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Chapter 7

Damien now sat in his study with Elle in front of him who was going through a file with a frown on her face. He had in his hand a list of documents that seemed missing, they were all about his royal gatherings and the decisions that were made.

Damien knew whom the documents were traded to, and the worst part about having a spy tricking you and working right under your nose for years, was being unable to do anything about the source who had sent the spy. The normalcy of royalty seemed to be formed of all the dirty politics and secrecy, so spies were just a collateral annoyance that needed to be dealt with. What turned that annoyance into a hindrance was the importance of the messages and information conveyed by the spies.
"Lord Damien, I think a few of the minutes noted during the public sessions have been copied." Elle declared and looked up to him, he was already looking at her. He was doing so for quite some time, she made such a calming sight for him that he wondered if he would be shifting her desk to his study just to have her around him.
He wondered when the Lord of Vampires started thinking so petty.
"Why?" he asked her without breaking eye contact with her, which had the desired effect on her where she flushed a shade of pink that warmed something within him. He had not felt these emotions for so long that he couldn't help but feel wary of himself.
"umm.... there are double tracings in some places and ink blotches that shouldn't have been formed with the way it was written originally." She explained and showed him the documents.
Seeing the contents he sighed and rubbed his eyes.
"Milord, do you know whom they have been sent to?" She asked him in that sweet voice of hers that made her words seem like symphonies to his ears.
"Lord Dorian." Damien answered her just to keep her talking, he knew she would have something to say. It was just the way she was, talkative and annoyingly lively, one just had to ponder on where she got the energy to be so openly cheerful. Life was seldom joyous, with her background, he wondered how she had not yet succumbed to the darkness.
"The tyrant king's descendant." She murmured and quietened with a frown on her face.
Elle knew all that she had to about Dorian, after all, she had personal experience about how harsh he was. Vampires had two types, those who biologically developed from nothing alongside the humans during their evolution from the apes, and the mystic vampires. Mystic vampires were an enigma in themselves, they just appeared from out of nowhere and had special powers. Mystics were known to be children of the devil, those who came from the hounds of hell.
Before Mystics suddenly made their presence known, Lord Sirus was the vampire king, the most dominant pureblood vampire back then, he was a tyrant who violated his power and authority and exploited the sources at his disposal. It was then that Lord Damien's grandfather took over the throne and threw off the true royalty of the vampires. Dorian was the great grandchild of Lord Sirus who wished to get the throne that he believed belonged to him. Although the vampires would have something to say about it, but every empire has protestants, and so the now self proclaimed lord had an army to himself. The two types of vampires were separated by a rift that came from deep rooted hatred and jealousy over the way Mystics had dominated and taken over the rule. Coexistence was a thin curtain behind which the vampires loathed each other and plotted the demise of their rivals.
"Well that makes sense. Milord, this is an invite that came form Lady Janet. This Saturday she is holding a party on account of her birthday. She handed over the invite to him and as he went through it, she gathered all papers sprawled over his desk to file them according to their dates.
"Miss Elle, you will be accompanying me and Orion to the party." This brought up her eyebrows and she looked up with wide eyes.
"m-mee?" The darling stuttered.
"Are you Elle?" he asked instead and watched her blink at him.
"Huh...yes I am Elle!" she answered.
"Then I meant you, I will have Aiden get you a dress. There will be a lot of elite people and if you wish to continue this job then you need to be introduced to them." he explained as if they were talking about dinner. "After all, you will be working closely with them from now on."
Elle's heart
To get an opportunity to attend a royal party alongside Lord Damien? It was overwhelming for a lot of reasons. For one, she was no elite, she was a beggar for half her life and a stealer even, all that had changed when Milford had been gracious enough to give her a stable source of income and a roof to stay under. But how could anything prepare her for meeting those snobby elites who tipped their chins up just to give an impression of fake authority? She would be a deer among the wolves!!!
By living at Milford's she had gotten a good exposure at how ostentatious the elites of her kind were, women who clung to men of higher status and laughed at mundane stuff and painted their nails in gold were the ones she was afraid of the most. Prior to this at Milford's mansion, Elle had gotten a taste of their jealousy, she was not looking forward to being anywhere near the party.
She shivered as the memory of the assault on her evoked unneeded fright. She had been helpless and alone when those women had tricked her and tried to kill her, had it not been for Orion she would have been dead.
She knew her appearance demanded attention, from her mahogany curls to her glossy green eyes, she stole the limelight wherever she went. Part of the reason for that was because Vampires were really pale, most of them being blond from birth. Blood dominions having naturally dark hair were a rarity in themselves, Elle being one of them. Most dark haired people or people with tanned skin turned out to be the rare Mystics that had descended down to earth. She stood out effortlessly amongst people who lacked color and more so because a person having dark hair and eyes so light were something they had never seen before.
They wanted to have her as their possession. Many of them had tried to enslave her before when she was running and hiding in the shadows of back alleys. From where was she supposed to draw strength to face them?
Damien could sense her anxiety as she nervously pulled the straps of the file to tie it close. He had expected as much, but considering that she had worked for Milford, he had thought that she would be used to all the social drama to a certain extent. Apparently not.
"Elle" he called her and her head snapped up as if he had broken her free from a troublesome daze.
He looked straight in her eyes, past her beautiful green eyes and the barrier of her mind which was surprisingly stronger than any other vampire's he had ever encountered. Her mind seemed adamant on not letting anyone intrude in her personal space, constantly battling against him to shove him out of her conscience but in the end it lost and he was inside her head.
Looking at a memory that had ached her heart.

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