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Chapter 64

'Now that we know that Elle is definitely not a Wolf, I think it's better that we get going." Neeyah hopped down from her seat and took Orion's hand in her own. Orion looked down at her and not for the first time wondered how exactly she knew about everything that occurred around her. Omens, she had said, but were omens so accurate? So precise and sure she was of everything happening around her and everything that she spoke, Orion had to wonder if the child was hiding something from him.

"Where to?" He asked as he tugged her hand and brought her to a standstill in front of him. Her long silver hair stood out beautifully against her chocolate skin, and those grey eyes demanded attention by the way they glowed. She was special indeed, but why was it so?

She looked at him in his eyes, her gaze steady as she spoke.

"The Moon Wolf is going to end her journey in a day's time. We must bring the Wolf along with Elle and her aunt Maria her before the wolf council for a clarification. You know a war is bound to happen if the wolves do not get their Goddess, and if the true Goddess is gone before we justify that Elle is not their Goddess indeed, they will think we are making up things to keep Elle with us. "

Orion understood why an urgent meeting was necessary with the Wolf Elders. If their true goddess actually ends her life, then the wolves who had seen Elle, a Goddess by her lineage and her heritage, they would not believe the truth, instead believing that Elle was the Moon Child. They would instead conclude that the Damien was keeping Elle with him, away from their race. A war would be inevitable.

Orion also knew not to doubt Neeyah about the Goddess ending her presence. He had seen too much of her vague behavior to question her. She knew things and that was it.

" So you suggest that we have an impromptu Council meeting with the wolves tonight along with the Moon Goddess, Elle and Maria here to justify Elle's heavenly aura."

"No." she answered, "I suggest that we take Maria here along with Elle to the council and then take the elders to where the Goddess currently resides. Selene would not come to the wolf tribe. She left because she was offended, she has turned her back on them. " She babbled off with her eyes getting a dull haze on them, her irises getting blurry for a moment before the haze cleared.

Orion nodded her head and got up with Neeyah in his arms. He liked to carry that kid around. Her small arms going around his neck as she rested her head on his shoulder.

Orion gave Maria some time to get ready, it wasn't everyday that you went to the Royal Mansion to meet greet the King and his mate. Hunter, however, was not happy about the meeting, and he opposed having to go, certainly happy with the thought of Elle being taken by the wolves. For him, Hunter hated Elle just for exiting, all his teachings and upbringing making him believe that all that had the power to destruct was in fact evil and evil must be killed. The matter was settled when Orion ordered her and used his Royal command. No civilian could disobey a direct command from any of the royal household, it was an offense punishable by death.

Maria came down some ten minutes later dressed in a gown with a pearl necklace adorning her neck, her hair tied up in a chignon and her face tinted with red.

Orion gave her a onceover and cursed Hunter for being mated to her. She was a beauty, a true beauty, and although Orion would surely not have mated her, but he could only wonder the pleasures of having her beneath him.

When Maria entered the room again, Hunter stood up to stand by her side and leave alongside her. Orion had not missed the dagger which was strapped to his waist. His eyes narrowed on Hunter, his intentions were ill, he wanted Orion's Queen dead, and he would die if he tried to make good on that intent.

As he stood to leave once again with Neeyah's hand in his own, he was always wary of leaving her alone or out of his sight, Neeyah spoke from beside him.

"If you accompany her to the mansion, she will come back alone with a broken soul." She looked Hunter dead in his eyes, his face paled at how stern she seemed and how firm her gaze was. Orion was getting used to her predictions, for those who knew not of her, she would indeed appear to be a fanatic.

"You know not what you speak of, child." Hunter's words had no tone to them, only the dread of having his death predicted seemed to have crawled up his spine and into his soul.

"I wouldn't say that if I were you," Janet spoke, still seated where she had before, emptying the vodka bottle down her throat, "I know the child for quite some time now, none of her predictions have ever been wrong. She had even predicted her parents' death, down to how they would be found. "

Orion turned to look at Janet with wide eyes, then back to Neeyah, his shock coming in waves as he tried to accept the meaning of her words. Neeyah had predicted her parents' death. Her parents were death and technically, she had seen, experienced her parents' death.

"Janet, I would like to invite you for evening tea come weekend. Don't forget to show up."

They left for the mansion.

Hunter denied to leave Maria alone and went with them.

Surprisingly, Maria did not complain. Not a word uttered for his safety or Neeyah's prediction. Hunter on the other hand looked heartbroken, perhaps her emotions being carried to him through his bond.


If only he did die, thought Orion as he eyed Maria, if only he met his grave.

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