His Ellie.

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Chapter 71

Orion was quick on his heels, so quick that he was a blur as he moved, and he had Hunter pinned to the floor by his neck even quicker. Just as quickly Damien had pulled Ellie behind him by her wrist to shield her, his heartbeat was erratic, fear coiling in his stomach. He could've lost her, he was numb for some time, and then roared before stomping over to Hunter.
Kicking Hunter right on his chest he held him down on the ground by his foot. The guy had it coming from the moment he bloody entered the damn place.
"You fucking attack my Mate?!! My mate !!!" Damien kept on pressing his foot hard until Hunter was wheezing and gasping for air as he writhed with pain.
If Damien's earlier outburst was scary and overwhelming, the rage that he emitted now was definitely deadly. His red eyes going completely black with rage, not even a hint of the whites remained. He was shaking with fury, shadows were forming all around him like a cocoon, death was looming just around the corner.
Maria likewise couldn't hold her own, she fell unconscious a few seconds after his rage was unleashed. But the same couldn't be said for Neeyah. She broke out in cold sweat, her heart beating a mile a minute at the amount of ominous aura hanging in the air. The air was dense with the darkness that was flowing out of Damien and it was getting harder and harder to breathe. Her little body started shaking like a lone leaf on a windy night. Soon enough she was choking on air, her too young body unable to handle such immense outburst of strength.
It was when her struggled gasps mingled with Hunter's groans of agony did Orion took notice of her. For the time being he had almost forgotten she was in the room. Cursing aloud he rushed to her and picking her up he exited the room, no need to hurt the child.
Ellie stood still as a statue for a moment, her body refusing to move by what was taking form in front of her. Damien's pitch black eyes, his claws that had elongated long as daggers, if possible he looked even more bulged. Black soot-like shadowy aura still coming out of him as he took pleasure in the painful grunts which echoed in the room.
Ellie was broken out of her trance by the sickening sound of his bones breaking. She was by his side, surprisingly, although she was shocked by his appearance and anger, she was considerably unaffected by the intensity of his fury.
"Damien! That's enough! You'll kill him if this continues!!" She tried to reason out with him but it was definitely not working because Hunter howled in pain as another snap was heard, making her flinch as she looked at Hunter who had an utterly unbearable expression on his face.
"That's the plan, sweetheart." He answered as he pressed even harder and his foot suddenly lost solid ground, as if his bones had been crushed so completely that nothing of them remained in Hunter's body. Blood seeped out of his mouth, his eyes wide, skin gone pale long back.
"Damien!!!" Elle screamed in a futile effort to grab his attention but even when the bastard had stopped breathing and he watched the reaper take him away, he couldn't stop himself from hurting him more. You do not lay a finger on a Vampire's mate, if you did, you must also be prepared for some serious repercussions. And here we were talking about the Vampire King, the most ferocious vampire alive, an Alpha through and through.
"You Do Not Lay A Finger On Her." He kicked Hunter again.
"Daemi stop this, please!" She tugged at his arm and something about her quivering voice must have been a breakthrough, because he turned to her. Noting about his appearance changed as he took in her horror filled face, but his eyes definitely softened. He wound an arm around her waist and pulled her to his chest, burying his face in her hair and taking deep breaths. It was hard to rein in the beast once he escaped it's prison. Her scent filled his nose and somehow managed to reach the beast inside him which fought to be let loose, to dismantle Hunter's body till nothing of him remained.
How dare he try to attack his Ellie, right in front of him. How dare he try to take away his mate from him. His other arm went to her hair and held her tightly, as if he was already loosing her even when fate had not taken her away from him too.
"You okay?" he rasped out into her neck. She just nodded her head in his chest, still trying to cope up with how Damien had behaved, lost control of his rage and killed him in agony. Not even a swift death, no, it wasn't the death part of it all that scared her. It was Damien's complete lack of control, his animalistic instincts and possessiveness. He had broken all of Hunter's ribs, crushed to power inside him perhaps. She shuddered at the memory of what happened mere seconds ago.
Elle shuddered in his embrace and he clenched his jaw, holding her up and carrying her out as well, leaving an unconscious Marie with the dead body of her mate lying a few feet away from her.
Orion had taken her out and into the nearest safe room that he found, carrying her straight to the balcony and placing her on the couch there. He quickly went over to the bedside table and picked up the water container and returned to her side. Sitting her up he brought the container to her mouth and watched as she took in lousy gulps of water.
"Are you alright baby?" Orion asked her. What was he thinking allowing a child to witness all that? She shouldn't have been there to begin with! He should've taken her out the moment Damien first got angry at that bastard.
She nodded her head instead of answering, that was good enough as of now. And he knew by now that Hunter was dead for sure, just the way she had predicted. Technically, he was the reason for his death and yet his death had followed him in the moment he had stepped inside the bloody manor, as if it was all fated to happen that way.
Omens she had told Orion, could omens be so on point, could omens give away such precise insights?
He looked at Neeyah.
She ought to be hiding something.

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