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Chapter 72

Damien was still holding a little shaken Ellie in his arms, she was awfully quite for a change. Hunter's body still lay a few feet away from where they stood. Damien sighed and started leading her out of the room, he didn't want her to be in the same room with a dead body. He was still tense, his muscles coiled up, his black eyes only now starting to turn back into their original red. His hand was still trembling a little with rage as he held Ellie's hand.

Back in the hallway, he led her to the adjoining room and made her sit in one of the chairs. He stood in front of her, looking down at her. The mere thought that she could've been injured while having been in the same place with Damien was pretty damn unsettling.

And she looked pale, her emotions all over the place as he felt them. She was more than a little shaken by what had happened, not that someone was killed but by the way Damien had turned. And she had not even seen the full extent of his dark gift. He hadn't fully turned and by the looks of it, he would never really unleash his darkness in her company ever again.

"Are you alright?" he asked her, his hand cupping her chin and tilting her head back so she looked up at him. She blinked a few times and then her eyes focused on him. She nodded her head, her lips pursed and a little frown on her pretty face.

He sighed and sat beside her.

"You can't expect me to be calm if someone tries to hurt you, Elle. There's no way that's gonna happen." he looked at her, noticing her face for anything aside from her silent indifference, as if she had seen a ghost. And maybe since she had never seen him that way, she did see him as somebody strange.

" I know that, but, you were different back then." she whispered looking down at the marble flooring, noticing the gold swirling patterns on the white of the marble, "evil even. It felt..."

"It felt what, Ellie, tell me." he cupped her chin again and turned her to face him, and when she avoided his gaze, he leaned in closer and forced her to meet his red eyes.

She was a deer caught in a headlight, her eyes wary as she looked at him. "I don't know." She said, "It was as if something inside me wanted to get as far away from you as I could. As if you were something I needed to avoid, something unfathomable."

He listened, not wanting to say anything until he got everything out of her.

"My instincts were telling me to either get away from you or to........." she looked away again, "to have you gone somehow. As if you shouldn't be here." her last words were but whispers, nothing but a mumble.

And it wasn't a surprise that he understood what she felt better that Ellie herself did. Damien moved her face again so she looked back in his eyes again.

"Look at me, Elle, and tell me if you see a different person than the one you love. " She stared deep in his eyes, her own green stare was troubled and hurting. Her eyes roamed all over his face, from his hair that fell over his forehead to his blood red stare, his lips. Her gaze softened as she looked at him and yet he struggle in them was still there, something unsettling her very core.

"You aren't" she whispered, "but back then....it was as if...." she went silent again at the loss of words to express her inner turmoil.

Damien kissed her forehead, and leaned back again to look at her face. By Devil, she was so precious to him. But this was where their very souls revolted. They had a lot of differences to cover and accept, only then was this whole relationship going to work.

"You're light, my sweet, and by it's very essence itself light eradicates dark. I'm dark by blood and so far we didn't know about your birth, now that we do, I think I understand why you felt so uneasy back then. " Damien answered her.

She looked at him with furrowed eyebrows, a frown settling on her face. Had she missed something? "My birth, Milord?"

He nodded his head and explained to her what Marisa had revealed. Her being a descendant of the Aquins, her mother being a Maiden, the possibility of her being a Deity herself or of her developing some unique gift coming from her father's side. Her soul by virtue being one of the purest souls to walk the earth. His being considered the darkest to exist.

" My mom was a Goddess?!" she exclaimed, her eyes going wide with surprise. She found in all a little too much information to handle at once, and she had a feeling that it will take some time to get used to the knowledge.

"She IS, my precious. The Maidens never essentially die. And if they do take a new birth, they remember their previous lives. You mother still exists and her being the Earth Maiden, she knows all about you too." He answered her.

There was a glow of happiness in her eyes for not more than a moment before they were filled with uncertainty. She was happy to know that her mother still existed, but then sadness enveloped her knowing that even when her mother knew of her, even when she knew all the bad times that Elle had been through, she never showed up, never came to save her, never herself took care of her. Did she not love her? Did she not want her?

"So you're telling me that she knew of me all along but never showed up to help me?" Ellie asked him, her voice barely audible as she spoke. Why was she so unwanted? Half her life people had wanted to either kill her or wanted to have nothing to do with her. She was so unlucky, so unwanted all her life.

Damien took her hand in his own, stroking her skin as he tried to comfort her.

"She did know about you, but Elle, you must understand that she is a Maiden. She's nothing like us mortals, darling, she must've had her reasons."

She nodded but wasn't truly satisfied with the answer. All her struggles throughout her childhood, fighting and killing for a piece of bread or to not end up being abducted and used as a slave. When she started growing up, all the running away from men who tried to abuse and molest her. And her mother, essentially a strong and capable Goddess, knowing full well about her she never came to save her. What kind of a mother was she?

Damien swiftly pulled her on his lap, not everything was answered by physical proximity but at the moment all he could do was hold her. He wrapped his arms around her and rested his chin on her head.

"Don't overthink this, Ellie, and know that you have me. And besides, we have something to deal with. Rest for some time, we'll have to leave soon." He told her and rocked a little.

They sure did have a lot to come their way.

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