His Ellie.

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Chapter 61

They were overwhelmed, he by the pleasure that gripped him in waves, she by all the emotions that suddenly enveloped her conscious. It was as if a dam had been opened, all his emotions flooded her mind. She could feel his darkness as it crawled within her, and yet, even when it was something totally contrasting her own essence, it made her a whole. His evil essence first found nook and empty corners in her vessel and took home in them, then twisted and turned within her, as if getting comfortable in her body. And then everything started falling in place, as if all the pieces of her puzzle were finally put together. Her light shades, those of life and love, warmth and and bone chilling cold, every aspect of her existence settled down with his darkness, the shades of death and evil, a rightfully unholy sinners soul.

She was a whole. She felt what he did, his passion as he rolled his hips into her, his uncontainable joy at her confession, his gratefulness at having her in his life, even his devotion to Amara, and strangely enough, he was equally devoted to her. And lastly, his love for her. It filled her heart with warmth.
She gulped down his blood in her mouth and once the bond was forged, she licked the wound clean. Damien shuddered as she kissed her claim on him.
His arms tightened around her waist and he started pounding into her from beneath her, his mouth found hers and kissed her senseless. She put her lips to his ear, all her moans and gasps whispered for him, her claws digging into his back.
"Take me harder" she gasped and a groan vibrated from deep within his chest, the beast in him awakening at the demand. He groped her ass and stood, then slid her off of him. Turning her around he took her hands and placed her elbows on the edge of the tub so she was bent over a little. Grabbing her hips he did just as she demanded, he took her hard, harder than he ever had, his heavy sac slapping her lips, his claws digging into her skin. He bent forward and claimed her again, his fangs burying in her shoulder leaving yet another mark. Damien put an arm around her, holding her by her breast as she went limp beneath him with pleasure, her core spasming with an orgasm induced by the mark.
"Hard enough for you, darling?" his hand moved up to her throat to tilt her head back by her chin.
She hummed, being incapable of saying anything else. He pounded in her harder, looking for his own release as her loud sounds of pleasure could be heard even in the hallways. Damien bit her ear, erupting a groan of pain and then pleasure as he healed her. His other hand travelled to her pussy, pleasuring her bundle of nerves.
She went into another orgasm, her walls clamping down on him in waves, bringing him his own release. He roared as he filled her yet again, filling his hands with her breasts and pulling her to his chest.
Their pants rang in the otherwise empty room. He pulled out of her and took her in his arms, picking her up as his bride and carrying her to their bed.
His love.
His mate.

Elle was still humming with pleasure, her body vibrating, her core clamping and spasming at the memory of his member using her. She skin ached where he had gripped her, bruised marred her body and yet she felt no regret over the pain. She was moaning even when he was carrying her, her hands were limp, her whole body was. Only pleasure remained with sweet touches of pain.

Damien lowered her on the couch and went back to the bathroom for fetching something to dry her with. He wore his robe and took another one for her, then a towel to dry her hair.

Back by her side, he stood her up and put the robe on her, though he preferred her without any clothes at all, he had to dry her body. Damien made her sit with her head tilted back while he stood behind her and dried her hair.
She was in a state of bliss, a mate who looked after her and pampered her, who was skilled enough in bed that he made her scream out his name. She could ask for nothing more.

And then, as he massaged her scalp with the towel and caressed her hair, her stomach growled out loudly and made it's hunger known. Elle blushed as he laughed and then leaned to kiss her cheek. Well she had to ask for food.

He called for a maid and asked for lunch to be brought. Soon enough a cart full of food was rolled in and to her pleasure, Damien set their dishes in their bed. Once in a while he would handfeed her, laughed at how clumsy she was at seperating the bones and flesh of her fish. They talked about random things, he asked her about what she liked, if she fancied dramas and like to read. He was............normal, unlike his brooding self and so keen to know more about her. He wasn't a king, he was a man wanting to know about his woman.

She basked in his attention, and then once they had eaten, she was so tired that they decided to rest again. Damien laid in bed with her atop him, playing with her hair and surprising her as he hummed a tune that she remembered from somewhere.

She slept with a smile on her face, Sated and satisfied. Happy. For once in her life........she wasn't lonely. She had a home. He was hers.

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