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Chapter 74

" What have you done! You insolent bastard!!"one of them shouted and bared his canines.

"You dared to touch our Goddess!" Another screamed with unrelenting hatred in his eyes.

"I'll bloody kill you!" someone else cried from around with bloodlust on his growling face. For a moment Ellie wondered if she was but an excuse that wolves were using to have a go at Lord Damien. Who knew, she might be right as well, considering the passive aggression and centuries old enmity between both the races.

"You've tainted Her Holiness with your foul soul." the oldest among the wolf elders scowled at Damien.

They were feral animals as they glared at Damien, their claws out and their canines bared and the Lord was in no mood to entertain them. Not after the hell of a day he had been through. He had a lot of pent up frustration and the wolves were only giving him a medium to release all of that anger. He growled at the wolves, his own daggerlike claws were elongated and he was out for blood.

As much as he didn't want a war, if they started it, they will have it coming.

Orion had decided against interfering, knowing Damien could handle his own in a fight. Besides, he had other priorities at the moment. Neeyah needed protecting, and she seemed to hold all his attention at the moment. He didn't yet know the why of it, but it was as if she had a hold on his soul. He cared too deeply for her, couldn't help but look after her. She was just a kid, he felt no lust for her, no desire for her and yet he seemed to need her near him. To be by her side. As if some kind of spell had been cast on him.

"Stay down!" Ellie stood between the two scowling parties shuffling on the balls of their feet, as if preparing to launch themselves at each other. Ellie did not want any bloodshed if it could be avoided, especially not over her. And definitely not when she knew now that she was in fact not the Goddess.

She glared at them, first pinning Damien with a warning glare to which he growled low in his eyes but then stopped all the sound show he was putting up when she raised an eyebrow in question. Then she looked at the wolves, staring each of them in their eyes.

"We have gathered here for a reason and I will be damned if I allow you all to go at each others throats before everything's been said and heard." She told the wolves in a surprisingly steady voice considering that her heart was beating a mile a minute and she was buzzing with adrenalin.

"What is there to say, it is clear that the sucker violated you!!" one of the elders growled out, his eyes still trained on Damien and she could now see a slight change in him, as if the hair on his arms had thickened, his eyes too were sharper. She frowned at that, and looked over at Damien as she felt him shift behind her. She raised a hand and put it on his chest, slightly stroking him in efforts to calm him. She heard a small whine leaving his mouth as she turned to the wolves again.

"He did not violate me! He is my mate and I chose him. If you haven't seen, he bares my mark, I chose to have him as mine!" She gripped the collar of Damien's shirt and pulled it down to show her mark. Gasps and surprised curses were heard all across her as the wolves looked at the mark. Some seemed appalled at the idea of her marking a male, some denying the possibility altogether. No one concerned that she saw Damien as her other half and that he hadn't violated her or manipulated her.

Arguments erupted al around her, it was a chaos. Wolves arguing amongst themselves about how unacceptable the marking was. Some of them arguing if she was deserving to be praised and worshipped after she's sinned as such. Others speaking up that Ellie should be taken to the shrine, a cleansing ritual to be performed before she is crowned. An elder declared that she should be killed for as their Goddess she must be pure and although she was holy, she was the now tainted by the hands of a sucker. She had failed as their Goddess and the reason she now stood against her own children was because she was brainwashed by the Vampire king. She had forsaken her duties and needed to be killed in the name of their Goddess'honor for she had betrayed their kind, their Goddess was surely offended by her gifted child on the land. She too would want the wolves to do her justice by killing Ellie. Because somehow, she had disrespected their Moon Goddess and her gift.

Throughout all this strange debate the wolves kept on referring to her as their Goddess. All the while the vampires stood by the sidelines, Damien having slid an arm around Ellie's waist. The absurdity of the whole conversation had Ellie cringing and questioning their beliefs and traditions. Had the wolves no brains in their heads? Did they lack the ability to contemplate things altogether? Could they not think at all? How could one be so daft? So idiotic?

There was no wonder that their Goddess had turned her back to them. They were simply too immersed in their own heads, too consumed by their own beliefs to comprehend the reality. They thought too high of themselves and while trying to preserve their gifts and culture, they had somehow managed to forget the whole why of how their culture and traditions had been founded. She shivered a little at their behavior.

"They're so...." she as lost for words.

Damien turned her to him, his eyes alert and scanning their surroundings. The wolves were still arguing amongst themselves, too engaged into themselves to take note of anything other than the arguments that they posed.

"Listen, my love. You doo not know them, they are animals more than humans and they think like them as well. Or more like they don't think at all. Their Goddess first took form on land so she could enlighten them, could shed light on their dark ways of life. But the Goddess too is a wolf when she takes form on land, they bound her instead of her teaching them. I want you to feel nothing for them, okay." he asked her, he had cupped her cheeks and was stroking her skin softly. When she hesitantly nodded her head, he kissed her forehead.

"Now, take Neeyah and head into the woods. I have a feeling she knows where the real Goddess is. Find her and bring her here. I'll tell the wolves who you truly are. And believe me, I am better suited for sorting things with them." he tried to reason out with her and after the senseless display of aggression and insensible ideas, she felt no need to argue.

The wolves were savages, she didn't want anything to do with them.

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