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Chapter 76

"So tell me, Vampire, who is this child that you're carrying with you?" Orion was asked when they started trekking back to where Damien was no doubt having a knuckle conversation with the beasts. He had been wary of the Goddess since the moment he had seen her, a sense of unease consuming his core when he had noticed that Neeyah's eyes were an exact copy of Selena's, the same shining silver grey that seemed to glow from within.
He was trying way to hard to deny any connection between his little wolf and the supposedly reincarnated Goddess that walked in front of them the now. Taking solace in the knowledge that there can be only one white wolf at a given time and since Selena was here, Neeyah couldn't be a White wolf.
"Her name's Neeyah." Orion answered, shifting Neeyah on his back. He was giving her a piggy back ride. He had a lot of questions in his mind, none of which he could ask without offending Selena. The knowledge that the she was an ethereal creature, one of the other realm, even though she was an incarnation, held him back from voicing his doubts. But at least one of those questions he could ask, he thought as the Fae prince came to his mind. He suspected that she was the one who had killed him, and there were good chances of that being true.
"That I know, Orion. I ask of her sire and her mother." Selena asked again.
Elle was quietly walking beside him, not really talking much as she gauged Selena, trying to figure her out, no doubt feeling some sort of relation with her.
"I do not know of that." Orion replied.
"Hmm. Neeyah, tell about your parents." Selena asked.
Neeyah's arms tightened around Orion at being directly addressed by Selena.
"Um....My Goddess, my father was previous Alpha of Callisto pack. My mother the first born of Alpha Ryan and Luna Cormia of the Apollo pack." Neeyah answered hesitantly, making Orion turn to look at her with bewildered eyes.
A daughter of two Alphas? His Neeyah?
She is not yours, Orion corrected himself in his mind. And why had he never asked her about her parents? Why had they found nothing when they had gone through her belongings and her house? Except, when they had encountered her, she had been in a really bad shape, brutally injured and traumatized. They couldn't go around questioning her just like that and after that they were as though surrounded by problems, one thing showing up after another.
"I see, are you the first born?" Selena asked again.
"Yes." Neeyah replied and burried her face in Orion's neck. Her small hands clutching his shirt in tiny fists.
"Tell me, Vampire, why do you keep an Alpha first born with you and away from her rightful place in her pack?"
Orion gulped down, dread overtaking him at the thought of being asked to return Neeyah back to those animals. Especially as he thought of how he had found her, in a bondage and severely bruised. His hands clenched in fists, no way was he going to return her if she so asked.
"She was wounded, her family, I believe, did not live with the pack. Their cottage was a lone house deep in the woods, Lord Damien took her to his palace for treating her." Orion carefully answered his eyes fixed on the woman before him.
"Is that so? She is healed now, isn't she?"
"Yes, she is healthy now?" Orin frowned, knowing what was going to come next.
"Then she is to be returned back to her pack."
"NO!" Orion turned Neeyah in his arms and clutching her to his chest, his fangs elongating sure as if he had been threatened.
Selena kept on walking, not reacting at all to his outburst, as if she expected as much from him. She made her way through all the fallen leaves and roots and large rocks, touching tree trunks and having a constant smile on her face.
"Tell me boy, what do you know about wolves?" She asked him.
" I know enough." Orion growled, feet planted in an offensive stance, nails turned to claws as he stared at Selena's back. He was not going to return Neeyah, not when he knew her family must've been staying alone for a good reason. And after knowing that she was the daughter of two Alpha bloods? No way he would let her go to those wolves, they would break her down till she was just a shell of herself. They would surely not treat her as they should for the sole reason of being a female first born. She deserved better than what the wolves would expose her to.
"So you know how she would go through her first shift and her her heat? Know to teach her the ways of her beast and to get her accustomed with her other half? Know enough to teach her control over her beast? How full moon affects us and what happens on the mating moon? How she can tell who her mate is?"
Orion gulped down as Selena turned to him and tilted her head a little, still with that stupid smile on her face. He was seething, not because she had said anything wrong in anything she said. She was right, he knew nothing about caring for a growing wolf. And he might be selfish but nearly not enough to ruin Neeyah's life and growing years.
"I can learn, I'll hire a wolf to look after her. I can make sure she is trained and well looked after." Even as he said so, he wondered why he was so hell bent on keeping the child with him, why he cared so much that she might be harmed among the beasts. And he knew that it was a lot battle even while he thought of how to convince Selena.
"No, Orion. You can't." she stated as a matter of fact that harmed him deep in his chest, wounded his soul at being incapable of caring for Neeyah. But she was right dammit. He was human before he was turned and being a vampire, a natural enemy of the wolves, he knew nothing but how to put them six feet under.
"They'll harm her. You know it! Her parents were killed and they must've been living in isolation for a reason right. You can't make me put her through that right?" he was desperate. And knowing that she was a Goddess was partly the reason why. None of his curses and tricks were going to work on her, he knew he couldn't take her down.
"You're right, they'll be harsh on her, but they will have to accept her. She is one of their own and they will be able to care for her better that you ever can. And what right do you have on her? Why keep her with you? "
"Because they'll hurt her again! You do not know how I found her, how much hurt she was when I first saw her." His voice was raising as was his temper. Did she really want him to hand Neeyah to those cruel beasts, those sexist who thought women below them and still lived like tribesmen? Absolutely Not!
Selena was silent, solemn. The silence was ringing in his ears, loud and obnoxious, his eyes were burning, his blood hot in his veins. And the clam with which Selena gazed at him made him feel small, insignificant and with a childish stubbornness. His throat felt like it was being torn apart by how dry it felt.
"She is not your responsibility." Selena answered with a dead calm that rattled his core. Neeyah was technically no one to him, just a stray whom they had come across, desperately needing help which he was just as desperate to provide.
"Not if I deem it so." Orion licked his dry lips as he answered, knowing well that he had lost. He stared at Selena, eyes begging to not make him give Neeyah away, arms firmly holding Neeyah's small small form to his chest, heart skipping a beat at what she would command. And once she did command, he had to follow because that was the law of the nature. The weak followed the strong, mortals bowed before the celestials. And Neeyah was a wolf and as such, unlike Orion, Selena had a right on Neeyah.
Selena looked at him with a blank face, her eyes giving away nothing of what went around in her head. She only stared at him for a moment with a steady gaze that wanted to make him weep.
And finally she spoke.
"You may come back for her once she had went through her first shift and learned about the ways of her kind. But as of today, you must return her to her people so they can look after her wellbeing and look her through her maturing years."
The final word was hers as she turned around and started walking again.

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