The Chronicles of Cram - The First Draft

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Join the Cramainians as they begin a journey of epic proportions, traveling across many diverse landscapes, fighting many enemies with a ridiculous video-game style combat system, while making many subtle references and comedic remarks along the way. *Updates Every Friday*

Fantasy / Humor
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I began to write The Chronicles of Cram (often abbreviated to T.C.O.C.) after watching a YouTube video by Callmecarson titled “Weird People on Discord”. If you are a frequent viewer of Callmecarson, then you probably already know what takes place in this video quite well. Upon reaching a specific segment of the video, Carson and another YouTube comedian named Ted Nivison begin a Discord call. In the call, Ted takes on a totally different personality and begins trying to sell Carson his fictional substance called "Cram". Ted gives no real description of the substance other then the fact that it is "A mushy substance you put in-between your gums." and causes Carson to go into a fit of laughter.

After viewing this video, it only took a few days before my friends and I began making jokes about it. One of my friends, Lonithin, made a remark stating how humorous it would be if there was a kingdom built by selling only cram. That was when it happened. I got a spark of creative energy. My mind immediately began to build a story structured around this video. A short while later, I was sitting in math class, not really paying attention to the teacher and instead doodling in my notebook, I suddenly opened my Chromebook and began to write.
It was on that day, January 14, 2020, that The Chronicles of Cram began.
It started off quite simple, I turned each one of my close friends into a character in the story. 7 main characters, not bad. It was a lot easier to show their personalities this way, as they were based off of real people. By the end of math class, the introduction and first chapter were complete.
The Project grew fast. Insanely Fast. I presented the project to my friends a few days later, after I had finished Chapter Zero, One, and started Chapter Two. My friends read it and loved it immediately. It wasn't long before they began to design artwork for the project. With the artwork and support of my friends inspiring me, I wrote harder and longer then I ever had before. Within 2 months, I had 21 chapters done.
At first, I was genuinely confused. "I can't do that." I told myself after finishing the 21st chapter. "I usually can only write 2-3 chapters and then my brain dies. What's so different about this?" It was then that I realized that the reason I was able to write so quickly was because I had people by my side who cared. They believed in me. Even though I had written so much so easily and I wanted to do more, I was... well... somewhat drained. A lot had happened over the course of writing the first 21 chapters, and I needed a break. So I took a short break from writing.
Skip forward about 4 to 5 months later and my creative energy has come back. I begin writing again, this time having a little bit more of an idea of what I'm doing. A few of the supporters of the project had an idea to make a Alternate Universe of T.C.O.C., which I was totally fine with. While they began working on that project, I was writing away on "The Chronicles of Cram Season 2". I still am.
Ah, one last thing. A few minor statistics and stuff.
This book is Rated PG-13 for Blood and Gore, Mild Language, Some Crude Humor, and Suggestive Themes.
This is still the early stages of the story, and I'm still kind of writing on the fly, so not everything will match up perfectly. There will also probably be many grammatical errors, but I'm trying my best to fix them as I see them. This is mostly just to see what people think of this project.
Now we have reached our current day. Where my monologue ends and the story begins. And it is well known that all good stories begin with Chapter Zero...
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