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Several years ago, legend has it that only the Elevanas and Glorindians existed in the Mystical race. They lived together in peace until they both began to think about superiority. It affected the relationship between the two clans. ... A terrible war wiped out the entire species. But there was a survivor, and her name was Fiona. She must overcome all obstacles to live a normal life forever in the human world. But the question is, How long can she hide? How long can she keep this up? How long can she keep pretending to be something she's not? How long is forever?

Fantasy / Romance
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Several years ago, legend has it that the Glorindians and Elevanas were the only mystical creatures that existed.

They lived together for years until the Glorindians claimed to be more powerful and superior to the Elevanas.
Both leaders of the races divided the mystical world, ending their relationship with each other.

One day a female Elevana during her fruit hunt in the forest separating the races met a Glorindian guy. Elders always taught the children not to mix up with their enemies.

Without thinking she shot an arrow and it was blocked by a sword, jumping from tree to tree to dodge his lightning bolts she grunted as her foot was struck then shot thorns from her fingertips until she hit the ground.

She heard a groan and saw a blurry image of the enemy fall to his knees. He raised his head then she smirked before passing out.

When she woke up to find herself tied up in chains she tried freezing it but her powers wasn't enough.

"Did you think a simple trick like that would work on me?"

She turned to the chuckling man dressed in black. She struck her foot and he fell inside a hole as the earth broke then she was the one chuckling.

He breathed heavily with a glare after he climbed to the surface then she stopped and stared back.

"I will grant you your death wish if that's what you asked for"

"I'd love to see you try"

His death stare suddenly turned to a smile.

"Hmm, I'd just take you back with me then your weakling race will have to come to get you"

She did not want that to happen, her mother will be mad at her and the whole race disappointed. She did not want to put anyone in trouble, the Glorindians are fierce fighters, so she heard.

"Don't! Please" she stared at him, he smirked with a chuckle.

He walked towards her and squatted to make eye contact.
"Oh you're begging now, I like when people beg me"

She bowed her head thinking of a way to escape because she has lost hope in him.

Nothing could work, her arrows and bow were nowhere to be found and she can not kill him with her powers, or else she would remain tied for days.


She gasped and stared at him without blinking. He turned to her and smirked before he proceeded.

"...well, if you have something nice to give me in return maybe I would let you go"

"What do you want? Be straight to the point and I will give you if I have it"

"Now you're commanding me? I might change my mind"

"Please don't. I'm begging" she shook her head
"Hmm.. okay"

She exhaled. And promised herself to be more careful next time.

"The funny thing is... I don't know what I want. How about you offer me something and I'd take it if it's good enough" He suggested.

She had no other choice, it could have been a lot easier if he told her, now she have to think about what this strange man might want.

After suggesting water, wine, clothes, and many others their agreement ended in five baskets of fresh fruits. He placed a golden bangle on her wrist.

"If you don't pay back in two days, it will break your bones and call for the conflict you're avoiding"He released her and she thanked him again.

"For a proper introduction, I'm Cinderblock. Mind telling me yours?"

"Violet, that's my name" she turned and walked away.

"We'd meet soon but till then, goodbye"

The blue sky stretched afar, blazing rays peeked through the trees, her feet felt the tenderness of the warm green grasses. It was a new day, Violet came to the same place and waited for him, after a couple of hours Cinderblock arrived but she was already asleep on the green grass. He took all baskets to his house then returned but she was still sleeping.

Cinderblock was thinking whether to wake her up or not, his eyes narrowed to the bangle and he removed it. She opened her eyes.

"Oh you're here, I brought the-"Violet stiffened as she looked around with no sign of a basket.

"Ahh, actually I've been here for quite a long time" he leaned on the tree and she followed suit.

"We're even now. We don't have to meet again"

"Sure. Why did you come to the forbidden forest in the first place?"Cinderblock turned.

"I came to pick some fruits"

Cinderblock grinned and shook his head, she frowned then asked why he was smiling.

"Why the forbidden forest? You wanted to know something or go somewhere that's why you chose to pick fruits here"

Violet stared at him and turned without an answer. To her, a part of her felt he was just trying to rub his "superior gift" in her face and the other part of her knew he was saying the truth.

"You're a bad liar, I came here to see what makes a beautiful forest like this forbidden and I found out it's because it separates our races. Tsk, that's dumb"

"I know right? All this enmity because of who they think has better powers to lead, that's very sad"Violet sighed.

They shared a moment of silence listening to the sound of the wind and birds chirping.

"If all Elevanas are like you then I think they are not as bad as my people speak of them"Cinderblock smiled to the heavens.

"You're a good person too" she returned his smile.

They chatted until it was getting dark and they had to go back. At the end of the day, they needed to come back because Cinderblock promised Violet to teach her some fighting skills as she requested and she promised to bring Elevana's best wine in return.

"Guess I was wrong, see you tomorrow Cinderblock" she smiled and waved, her double-slit flowery long skirt dancing to the tone of her hips as she walked away.


She turned to the purple-haired man then he grabbed her right hand and placed the bangle.

"You can keep it if you don't mind" he rubbed the back of his neck and bowed when he found her golden-brown eyes intense.

Violet nodded and smiled at its dazzling nature under the sun and that of the little precious germs decorated. She placed it close to her chest covered in flower petals.

"Thanks, I love it" she smiled at his dark purple eyes before jumping to a tree and disappearing into the woods. Cinderblock watched until the brown-headed girl's shadow could not be seen before he left.

Time passed and they met every day then became friends, from friends to lovers and from lovers to couple.

The mystic world being a carefree place to live in, it was easier to keep their child out of sight for years.

Until one faithful day.
Both leaders of the races called a meeting telling their people that they have been living separately in peace but the enemy race wants to end it in war tonight as it was written in a letter.

After the announcement, the couple hurriedly met to tell their tale.

If the message was sent to both races at the same time it means it was someone who set them up. But why?

They agreed to try to tell their leaders about the setup to end the war. They feared for the future of their daughter and that of the Mystic world if the war occurs.

Both tried their best but they were overpowered by the majority who wanted to end it once and for all.

The sun was going down, the chilly wind was stronger than any other day, it was a full moon, the trees swayed in the wind's direction it's like they were weeping for their land.

The couple had no other choice than to take their child and escape.

They heard the sound of the army and fled, the sound of their foot becoming closer, Elemental balls exploded like bombs, arrows flying in the sky, swords slashing, unique weapons of war were all over. Bloodshed and cries of innocent people.

Violet led her family to the getaway and they escaped the incoming Elevanas with the help of Cinderblock's weapons.

They were trailed by some Elevanas, Cinderblock kissed Violet and his child then pushed them into the portal before it was sealed.

He fought as many as he could, he promised his Violet they will start a new life together.

But he couldn't make it.

The Mystical race was wiped out. No trace of a living being could be found.

But the little child survived and her name was FIONA.
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