His Ellie.

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Chapter 68

When it was all done, Damien scooped Elle up in his arms and carried her to the bathroom. The bath that they shared was a silent one, he caressed her with the soap then rinsed her off, and after drying her, he carried her to their bed. She had been entranced as he had washed the blood away and more so as it vanished down the drain.

'Next time' she thought to herself, 'next time I'll have enough time to give a thought to you. Whether or not I truly want you.'

Back in their bed, he had lain with her, her back to his chest, his arm around her waist, her head tucked beneath his chin. His hand had caressed her, as if to console her. But the strangest thing was, that he felt no remorse through the bond. A small part of her was guilty but there was no regret, as if at her heart she agreed with what he had said. He kissed her hair and just held her for some time before getting out and pulling the covers up to her chin.

The reaper was waiting outside.

He had come to collect the soul that was not allowed to grow.

"Where are you going?" she asked him as she watched him getting dressed.

"It's nothing, I'll be back shortly." He approached her all dressed up in a black silk shirt and dress pants, and with a hand on her cheek he kissed her forehead. He had missed this, the warmth where his heart had lain cold for so long he had started to doubt whether he even had one. This feeling of being connected, of having someone whom he could devote his life to. He had purpose of course, he was a king, he had a throne and the whole of vampire kind to guide. But that wasn't personal, no, that was the crown's purpose, not his personal. Now he felt as if he had a purpose of his own.

Caring kisses, lustful touching, even cuddling her as she slept, he wanted the intimacy, craved it like a beggar desperate for just a bite of bread. He had missed it all, missed the intimacy, and not just sexual. Knowing that he had a person to belong to, who cared for him just as much as he did. Who would throw tantrums at him and rightfully so. A person who truly mattered And he realized that all this time, all the time that he had denied reality, denied to accept that she was gone, there was a part of his soul that simply craved a person to whom he mattered. To whom he meant something. He had lost his Amara, and then craved her because he had lost someone who truly mattered. Yes, there was love, there always would be love. You can't unlove someone. But he also wanted to belong again. Wanted an anchor who would hold him at the shore and make sure that he wouldn't drift away and off the horizon in his grief.

And his Ellie found him. Through all the indifference he threw at her, how he kept her away at times and been a royal pain in the ass to her. And even then when he came back she had accepted him. A heartbroken person that he he was, she made him realize that there was still love to be found. He had a person to come back to, and that realization was enough to set alit the lamp of life again in his cold heart.

"I'll be gone for only a few minutes, not more." he told her and looked in her eyes, they were calm, and not the one before a storm. She was truly calm for once.

"Okay. Come back though, it'll be lonely without you"

He nodded and kissed her lips. She watched him leave and then after some time had passed, say some five minutes, he returned and joined her in bed once he had removed his shoes.

"We'll be leaving for somewhere in the morning." he told her.

"Where to?"

"You'll see."

They went to sleep and it had hardly been an hour later that there was a knock on the door. Damien didn't reply, and it was expected for whoever was on the other side to leave the Lord alone but the knocking was persistent followed by Orion's gruff voice.

"It is important, Milord. I'm afraid it can't wait."

Damien cursed and then looked down at the woman sleeping in his arms, she hadn't yet woken up and that might've been the only thing that saved Orion from getting his puss punched.

Damien walked off to the door after he carefully slipped Ellie out of his arms. Good thing he hadn't undressed when he had returned. He was quick to step out and close the door behind him.

"And what is it so that can't wait till the dawn?" He asked his son as he walked down the hallway and made his way to his office. And that's when he sensed it, the body of darkness wearing a cloak of animal hide, it's face hidden under the hood of it's cloak but it wouldn't have mattered if it was revealed, for there was nothing to see leave for a dark, dense black fog with blood red eyes. On it's back it carried a scythe, long and sharp.

"And what is a reaper doing in my home?" he asked in a cold voice, devoid of any emotion but his disapproval. Indeed, although he served as the carnate Lord of the Reapers, he couldn't say he liked having them in his very house, where his Ellie slept but a small distance away. After he had seen one of those bastards take away the life growing in her womb. It didn't matter that he himself had suggested it for her sake, watching one of the scythe wielders taking away a small, tiny ball of light, a life that would've been his child, was not easy to watch. He hadn't allowed the reaper to cross the threshold of his room, instead carrying the blazing lie essence out of their room. No way in hell would he allow a reaper to get anywhere near his mate. And to have one depart only to have another one of those life suckers to appear?

Couldn't say he was pleased.

" I believe we have an issue that requires your immediate attention. And our Queen's." Orion answered.

"The Queen is resting, if you need her to be present, you better come up after dawn."

"Milord, it is urgent, it concerns-"

" For no reason am I waking her up now, Orion, especially after all that went down today." it was a commanding tone that he used, one which could not be argued with.

"It concerns the wolves. This might be the only chance to prove that Elle isn't their Goddess."

That had Damien throw curse aloud and turn back to look at his room. He absolutely did not want to wake her up for this.

" We found her aunt, Damien." He looked back at Orion with a skeptical gaze. He was at once afraid of what was to come and anticipated the answer. But then he questioned himself whether he really wanted to know about her. Something told him he would be better off without an answer.

"Have we." Not a question.

Orion looked in his arms with a grave look on his face.

"Yes, we do. You need her to know as well."

Damien sighed and rubbed his eyes. What a day.

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