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Several years ago, legend has it that only the Elevanas and Glorindians existed in the Mystical race. They lived together in peace until they both began to think about superiority. It affected the relationship between the two clans. ... A terrible war wiped out the entire species. But there was a survivor, and her name was Fiona. She must overcome all obstacles to live a normal life forever in the human world. But the question is, How long can she hide? How long can she keep this up? How long can she keep pretending to be something she's not? How long is forever?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1(PROLOGUE)

Several years ago, legend has it that only two mystical creatures existed. The Elevanas and the Glorindians.
They lived together for several years until the Glorindians claimed to be more powerful and superior to the Elevanas.
The leaders of the clans created boundaries between them. From that day, they lived separately until the day a female Elevana met a male Glorindian during one of her crazy adventures.
They were both surprised to see their enemy clan.
During their chit-chat, they found out that they had so much in common, and one of them was exploring dangerous places.
Time past and the two became good friends and eventually fell in love. They met every day in their secret spot.
But the disagreements between the Elevanas and the Glorindian grew stronger.
The two friends secretly got married and gave birth to a baby girl.
She could not be called an Elevana or a Glorindian.
Things got worse when the two leaders of the clan decided to settle everything with a battle, they agreed to fight to the death, with their last words "May the best creature win".
The fight was just a few days away and the secret couples were so bothered.
The day of the great battle came so the couple hid their seven-year-old daughter.
The Elevanas and Glorindians fought to the death. No one survived. The whole mystical race was wiped out.
All but one and that was FIONA.
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