His Ellie.

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Chapter 60

Elle felt him picking her up, cradling her to his chest as he carried her to the tub and sinking in the hot water. He recalled the party, that first time when he had held her against him and claimed her as his. How far they had come from back then. Back then he wanted to possess her, have her as his own because he desired her body and her soul enticed him. Now he wanted her to belong to him, with him, and even more than that he wanted her to know that he was hers. Probably telling her that she had him in the palm of her hands would be giving her too much power over him, but he wouldn't regret it.

Making her straddle him, they submerged into the water, chest to chest, their breaths mingling with each other. Taking a mug he poured water on her hair, shielding her face with a hand on her forehead as he washed away the suds he had previously lathered up. Her hands went to his chest, then up to his collarbones and the crook of his neck. Exactly upon the hollow where his neck and shoulders met, where she often bit him raw as she took blood from him. She caressed his skin with feather soft fingers, her nails lightly gliding upon the skin.
Taking the bar of soap kept in a saucer he moved it on her skin, content in looking after her and caring for her. He started massaging her skin from her neck to her shoulders, then moving down to her breasts which fondled at his leisure, thumbing her nipples and tugging at them. When he moved a little lower, she leaned forward and rested on his chest, her cheek on his shoulder.
Moving her away from her back he worked his way down her shoulders. He felt a tugging at the core, a desire that made no sense and yet so vital that it left him a gaping hollow in his chest. He felt a yearning so deep that it bordered to being devastating.
Damien felt her lips caress his skin, her small hands going around the width of his torso, her hips shifting so she rested on his erection, he felt her silky core sliding on him as she moved her hips.
Elle nuzzled in his neck, her fangs throbbing as she heard more than his blood moving in his veins and his breaths picking up, she felt his aura reaching out to her, a darkness deep rooted in his core that was restlessly reaching out to her, waves of that dark aura travelling to her. And she wanted to grasp them, to feel them, feel connected to him, feel more than his vile blood that she took in her body, wanted to feel for herself the evil soul that he house. She could sense his soul as it struggled to meet her, and she wanted to hold it, a nagging at her core, a demand of her conscious, a need of her own soul. She felt the light in her struggling to meet his darkness and knew not what to do.
The Yin and Yang were yet to interlock.
As if sensing her unease, Damien's lips landed on her mark, his tongue darting out to caress his claim on her slender neck. And an epiphany suddenly streamed light in the depth of her inner turmoil, her emotional hurricane slowing down so she could actually feel and see each and every stranded and isolated sentiment that wrecked havoc within her.
"What do you ache for, my precious?" Damien whispered in her ear, his fingers caressing her waist, pressing herself upon his erection. In his mind, he made sense of her emptiness in a different manner. For him, he made sense of her yearning that resounded in his mind as loneliness, mayhap an effect of their conversation. He felt her need to be intimate, felt that she needed him to make her complete. He wanted to be completed.
Through a dry throat, she gulped sandy air before answering.
"I want to mark you as mine." She whispered.
Damien stilled. In all his centuries old life, he had never heard of a female marking a male. She was to be claimed, never to claim. That being said, he had no complaints against being marked. The idea of having her wee fangs leaving two small marks on his throat filled him with a thrill he had never before experienced. To have her mark, to make it known that he belonged to her, to bear a visible sign and warning for others.....it made his cock twitch.
Marks were indeed warnings, a declaration. A promise for dire repercussions if the claim was challenged. His Devil knew she was capable of keeping that promise. But to have a female mark a male?
But he knew not if she could do that though. A mark was in fact a bond that the claimer forged. For one to forge a bond he had to have that instinct within, an instinct which guided them. A possessive instinct which was never seen in women. Women were to be taken care of, to be pampered and to belong, never the ones to actually take change. Their nature defined their roles, their instincts guiding them to belong and submit rather than demand. That was true for all the supernatural species who marked and mated, who became territorial of their partners.
But then again, Elle was nothing like any other being he had ever come across. She digested his Devil's blood, went through heat even when she was a vampire, and he had even once witnessed a change in her eye colour. Maybe.
Maybe she could.
And he was incapable of denying her anything that she desired so intensely. Perhaps any male out there would have thrown a fit at such a desire, their male egos bruised with shame at being claimed by the fairer sex.
Damien tilted his head, offered her his throat and pressed her face in the crook of his neck.
He felt her kiss him, her lips moving and parting for her tongue to have a taste of him. She licked and pecked and then he felt the points of her small fangs on his skin. Her one arm was thrown across his shoulders and other disappeared in his hair, tugging his black strands.
He closed his eyes for her bite, but after a moment or two he opened them and stared at her face when she did nothing. His eyebrows furrowed as he took in her face. Elle's eyes were glassed over.................and golden. There were specks of bronze and earthy brown mingling in the gold that shined brightly. He had seen her eyes change colour only once before, but back then they hadn't left their green essence altogether. Now her eyes had changed completely and he was mesmerized by them. They were overcome with feelings, he could see them in her eyes more clearly than he felt them through their bond.
He was held captive, pulled him in and made it impossible to feel anything but the intensity of her emotions.
"Say it." he whispered, leaning towards her face, hovering over her lips and holding his breath.
"I love you, Lord Damien." she whispered, equally gentle and softly.
And they both closed the gap between them, their lips fusing in an unhurried kiss, his hands coming up to cup her cheeks and caress her skin tenderly. Hers were locked in his hair, pulling him to herself, her chest rubbing against his, her hips sensually rolling in his erection that was trapped between their bodies. The water rippled and splashed as they moved in it, making silent echoes that somehow urged them on.
Her tongue ventured his mouth and he let her take the lead, gliding over his tongue and playing with it. She took his hands and guided them to her breasts, fondling them and moving over his own. He groped them, his fingers deliciously harsh, a show of his hunger. With her knees parted and resting on his sides, she rose up and her hand went to his erection, she stroked his silky skin, marveling at his hardness and then aligning him at her entrance.
Damien moaned in her mouth and then hissed as she lowered herself on his length, enveloping him and welcoming him home.
She started it slowly, first moving her hips so she rubbed her clit on him, his hands kind and gentle as he caressed her breasts. And then his breath got caught in his throat when she started moving up and down his shaft. He threw his head back at the all consuming pleasure that overtook him.
Elle left kissed on him, from his cheek upon his jaw then down his throat. She caressed him there, sucking his skin in her mouth and licking it, savoring his taste.
And then her fangs elongated with intent, she pressed them in his skin and bit into him.

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