His Ellie.

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Chapter 69

Damien knew that whatever he was about to learn about his mate was not going to sit well with him the moment he spotted Neeyah in the room. The eerie girl had yet again donned a look that far surpassed her age.

His 'Guests' greeted him with their heads bowed down, the lady curtsied of course. But the moment the man stood straight Damien recognized him.

"Hunter, what an unpleasant surprise." he grumbled out with a sneer on his face. Then his eyes went to the reaper looming behind him in the room.

"You know him?" Orion asked as he entered after Damien, his eyebrows scrunched as he waited for a reply. Orion unconsciously went to Neeyah and plucked her from her seat before he sat and placed her on his lap.

"Indeed I do," Damien went to occupy his throne like chair that was placed such that it looked down upon the others who were seated. He wasn't the one who had it made, it had been passed down, everything in the Manor was.

'Royalty ought to uphold their status. For us, the rulers, to be at an equal with the commoners would sully our name. We are the ones they look up to, so we need to be maintain our position, above them. Even when it comes to insignificant matters. We rule and they are ruled, you make it known.' Damien's grandfather had told him many centuries ago, "Not just to make sure they don't rebel, but also to rule peacefully. Peace can never come through equality, because it would lead everyone to believe they posses an authority which would lead to their doom. If everyone had free rein, if everyone thought of themselves as King, they will only fight to prove that they are more authoritative.

They would fight to prove their dominance and in the end, the equality in social standards meant to give them a good life, would lead to a war where their core motive would be forgotten. A king must stand above his citizens, because a society cannot flourish peacefully if everyone thought of themselves all high and might.

We rule them, not with a iron fist that would suffocate them, but with a gentle hand which would guide them. For a King to guide, people must first acknowledge them as thus, give him the required authority. Remember Damien, Royalty makes rules for the sake of citizens, and it is for that purpose only that our throne is mighty. We govern not to dominate but we dominate to protect and govern a harmonious society.'

Something about everything that his grandfather had told him unnerved Damien. Something felt amiss. Sighing as he took a seat, all he knew about where he sat was the burden that weighed him down. Responsibility. Not always a good thing.

"Hunter works for the orphanage. He's in charge of keeping the place stocked up and all. That being said, I believe I haven't received a single word of inconvenience from the Orphange. Seems like you're either doing really good at your work," Damien's eyes bored into Hunter's, a nasty, ominous depth in Damien's red eyes that seemed to make the commoner squirm in his seat, "or the complete opposite. Any which ways, that's a matter for another time. Let's get back to the topic at hand. "

Damien turned to Maria, a hum of pure descendance resonated from her. Damien frowned at that. A Trueblood?

"And who might the lady be?" Damien tilted his head questioningly.

Orion answered, as was the custom to show respect to the fairer sex. Women were treasured by the vampire kind as mates. They were always introduced by someone before they themselves conversed freely, a custom developed by nobility and royalty to uphold the position of their female counterparts and daughters. If Damien was asked, he would say he didn't really care about any of it. The one thing he cared about at the moment was that his beloved was asleep alone in his room, after something very drastic, and she needed him by his side but here he was stuck.

"Lady Maria here is Elle's aunt from her father's side. She also happens to be a cousin of your dear friend Janet."

"I see." Damien murmured, the only thing that his mind made sense of the whole introduction was that his Ellie too was a pureblood.

"So my Ellie is a descendant of the Aquins."

"Yes, Milord. Her full name is Elleora Havers Aquin. Sired by the seventh head of the Aquins, Havers Donovan Aquin and birthed by the Maiden to Earth herself." Maria answered, her hands clenched tight in her lap as she took in the Vampire King's appearance. He was nothing like the rumors suggested. He was handsome and human looking, unlike the rumors she had heard which portrayed him to be a monster.

"Elleora" Damien tasted her name on his tongue. It seemed foreign and yet left him heated all over. Elleora.

Damien's mind went numb for a moment as he heard Ellie's mother's name. For a Maiden to have birthed her! He had prepared himself for something shocking but a Demi-God? His mate to be a half deity? And her father? A Trueblood descendant of Aquins, a Pureblood Mystic clan that harbored one of the few strongest elemental gifts?

Damien took a deep breath which shuddered as he exhaled and then he took out a cigar. Very few Elemental Mystics existed, Aquins were considered the strongest because their kind, along with the Flourins were the only ones capable of healing. Mystics had abilities beyond comprehension, long ago when they started using them though, humans were terrified. For them, a person who could create fire out of nothing or make water dance in air was something incomprehensible and thus unacceptable. If someone possessed such great strength, how much could they hurt the fragile humans if they decided to, say, have some fun with their abilities?

The terrified humans went against the vampires. Although vampires were powerful, there were few of them. Strength in numbers after all, paved way to the humans' success. Almost all the main Mystic clans had gone extinct, their abilities forbidden to be ever used for fear would always create enemies for their kind. Humans were inferior to Vampires for the same reason, and this war happened before all creatures started living harmoniously. Humans held no power of their own, call it jealousy, desire or dread, but they shed a lot of Mystic blood.

His Ellie belonged to a Clan that was believed to be extinct. And her mother was a Goddess. Both her parents had immense power. If she possessed even half of the Aquins magic in her blood, she would be capable of things beyond imagination. But if so, her powers didn't seem to yet have been awakened, not a surprise there, she was too young for that.

Damien exhaled a heavy for of smoke.

"I'll go wake Ellie up." he stood up and left with his mind full of unrelenting thoughts.

His grandfather had spent a lot of time explaining to him the dominance of the Throne, because other kind couldn't be trusted. Because one was had already occurred, no one wanted another. Now that he thought about it, most Mystics, his fellows, were six feet under the ground because Humans couldn't accept the natural order, the natural dominance of physical abilities that Vampires had over them.

His Grandfather was right after all. A King is always needed, to prevent another war, to bring peace and what not. But for Mystics, a king was needed to keep them surviving.

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