Traveling To Lentiona

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Two girls get kidnapped and fall into another storybook fantasy world, where they had been expecting them for years to be the twins to save all of Lentiona.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Escape

I looked around and ran out of my room. The walls were made of the same rough stone as Roghja gave me. I frowned at a bright pink jumpsuit I was wearing. It was tucked neatly over my cast. I limped around the corner and saw a guard with an eyepatch whistling and swinging a baton as he strolled the corridors. His eyepatch was turned to my side. In his back pocket was another shortened baton. As he came closer, I slipped his baton from his back pocket. I didn’t know he didn’t see me, as I was in a bright pink jumpsuit. Checking the halls were empty, I extended the baton and bonked the whistling guard on his head. He crumpled on the ground. I pulled him around my corner into a deserted hallway. I took his keys and unlocked the first cell. This one wasn’t like my room. It was a real cell. A prisoner looked at me.

“ Well? What are you waiting for? Get out!” I whispered. He scurried out of the room. I dragged the guard in. I closed the door, and making sure it wasn’t locked, I shut the door. I undressed the guard and myself, and we switched clothes. His gray suit was big on me, and the pink jumpsuit was small on him, but It would work. I snuck out of the room and locked the door.

I snuck around the corner and ran into the fairy who had captured me in the first place.

“You!” he growled.

I laughed weakly and started to hobble away.

“ You can hide but you can’t run!” He cried as he began slowly hover above the ground. “ I’ll even give you a head start.” The fairy sneered.

He was right. My leg was now healing and nowhere near healed. I thought about what Lyhn said when she said I was a “phazer”. I could only assume a phazer could phaze, and in physics phaze meant to change one thing to synchronize with another. But what did that have to do with anything. Why did my leg go through the door? How did the car get bigger?

I looked back. The fairy was right behind me with a determined face. I obviously wasn’t on Earth, but everything in this world was just weird. Just when I needed it, the jail intercom called my name.

“Will Charlotte Jansen please come to the front office? Charlotte Jansen.”

Even if they got my name wrong, I was still happy. I turned around with a smirk.

With a sneer, the fairy grabbed my wrist. “To the front office then.” He said. He led me through the winding passages of the jail. When I got to the Front Office, there was already a man in there. He was extremely tall, with buzzed black hair. He was tan, and had blue eyes.

“Charlotte. Come to Uncle Dreu.” He gave me a big bear hug. If he was the Dreu from the note, then my sister was probably with him! He must have been pretending to be my uncle to get me out of here!

“Dreu. Nice to see you.”

“You too. Let’s get outta here, yeah?” We walked outside the front doors. Like Lyhn, he came to a clear spot and dropped a toy car on the ground.

“Thanks for saving me Uncle Dreu.”

Dreu laughed. “Hey, I got you out didn’t I?” I nodded.

“How did you do that- I mean Lyhn did it too- but how does that car do that? Also, do you have my sister?”

“ How the car expanded depends on the amount of dashes in something. This particular object, a car can expand because it has just the right amount of dashes in it. It’s like when put different amounts of something in, you might have different outcomes. In this particular case, the cause ifs the car falls on the ground, and the effect is it grows bigger. Everything in Lentiona is based off of cause and effect.”

“Oh! Like when putting too much flour in cookies! Wait- do you have my sister?” “ Yes, Kennedy is at headquarters. But I have to ask you, why do you trust me?”

“ I just have a feeling that you are the right person.”

Dreu nodded. “We need to get you tested before we go to HQ.”

“What do you mean tested?”

“To see what ability you have. For example, Lyhn is a teleporter, she told me you are maybe a phazer, and when Kennedy got tested, she showed up as having invisibility.”

I was speechless. Kennedy could go invisible? There were times when we were kids when my mom would be on the verge of calling the police because Kennedy was missing, then she would show up in random places, like in her bed, or in my mom’s closet. It did explain things, but it still blew my mind. That meant that Kennedy was a…. Fader as Roghja had said.

Dreu and I rode in silence for a long time. Finally, we arrived wherever we were going.

“Where are we?” I queried.

“We are at the Tester’s office. To see what ability you have.”

The rock floor echoed with my footsteps. The place looked entirely empty. On the outside it looked like a tiny shop, and on the inside it looked just as lonely. As we came into the living room, an OLD man was lying on the couch snoring. He looked to be 10,000 years old. For all I knew, he could be. A bushy beard and mustache covered his wrinkled face.

“Alensul,” Dreu whispered. “Alensul! Wake up.” He shook the old man a bit. Alensul woke up with a snort.

“Huh? Wasagoinon?” Alensul stared at me with unfocused eyes and slurred his words. His voice was like sandpaper on rock, a painful sound.

“Alensul, we need you to test her.”

“Ok, where’s my equipment?”

“Right where you left it Alensul, when you tested Kennedy the other day.”

“Oh, yes thatsa right.” the old man struggled to his feet. “Gimme some help, wouldya?”

I grabbed the Alensul’s elbow and helped him to his feet. Other people might give the excuse that, if they were in my place with the broken leg, they would hurt themselves. But not me. I would never turn down a chance to help out. The old man guided me down a hall and into a room. It was filled with different equipment.

“Firsta all, whicha one stands out to ya the most?” Alensul asked me.

It was all weird stuff, but the one that stood out to me the most was a poncho. It seemed to glow. I repeated my thoughts to him.

“Interesting choice.” He stroked his hairy chin. “Allright, I need you to put it on and then I will test ya. All I’ma gonna do is leave ya in here for a lil’ bit and ya just need to standa still.”

I started to wonder. “Why do I need to do this?”

“It’s all for the testing.” Alensul assured me.

I threw on the poncho. It was surprisingly heavy. The old man then guided me over to a clear space in the room.

“Ya know what to do?” Alensul asked me once more.

“Yes, I know what to do. Stand still.” Then I was alone. I stood as still as possible. Then it came. It felt like my soul was being ripped from my body. It was only for a second, but it still hurt the same. Then it was gone. Alensul came back into the room. Dreu, my guess was lounging on the couch right now.

“So, mya sensors say that ya are a Phazer as yar customary virtuosity, or in other words, as your maina power.”

Then it was confirmed. I could go through walls. If I could go through walls though, I could probably go through… anything. But how would I activate it? I thanked him and returned to Dreu, who was in fact, lounging on the couch.

“Well?” Dreu asked me. “What are you?”

“Phazer.” I replied. Dreu’s face paled. He started to babble.

“Not only that, but Kennedy was diagnosed with probably gaining more powers.. I thought that would be ok, but with both of you having these..these… modifications to your abilities…”

“What does this mean?” I asked Dreu. He shook his head.

“I don’t know. But I intend to find out.”

We walked to the car. Drue started to talk.

“Genealogy plays a big part in what you manifest as. I know you came from Earth, but if you did, you don’t manifest an ability. That means one of your parents must have been from here. Take my mother for example. She stumbled into a portal by some accident and came here, but she manifested no abilities. The only creatures that don’t manifest abilities are fairies, so she had to pretend she was a fairy for the rest of her life. I think for now we need to keep your abilities secret- yours and Kennedy’s for as long as possible. I can teach you how to hover like fairies do, and I can get you a pair of spare wings from my mother. But back to the genealogy thing. Do you know if any of your parents are from here?”

“I don’t know anything about my dad. He died in a fire when I was very young, and well since then we lost any contact with any of his family. My mom has connections here though, to Lyhn. She gave Lyhn some things to give to us. So it could be either.”

Dreu nodded. “Or both.”

I snapped. “My mom said in her letter that.. What was it?”

I pulled out the letter.

“My mom said ‘me, your dad, we aren’t who you would think.’ Any idea what that means?”

“No, but it could mean that they are both from here…. Which would explain why Kennedy and you are… different.”


“When you come here from your Acco- Earth, you don’t change. But when you leave, something happens. Nobody knows what, but it changes your DNA to become one of us, the Lentionans. If you return from then, you become like us and develop a virtuosity. But you aren’t exactly like us, because your DNA is changed not directly manipulated or natural. That would explain why you are a Phazer and Kennedy had multiple abilities.”

This whole thing was giving me a huge headache. I just nodded to end the conversation. Dreu continued.

“Its best we hide your ability before anyone else finds out. We have to disguise you. I’ve already given this some thought, and I think it would be best to disguise you as fairies. They don’t have any special abilities, but they can fly. Since my mom came from Earth, she had to learn how to be a fairy too because she never developed any abilities. The way to fly is to be kept a secret, do you understand? Very few know the key.”

Once I had nodded, he continued.

“I’ll teach you how when we get home.”

Then he was quiet. I sat in silence and rubbed my temples to soothe the blooming headache. It felt as though we had been driving forever. I just couldn’t resist. I fell into a light sleep.

I opened my eyes to Dreu shaking me.

“We’re here.” He whispered. I nodded. As I stepped out of the car, my cast broke completely in half. I fell to the ground in a fit of sobs. My leg was not healed.

“Before anything else, we are getting that checked out.” Dreu mumbled as he carried me towards a house in the distance. As we grew nearer, I started to doubt Dreu.

The house was a total letdown. It was the size of an outhouse, and looked like it could collapse any minute.

“This is the hideout huh? It’s a bit… small.” I told Dreu. He grinned.

“This is nothing.” He set me down near the door then moved a rug off to the side. Underneath was a metal ring. Dreu pulled on the ring, and the trapdoor swung upwards.

“Down we go.” Dreu smiled.

And down we did go. It took so long to get down, Dreu had to stop carrying me three times. After the last time, I started to fall asleep in Dreu’s arms. Then, we reached the last step.

What I saw took my breath away.

It was a lab. People were bustling around, and everything was pristine and white. Off to one side, a pair of scientists were experimenting with a bottle of windex. Off to the other side was Kennedy.

“Charlie?” She whimpered. She ran to Dreu and grabbed my hand. “What happened?”

“Long story, and I’m too tired to explain it. My cast broke open, and my leg isn’t set properly.”

“Which we need to do immediately.” Dreu interrupted.

“ Of course.” Kennedy backed up and trailed behind us as Dreu carried me to a booth.

As we walked it, the lady inside turned away from her work to look at us.

“Broken leg. Can you set it?”

“Sure.” the lady said as Dreu set me down on the white table.

“ This is Doctor Kristine. I’m going to leave you with her to get your leg fixed up ok?” Dreu explained.

“I’m all in.” I replied.

Kristine examined my leg. “This is going to hurt.” She explained.

Kristine grabbed my leg and popped it back to the way it was supposed to be. I let out a elp.

“Sorry!” She apologized. Kristine rubbed a few different kinds of ointments on my leg, then started to wrap it up.

“Lay low for a few days, Ok?” I gave my word, then, with a new pair of crutches hobbled away.

Kristine stopped me. “Wait! I almost forgot!” She handed me a bowl of clear liquid. It looked like water, but the texture said otherwise. “Take this, and you’ll be feeling better in no time.” I slowly drain the bowl and follow Dreu.

“Let’s get started on your training!” Dreu said. “But first of all, we need to answer any questions you have. Let’s go in here.”

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