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The Last Dragon Slayer

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After her father died, sixteen year old Kanet takes over his business over dragon slayers. After a while, the dragons started to disappear, the other slayers left the business. Kanet's big brother comes back from the mountains, claiming to have slayed the last dragon. Kanet knows otherwise though, she sets out to find the last of the dragons, but maybe there are more than she thinks. She goes on a wild ride to find and slay the last dragons, but can she do it?

Fantasy / Adventure
Sadie Wolf
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"But, father-"

"No buts. I won't be around much longer and I am giving you the business." My father said stubbornly, I knew it was useless to argue.

"Why not give the business to Kane? He's better equipped for it, and he knows how to take care of a busine-"

"Kane doesn't have the brain for it. Yes, Kane knows how. Yes, he is equipped for it. He doesn't have your mind though. You're cautious, he's reckless. Caution is important, brains are important. Kane is smart, by all means, but he makes rash decisions without thinking about them." He said. I knew better than to argue.

"Fine, father." I said and stood up out of the chair, grabbing the sword that was hanging on the back of the chair.

He leaned back in his chair, intertwining his fingers over his chest. I don't want the business. I never did. I pushed open the door and walked out, the door swinging closed behind me and closing with a click. The small sign on the wall said weaponry with a sign pointing to a hall covered with doors on each side. I swung the strap over my shoulder, my sword hitting my back. With a glance at the door to my father's office, I went down the hall.

I passed Kane's room, empty. He was probably out somewhere. My room was right by his. I walked past it without looking at it. Across from my room was my father's room. The other doors were locked. Mostly used for storage, occasionally for members of the business. At the end of the hall was a wood door with a keypad. I typed in the password, it was new every month. One, nine, three, zero, six, and lastly two. A click sounded through the quiet hallway and I pushed down the handle, pushing the door open.

I walked in and closed the door, it locked behind me and I walked over to a wall, walking between half-full weapon racks. I walked along the side wall to the back where my family's weapons hunt. I swung my sword off my back and placed it on the wall in its sheath. I picks up a dagger from the right side of the wall, I ran my finger over the blade and traced the intricate design on the handle. The tail of a dragon wrapped around the handle, engraved in it. I traced it and then flipped it over, tracing the other side where a dragon's head and wings were. The design was on almost every weapon my family owned. I put my finger on the tip of the dagger and twirled it around between my hands before throwing it at a target on the wall.

The dagger hit dead middle and quivered, halfway into the target. I walked over and retrieved the dagger. I heard a quiet click from across the long room and knew someone had come in. I pulled the dagger out of the target quietly, placing it back on the wall. I watched the room, along the wall and between the weapon racks. My eyes darted to the right of the room, where a shadow passed between two racks. The way the shadow moves told me it was Kane. I smirked slightly, turning around and pretending to be looking at a dagger. I twirled it between my fingers, looking through the corner of my eye. I heard a footstep scratch quietly against the floor. I whirled around and threw the dagger, it stuck right by Kane's head in the wall.

"You missed." He said and pulled the dagger out of the wall, throwing it in the air and catching it by the handle and walking over to me.

I rolled my eyes. "If I had wanted to hit you, I would have." I told him, snatching the dagger from him.

"Sure you would've." He said sarcastically. I glared at him.

"You forget that I have a batter aim them you, Kane." He glared at me.

"Sure." He said calmly, but I could tell I made him mad.

"Now, if your done trying to sneak up on me- failing every time, might I add- I would like to know where my dagger is." I crossed my arms.

He frowned. "I didn't take it." He replied. I rolled my eyes and pokes his chest.

"Then why is its sheath in your room?" I glared at him.

He shrugged. "I didn't use your stupid dagger, Kanet."

"Give it to me." I said, glaring at him and putting my hand out.

He rolled his eyes and pulled the sides of his jacket out, showing the inside of his jacket. "See? No dagger."

I rolled my eyes. "I'm not stupid."

"You sure about that?" He said.

I glared at him and stomped on his foot, my dagger slid out of his boot and clattered to the stone floor. I picked it up and shoved it in my jacket.

"See? My dagger." I said, mocking him.

He rolled his eyes and took the dagger I had thrown at him from me. He threw it in the air and caught its handle in his hand.

"When you're done being a child, put the dagger up." I said and walked away.

"I'm not a child, Kanet. I'm older than you." He called out after me and the dagger hit the wall behind me and clattered to the ground.

"You missed." I said, walking along the wall to the door.

"Shut up!" He yelled after me as I unlocked the door and walked out, letting it swing closed behind me.

I pulled my dagger out as I walked into my room and grimaced as I saw the blood stains on it. I sat on my bed, the black covers bunching up where I sat. I opened a drawer on my beside table and grabbed a cloth and some water. I put some water on the cloth and ran it over the flat side of the dagger's blade. My dagger was a bit different then the others, it has small ridges along the edge and a blueish tint to the blade.

"I'm gonna kill him." I muttered as I flipped over the dagger and cleaned the other side, working the cloth between the ridges carefully.

"Then I'll be the only thing you kill." Kane said from my door.

"And what would that mean?" I said, glaring up at him.

He walked in and sat beside me. "There's no more dragons left." He said. My mouth fell open.

"What do you mean there aren't any dragons left?" I screeched. He clamped a hand over my mouth.

"Do you want the whole world to know?" He glared at me.

"No. What do you mean there are no dragons left? There are millions!" I said, my words muffled by his hand.

He pointed to my dagger. "The blood on that was from the last dragon." He said.

"You don't actually believe that, do you?" I said angrily, that couldn't have been the last dragon.

"I do because I slayed it and now there isn't a single dragon left." He said.

I shoved his hand off my mouth and glowered at him, standing up. "You can't actually believe that was the last dragon! Are you really that dumb, Kane?" I screamed at him.

"Kanet, there aren't-" he was interrupted as my father walked in.

"What's going on here?" My father asked and crossed my arms. He sandy brown hair fell onto his forehead.

"He doesn't think that there are any dragons left!" I yelled and jabbed a finger at Kane.

Kane didn't say anything.

"I don't think there will ever be a time where dragons won't exist, Kane." My father said, looking at Kane.

Kane said nothing, but the look on his face said he thought the dragons were all dead. I glare and grit my teeth.

"This is why I'm giving the business to your sister." My father said with a sigh.

Kane darted up. "What?" He yelled.

"You heard me."

"You can't give it to her!" Kane yelled, jabbing a finger at me.

"And why can't I?" My father asked, glowering at Kane.

I stayed quiet. "Be-because.." Kane said.

"Because why?" My father questioned.

Kane put his head down and didn't say anything.

"That's what I thought." My father said and with that, walked out the door.

"Kane, I-"

"Save it." He interrupted me.

I put my head down, angry. I didn't want the business, but he was mad at me. He walked out of the room. I glared at the floor and grabbed my dagger, shoving it in a spot inside my coat.

Even though my father said there would never be a world without dragons, I could tell he believed Kane. I would prove them wrong. I would prove them that dragons still do and always will exist. I grabbed my bag and started packing it in determination.

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