His Ellie.

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Chapter 65

Damien carried her on his back to their room, through the vestibule and all the hallways were servants polished the balustrade or set candles in the chandelier and what not. All of them gawking, some consciously averting their eyes.

While at the entrance, he had handed the haversack to Aiden and asked him to brew them up good and send them up to their room.

Back in their room, he lowered her down and turned her to face him. She was still struggling with everything, the woman in her was troubled with the thought of motherhood. On one hand she felt he was right, that nineteen was indeed a too young age to be a mother, especially since Damien had told her that they had centuries ahead of them. On the other hand, she didn't like the idea of purposefully killing a life that she may harbor. Might already have harbored. She thought of a life growing in her, then in her arms alongside Damien. It didn't feel wrong.

Damien sighed and moved a hand through his hair, tugging them at the roots. Then moving to the balcony, he pulled out the box of cigars from his pocket. Lighting a cigar he brought it to his lips and looked up at the sky. By Devil, things were so different now. His Amara had not wanted a child, and here was Elle, confused, wanting and un-wanting at the same time.

He inhaled deep on his cigar, feeling the momentary buzz as the smoke made it's way down to his throat. For a moment, he wanted to ignore the matter at hand, but the more time passed the more it will be harder to avoid it. He was as ready for the responsibility as he would be a few years in the future, but she wasn't. And more than that, he was afraid of whether or not she would be able to handle it. Amara had had a near death experience with their firstborn. He had held the reaper at bay and to keep on the mortal land he had spent a year in hell, his body bound on land by the shackles from the underworld as his soul burned in the flames of hell. He hadn't truly seen his child or cared for his Amara after childbirth for a whole year.

He feared motherhood for Elle because Elle herself was strong, her genes were stronger than Amara's. Their child would either be stronger than them both or born normal. He could also possess either one of their strengths. If the child was stronger than Elle, she would be at the gates of Hell. He would gladly spend another year in hell for her. But even he could not change fate all the time. He controlled the reapers but balance had to be maintained, if she was to die, and he were to save her, he would have to compensate. But it was against the rules. And he had used his free passes, more than once for Amara and their kid. By Devil he had loved his child.

He felt a hand on his arm and turned to look at her, he blew smoke away from her face and wound an arm around her waist to pull her to his chest. He took another drag from his Cigar, still between his fingers, his hand resting on the railing and away from her.

Her hand crawled up to the back of his neck and made him look down at her. She looked at the burning cigar, it's tip bright orange, wisp of smoke disappearing up in the air.

"I was always curious about cigarettes and cigars. I want to try it once." She said, then looked up at him again. " Does it make you feel any different?" she asked.

He furrowed his eyebrows at that. Her? With a cigar? He didn't like that very much. He wouldn't mind her having a smoke at her leisure, many women did including his Amara, but he couldn't say it didn't bother him. In fact, Amara was the one who had a habit of smoking, alcohol was his choice of drug. She made him get used to it and after she was gone, he never left it.

"You want a taste of it?" he asked her. He brought his cigar up and took another drag and threw it down from the balcony. Her eyes went wide at that.

"You didn't blow out!"

He smiled down at her.

"I didn't." he nuzzled her neck, his other hand coming down to her waist and pulling her to him. "I can give you a taste now."

"But you threw it away." she mumbled.

"Inhale the smoke up to your throat, if you can."

He kissed her lips and blew smoke into her mouth, his lips kissing hers just for a second before she was coughing in his arms and he laughed out, his head falling back on his neck.

She had tears in the corner of her eyes, still slightly coughing, her hands clutching his shirt. He found her adorable.

Elle's throat burned, her head buzzing and everything moving around. She had only taken one inhale, from his mouth that too, and yet it had so much effect on her. His laugh was echoing around her.

Suddenly she felt a soft touch on her forehead, then on her cheek, travelling lower to the crook of her neck and on to the mark which lay on her skin. She shuddered as he started harassing her with his tongue, licking and sucking, pure ecstasy making her knees go weak.

He held her like that for a few fleeting seconds and then the buzz started receding. She finally tilted her head back a little and he moved away to look at her face.

"My cigars are stronger than the regular ones, those don't work on me." he told as his hand rubbed her back in a soothing manner. She nodded her head and opened her mouth, it felt dry and sandy.

"Don't do that again till you have bled." He punctuated his sentence with a peck on her lips.

"You know, Lord Damien, before today I hadn't even thought of having a baby." she whispered and rested her chin on his chest.

"Just another sign for us to wait." he answered.

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