind her. His eyes scanned her, from the top of her head to the dress that she was wearing. He frowned at the scratches on her forearms, like nails being dragged on her.

"Did someone hurt you?" He asked her and went for the bottle again which got him a frown from her.

"No, why do you ask Milord?" She asked instead.

He shook his head in dismissal of the topic. He had to remind himself that she did not matter to him, that she was just a stranger in the house, one who worked for him. A servant. What happened to her was her business alone and not anyone else's.

"Did you need anything?" He asked her.

"Milord, someone seems to have messed up with the documents." As she talked, her eyes wandered all over his face till they came to rest on his eyes that were staring deep in her crystal like green eyes. She gulped in embarrassment at being caught gawking at him and looked down at her feet.

"Someone has altered the messages and some of the letters seem to be missing." She said and interlocked her fingers in front of her.

"I see. Can you make me list of the documents that seem to be missing?" Damien knew the last archivist was a spy, that was the reason why he was six feet under the ground as of now. But he didn't know how many parchments had gone missing.

"Of course Milord. Will that be all?" She asked and when he nodded his head she took her leave.

On her way out, as she rushed to disappear from in front of him, she stubbed her toe on the door and then her foot got stuck in her skirting but she caught herself in time before she fell flat on her face.

Damien kept his smile to himself and wondered how a grown woman could be so clumsy. But he liked that about her, it was because she was so innocently awkward that she could brighten his mood at times like these.

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