His Ellie.

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Chapter 66

She pulled out of his embrace and wandered over to the railing, looking out at the woods and greenery that surrounded the mansion, separated by lawns and gardens that spread out for miles. So far away they were from all that nature that not even the songs of birds and howls of animals could be heard. If it was up to her, she would like to have a home in the woods. A cottage like the one where she resided with her aunt. At least that would give her a sense of normalcy, however fake it would be, it would still put her heart at ease.

"Let's go and have something to eat, shall we?" Damien asked her and she absently nodded her head. There was a knock on the door, and once Damien called out for them to enter, Aiden rushed inside with a cart. On it were two teapots and cups, the ceramics so beautiful with their floral patterns that for a moment she forgot that one of those carried the herbal tea. Aiden bowed his head, his eyes lingering on Elle with something that she couldn't quite place a finger on. Damien growled at him and that made him drop his gaze.

She went over to the lounge chairs and took a seat, waiting for Damien to follow in her steps. Damien had his eyes on Aiden, why? she couldn't really tell. But the tension was clear, and from his emotions that she got a whiff of, it was also clear that Aiden would not be seen in the castle for much longer.

Aiden bowed his head and promptly left the room after pouring them both their teas. Hers was deep green in color with no milk, his was brown with cream and sugar. He picked up a smaller teapot and poured a golden syrup in her cup.

"What is that?" she asked as she picked up a cookie from the plate.

"Jaggery. It'll sweeten that up a bit." He answered her and mixed it with a spoon. Then instead of handing her the concoction, he poured another tea, with cream and two spoons of sugar, the way she had her tea.

"I won't force you Elle, pick whichever you want. The choice is yours, just consider the talk we had in the woods before you make a decision." He told her waited for her o pick a cup . The choice had to be hers, it was her body, she would have a child grow in her womb. If she so desired, then that was up to him.

He watched as she picked the herbal concoction and his shoulders slumped in relief. He had given her a choice but he had desperately hoped she would pick the herbs. Holding the cup to her mouth she took a deep breath and took a testing sip from the cup. Her mouth scrunched up as she gulped down and her tongue came out as if she were gagging.


A chuckle escaped Damien's lips which he hid behind a cough as she glared at him.

"Those are all wild herbs, my precious. They taste bitter." He leaned down and pecked her lips.

She took another deep breath, this time to face the bitterness of the concoction rather than to prepare herself for walking on the path she had decided. Holding her breath she gulped down the rest of the tea and then struggled to keep the vile thing down.

Damien watched as she put her hand to her mouth and breathed through her mouth. He was happy, after countless years of being conflicted and never letting go of someone who was already gone, he was content. Satisfied in being where he was, sitting beside his Queen.

He hadn't touched his tea. Didn't want to have it anyways. He pulled her in his lap and rested his chin on her shoulder. His arms wrapped around her middle, palms slowly massaging their way up to her bosom.



"You know what will happen now, don't you?" he asked her, cautiously caressing his way back to her stomach. She leaned into his touch, resting her head back on his shoulder as he leaned against the couch.

"I'll bleed if it works." she mumbled and sighed.

He kissed her neck, tracing his way up to her jaw and back.

"I have to warn you, my love, it'll hurt a bit."

she hummed in answer.

"When will it start?" she asked, her hand covering his as it lay on her stomach.

" It takes a few hours to work, you'll feel light cramps in back and here," he massaged a spot on her tummy, "and then it'll grow till you bleed. When you start getting the cramps, I want you to come to me."

"Why, Lord Damien, what will you do?" she asked him, her arms slithering up and around his neck behind her.

"I wanna be there with, hold you through your pain, care for you when it's done."

She chuckled at that, a blush covering her face at the thought of him tending to her. He did well in that department, bathing her and feeding her and holding her as she slept. Most of the times he knew what she needed before she herself realized it. His hands would be gentle when he cared for her, his voice soft as he cooed in her ears the sweetest of things she had ever heard.

"You know just the right words to say, don't you?" she asked.

His chest vibrated with a hearty laugh at that, if only he did know. But women were tricky creatures, one can never be too sure of what they felt or how their mind really worked. A man can only be cautious when it came to woman he truly cared about.

She smiled but then his laughter died as he sensed her thoughts swaying elsewhere, away from even the though of abortion.

"What is it?"

She tilted her head to look up at him and her turned her in his lap. They were newly mated and he seemed obsessed with having her near himself, or on his lap if he could have her there.

"If we ever marry, what would that make Orion and Me?" she asked him.

He frowned at that, he hadn't really thought how awkward things might get between the two of them. Orion was centuries old and his Ellie was only nineteen, she hadn't even seen two decades completely. But by relation Orion would be her son. A son who was way, way older and wiser that she was.

"He'd be...your son." It sounded weird even as he pronounced it. As if something amiss and unsettling.

She stayed silent for a minute or two, then she whispered, " When I was still back at Milford's, he at times used to call me lass, always keeping an eye on me whenever he was near. He used to look after me as if I were indeed a family to him."

Damien thought of his son's gift, his strengths and his power. A shudder went through him at the thought.

"Back then, he had probably seen us together the way we are right this moment." He told her.

She furrowed her eyebrows and looked up at him.

"A seer?" she questioned.

He stared at her, his face grave as he looked into her eyes.

"I wish it were just that, my darling. I wish he was blessed to see only that much. But he's cursed, and you'd be wise to never question him of it."

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked in a small voice. "If not just the future, what else can he see?"


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