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Chapter 75

"This way...." Neeyah gripped Ellie's hand as she approached them, tugging her in an effort to drag her deeper into the woods. Orion meanwhile was torn between staying by his King's side and following Ellie on her search. He couldn't really let the two women to wander in search of a goddess on their own, could he? And come on! Like the King couldn't hold his own?

"Go with them," Damien spoke from where he stood, "a few mutts can never pose a harm to me."

Such arrogance, thought Elle. Enough to get a competent male good and dead. But something told her his arrogance was not baseless.

That settled, the three of them turned around and left, leaving Maria and Damien to take care of the mutts. Hoping that Damien would not need to unleash his inner beast.......that they would not be visited by any more reapers.

Deep in the woods, savoring the cold shadows of the thick canopy, Selena was wandering over the slightly wet land. In the calm that surrounded the woods, the hasty footsteps of the vampires echoed around. She knew they were coming. Those blood suckers she had anticipated, known they would be coming for her to save their hides.

What she hadn't seen was that little wolf they had accompanying them, the one with the silver hair that matched her own, with eyes the color of moon and the vision of a blessed.

She went over to a tree and sat upon it's overgrown root, waiting for them to find her. To be honest, she hadn't really wanted to complicate things for the Devil's children, although she couldn't say that she liked them. However, for vampires to be called the Devil's children, they had to carry the devil's blood in them, which they certainly didn't. Just the way she didn't have the moon's blood in her.

They were mere pawns if greater powers to maintain the balance of good and bad on the mortal land. They weren't enemies.

She sighed and looked around her, taking in all the greenery, all the flora and fauna around her which were but a physical manifestation of life, which was in turn the gift of the Maiden of Earth. She looked beyond what was in front of her, though. In the green of the plants she looked at the sparkling essence of divine that was present in every atom of everything that existed. There was a sun and there was a moon and an earth with all the living things that came to be born and it was all science. But for every living thing that had a soul, there was magic, the essence of holy and evil which was a gift from the Lord up above. The soul was a gift of the Celestials.

Selena could see that very essence of life, and she took it all in with greedy eyes, knowing well that she was going to be lost for everything around her. She would be gone in but a few hours. Vanished from the surface of earth with no remains to prove that she existed save for the memories of those who had witnessed her presence. She was divine like that.

She sighed, looking back at her life ruefully. She had a lot of regrets, the one that bothered her the most was her failure at what was indeed the only reason she can come to be. She had failed at helping her kind evolve.

The problem with wolves was that they denied to change along with the changing times. Change was inevitable and thus one had to adapt accordingly. Each generation that followed the previous had to have something different in them, in their mentality and their progression. They had to evolve for the betterment of their kind.

The wolves had been obstinate, forcing their old ways and traditions and carrying out the orthodox beliefs and rituals. All of their thoughts and beliefs were the ones that had been established at the beginning of time when they were created by the Moon Goddess. The rituals and traditions that dictated their religion and culture back then were formed for that time period, when they were more animals than humans, when they were wild and ferocious and lacked the ability to think apart from their hunting and survival. As time passed, they evolved genetically and physically but not mentally and emotionally.

The world was leaving them behind and distressed by all of that, the Moon Goddess had come up with Moon Children. Those were gifted with special abilities, they could consult with the Goddess directly and had an edge to the strength they possessed. They could also see through all the dimensions, the living, the dead and the realms of Celestials.

Selena was one such moon child, birthed for the sole purpose of enlightening the masses of the Wolf tribe. Instead of doing so, she had turned her back to them when things had gotten out of hands and downright offensive. She had walked away from them.

She felt guilty as she waited for the vampires to come. Her another purpose was to establish peace. All living creatures were in fact created by different Gods and Goddesses. Like Wolves were created by the Moon Goddess, Humans by Goddess Kamakshi, Mermaids were created by Poseidon and so on. And peace and harmony were to be maintained among all of them, which was definitely not happening.

So to at least fulfill one of her purposes, she waited for the vampires to come. Waited so she could create temporary peace between the two races.

The echoes of their footsteps became louder and louder, the earth giving away where they were coming from. And sure enough, a few seconds after she turned to her left, the trio of vampires walked out of the thickness of vines and bushes and into the opening in front of her. The tree on which she sat was centuries old, it's canopy and overgrown root created an opening big enough for a small cottage to be built upon it.

She took in the figures who appeared afore her. Interesting.

One was a cursed Vampire, one a divine half-blood with celestial echo in her and a wolf child who was in fact a reincarnation of a century old Moon Child.

As she watched them look at her with calculative and mesmerized eyes, she smiled at them, knowing that a new era had started. That a new game was arranged on the same old board of life, and the die had been cast.

She had no purpose left anymore but to sort things out for the new generation. They would be taking over.

"Greetings, Your Grace, Lady Selena." The child bowed to her and stood straight again. Selena nodded her head in response. "I hope we haven't kept you waiting for too long."

"No, you haven't." The voice that answered was otherworldly. Musical as it fell on Ellie's ears, so very soft and calming. And the person before her? Divine, Holy......everything that she looked and searched for in the idols that she prayed to. With shivering hands and a mind gone numb, she was overwhelmed by the presence before her.

The Moon Goddess had silver hair and eyes that seemed to shine, her skin glowing and a dense aura surrounded her, glowing and casting a while light all around her. Ellie bowed as well and beside her, she felt Orion stiffen to the point of stillness.

The lady looked at Orion and then back at Neeyah and a soft smile curved her lips.

"My oh my.....what a game to be played. Lady Fate is wicked indeed."

Neeyah frowned and tilted her head, not understanding what the Lady was implying. But she knew well that time was of essence.

"Should we proceed back, My Goddess?" Neeyah asked and watched as the Lady stood up from where she stood.

"Yes..Indeed we should."

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