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Chapter 67

By the time Orion arrived at the mansion, Neeyah was asleep on his lap again, Hunter and Maria were seated in front of him, her with a sparkle in her eyes at the thought of meeting Elle again, Hunter with disgust and dread coiling up his body.

"Tell me Maria," said Orion, moving a gentle hand through Neeyah's hair, "are you not worried that Hunter might truly die tonight?"
She was looking out of the window, her eyes transfixed on the moving trees. She had not an ounce of fear for losing her mate, no sadness looming behind her radiant eyes. She was a wet dream, thought Orion, from her eyes to her pouty lips and the tendrils of hair framing her face. She was beautiful would be an understatement.
"No, my prince, I am not worried." she said so with a gay smile on her face, but a glance at Hunter told him that her words had left behind wounds on his heart. He looked hurt, his eyes were pained, he was a mated man after all.
Or was Maria just too confident in her mate? That no harm could touch him, that he was strong enough to handle anything that might come his way?
"Why, Maria, does he not love you enough?" he playfully asked her, his eyes staring at the way she fiddled with her handkerchief. A low growl was heard and in response Orion glared at him, his eyes going black in warning which caused Hunter to stare at him in disbelief, his mouth gaping open a little. Fear poked it's ugly head within Hunter, his arms shivering at the power that radiated off of Orion.
On his lap, Neeyah stirred a little, groggily looking up at him with scrunched eyebrows. Orion's eyes were back to normal as he looked at her and cupping her cheek he rested her face back on his chest, his thumb caressing her cheek and he lulled her back to sleep.
Meanwhile Maria was shivering slightly in her seat, she wasn't used to such power displays, and the warning was heavy in the air as it hummed with the remaining power radiations that Orion had caused.
"I asked you something, Maria." Orion brought her attention back to the topic at hand.
"He does, a little too much actually."
"Then why such indifference to his safety?" Orion kissed Neeyah's hair when she turned in her slumber.
"I never said that I loved him, my prince." She was looking at Orion when she said so, Hunter's hand went to hers and clasped it, bringing it to his lips and holding their hands on his lap. She did nothing to free her hand and yet her face showed no emotion as well. As if she had given up, neither his love mattered not his actions. Hunter's eyes betrayed his regret and hurt, guilt lacing his gaze as he looked back out of the window.
A grin spread on Orion's face. If she felt nothing for her mate, then he still had a chance to get her beneath him, especially if he died in the coming hours.
Back at the mansion, Damien was laying in his bed, Elle was sleeping on his chest, her arms tight around him with her face in the crook of his neck. The first of her cramps had started nearly an hour back. He was holding her since then, not because bleeding was something new to women, but because mind was still in the clutches of her emotions, for her, she was losing her motherhood. Sure she was young, but women her age had two three children playing around in their houses. And Elle was already skeptical about the abortion, tears had rimmed her eyes from the very beginning.
Damien rubbed her back, caressed her hair and whispered reassurances to her, that they had time, that they'll have a sweet baby in time, that he'll love her more than his life.
"A her?" she whispered to him.
"Yes, a baby girl just like you, with your green eyes and curly hair." he sat up with her still in his arms so she straddled him.
He rubbed her sides as she hugged his middle. She loved the way he cared for her, mostly because he always held her when he wanted to make things good between them or he felt that she needed him.
"And what will we name her?" she asked, resting her chin on his chest to look up at him. The cramps were persistent and she could feel the blood seeping out of her, taking away the life that had grown in her. But the pain in her heart and the guilt of her conscience was more than the ache of her body.
Yes, she was guilty more than anything. She felt as if she had no right to take away a life like that. She knew she didn't want to be a mother so soon, but did she have a right to take away a life like that just because she was not ready?
"I don't know Ellie, what would you name our daughter?"
She thought about it a lot, what would she name her daughter if she ever had one? In the future, she wanted to have children, of course she did, a family of her own, with Damien. What would she name her daughter?
"Esme." she said
He smiled and kissed her mouth, a slow kiss where he caressed her lips with his. His hands came up to cup her cheeks and then plant a kiss on her forehead.
"I was never loved or wanted as a child. Never had a family of my ow, never knew my roots. When I have a child, I want to give her everything that I craved as a child. Loving parents, a safe shelter to be carefree, a good family. I'll make her realize that she was wanted and loved, cared for." she told him as she felt another cramp in her stomach and the irony of the conversation was not lost on the both of them.
"I assure you, my darling, our child will be loved. " he kissed her hair and held her to him.
"You have no idea how much I regret making you go through this, my love. I'm sorry, Ellie. I know you were still thinking all this child thing through. But we had to act if were to avoid a child now." he told her silently.
She didn't answer for quite some time, only let herself go in his embrace as he slowly rocked her back and forth.
"Lord Damien," her voice was very quite as she spoke.
"yes, Ellie?"
"Next time when I go through my heat, I'll have a lot of time to think. Next time, no herbs for me."
He didn't reply, mostly because he had neither will nor the heart to deny her. What he was worried about was when her heat might come next. It could be a month like it went with human females, a few months or even years. No one could tell, after all, she was the first to ever go through heat.
"Yes, my love. I think I'll be prepared too." he answered her, his ruby red eyes becoming dark, darker still till they were black. with haunting eyes he looked out of the window towards the moon.
"we'll be ready."
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