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Chapter 70

Damien absentmindedly walked back to his room, still smoking heavily from his cigar, and even the buzz from his addiction couldn't calm his raging nerves. When he went inside, he stood near the bed and took a moment to look down at her, noticing her otherworldly features, her straight nose, her glowing skin, her green eyes which were at the moment covered by her lids. She did resemble the fairbloods. He should've guessed, should've thought about the possibility that she might share relations with the Gods.

Damien sat beside her and gently moved his fingers through her hair, feeling the strands of her hair slipping through them. She turned to him in her sleep and as he woke her up he watched as if in awe as she opened her lids and her green eyes sparkled at her, a sleepy smile gracing her lips. And he remembered how her eyes sometimes turned to gold.

"Someone's here to meet you, my darling, get up." he blew the smoke in his mouth away from her face and as he turned to look at her again she threw her herself in his arms. He quickly pulled the cigar away before it hurt her and his other arm enveloped her.

Her arms wrapped around his neck, her naked body tempting him as she pressed against him. Her face came to rest in the crook of his neck as she yawned. Ellie's body ached and especially her lower back. She arched into him as his hand moved to her hair and pulled her back to kiss her.

If it was up to him they would stay in bed for quite a long time. She was sore all over and wanted to do nothing but lay down for a few hours. She closed her eyes again and allowed his scent to pull her in a trance. Ellie felt his fingers stroking her shoulder and then he turned to kiss her cheek.

"How do you feel?" he asked her as he stood up with her, holding her to his chest with his arm around her waist, her feet didn't even touch the floor.

"Achy." she grumbled.

He hummed but carried her to the bathroom. He let her soak in hot water for a little while knowing that Aiden would entertain his guests till he returned with his mate.

After she was dressed and ready they proceeded to meet the others. Damien cautiously wound an arm around her waist, he had purposely given her a dagger, if things went sour she knew how to put that blade to a good use. And he did not trust that Hunter guy. That aside, he didn't really plan on making her use that dagger if the need arose. He was there, he could very well protect her.

Damien opened the door for her and as Ellie stepped in to the room, her steps halted as her eyes were drawn to the familiar face of her Aunt. Her eyes going wide as she took in Maria's appearance, watching as Maria too looked at her with blurry eyes.

Maria had seen her last when she was but a child waking up to thunders that scared her to death and crying over not being able to play outside. Maria recalled cooking up the child's favorite meals, combing her hair and looking over her when she slept, at times searching her brother in Elleora. She never gave birth to a child, but Ellie had successfully awakened the mother in her. She had been taking care of Elle since she was a toddler, looking over her with her brother.

And look at her now, grown in to beautiful lady, dressed in a gown befitting her standard, having a lifestyle she deserved but which Maria could never give her. She was standing beside the king as his mate. She was happy would be an understatement, she was relieved to see her daughter alive and in good health.

"Aunt Freya?" Ellie looked from her aunt to Orion and then up at Damien as he stood beside her. His arm had not left her waist, he was still reluctant of both Maria as well as Hunter.

"Elle." Maria whispered as she stood up from where she sat, a grateful smile graced her lips as she took a step towards Elle. But Maria didn't get to walk to her Ellie, a hand held her wrist and pulled her back.

"What are you doing! You do not go near that thing!!" Hunter whisper yelled at her, she struggled to free her wrist but his hand tightened just that much more on hers until Maria hissed a little in pain.

"Let her go!" Elleora stepped away from Damien, a growl echoing in the room at how he referred to Elle as 'that thing'. Orion was up and in a swift move he held Hunter by the nape of his neck and threw him across the room.

Elle walked to her aunt and stood beside her, glaring daggers at Hunter as he groaned in pain and attempted to stand up. That didn't go too well for him as Damien stood over him, emitting an ominously bone chilling aura , making goosebumps rise on Ellie's arms. She could recognize that spirit anywhere, it was the same as when she consumed blood from him and it flowed through her veins. Maria was trembling beside Elle, her knees going weak as she was overwhelmed by the aura.

Elle was yet to meet with her aunt properly, to greet her and they did have a lot of catching up to do. She wanted to know why Maria was here, who found her and where. Ask her aunt if she was alright, of how she escaped the ones who kidnapped her. Why she was kidnapped in the first place, and who the other man was. S many questions clouded her mind but she had n time to dwell n them. She would get her answers but right now her mate was scaring the hell out of the only family member that Elle had.

Maria finally couldn't keep herself up and fell to her knees gasping for air as it was dense with Damien's energy, his deathly aura making the the room tremble.

"You do not manhandle a lady in my manor, understood." It was not a question that he asked in a very calm tone, it was a statement. Ellie's hand gripped his bicep and turned around to stand in front of him.

"Lord Damien, I think this much is enough. Tame it down." Ellie whispered to him. His eyes refused to move from Hunter but she tugged at his arm and he turned his eyes to hers, looking into her green and gold orbs.

"Now, Damien, calm that rage"

He did. He closed his eyes and turned away from her. He understood where Hunters contempt came from, she was an offspring of two strongest purebloods, one dark and ne fair. Anyone with her blood would be considered an unacceptable by social standards. But to have someone refer to her as 'that thing'? Right in front of him? In his own manor at that ?! Now that was unacceptable.

Elle turned to follow Damien and just then a warcry was heard, resonating in the room. It was Hunter.

"In the name of the True King, all hail King Dorian."

And he attacked Elle with a knife.

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