Enceladus 3: The Heat

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Chapter Twelve

“How’s he doing?” I asked Golda.

“The same, Princess. Those herbs didn’t work at all. I am afraid nothing will.” She sounded defeated. Caelum’s ash colored hair had gotten a lot longer.

I heard my father’s words. Only I can cure your brother. There was no way I could summon the Devil to this world. He would surely kill everyone I knew. If only I knew how he would cure Caelum.

“Has anyone spoken to Queen Amara? I know she wouldn’t be willing to help, but we could use our mind control. There has to be a solution,” I said in a rush.

“Amara is in one of SE’s prisons. They don’t take kindly to war mongers.”

“Why hasn’t anyone talked to her then? A member of the royal family is in a coma because of her daughter! I could go to her and make her tell me how to fix it.” I was becoming increasingly louder with each word.

“Princess . . .” Golda stopped me.

I took a steadying breath. “Sorry. I just hate seeing my arrogant brother like this.”

Golda offered me a small smile.

“I’ll see you later.” I paused. Golda’s face looked paler and gaunter than the last time I saw her. “Don’t forget to take care of yourself too, Golda.” I walked out the door and nearly ran into two children.

“Sorry, Princess,” the boy said.

I looked back and forth between them, the identical twins. They both had blonde hair. They were Golda’s siblings, I realized. “Hi, you must be Golda’s siblings.”

They both nodded. “I am Hershel and this is Kayla.” They bowed towards me.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both.”

They mumbled acceptances and knocked on Caelum’s door.

“You guys can just go in,” I told them.

“We’re not allowed to,” Kayla said.

I wondered who told them that. Maybe the doctor? Or a guard. I kneeled in front of them, now eye-to-eye. “Well, I can change that. Go ahead in. If anyone asks, tell them Princess Amelia gave you permission.” I smirked.

They giggled and went in.


I turned and saw Talia come out of her room. “Lady-in-waiting.” I winked.

She blushed immediately. “Lunch?”

I took her hand and walked us down the stairs to Cass and John’s dining room.

The servers were just now setting plates on the long table. Talia and I started to take seats next to Delphinus.

“No!” Del exclaims. “I need this chair for my feet!” She scooted the chair next to her closer and lifted her feet onto it.

Talia apologized to her, but I rolled my eyes at my bossy sister. I would blame that on hormones if I didn’t know her before her pregnancy. Her stomach had gotten bigger overnight, it seemed. No wonder she wanted the chair.

“Lynx, it’d do you good.” I was trying to convince him to come to the roof for a dinner for Enceladus Day. It would just be Talia and I if Lynx said no.

He made a noncommittal shrug.

“Please, this is one of your favorite holidays.” I sighed. “Look, I have an amazing outfit for you.” I had Karen pick out something luxurious and Lynx-worthy. I had on a violet dress that fell just above my knees.

He did take interest when I showed him the clothes, though. “Fine,” he grumbled and snatched the clothes and headed to the bathroom.

I felt a tiny spark of hope.

He came out with the outfit on; black slacks with a navy blue button-down, his gold crown atop his perfectly gelled white hair. I wasn’t even wearing my crown.

Another spark. “Let’s go.” I grabbed the crook of his arm and led him out.

We walked up the stairs to the door to the roof. From there we had a good view of the planet square. It was decorated with lines of lights. There were at least a dozen tables loaded with food and drinks. I had no idea why there was a party occurring. Our temperature was far too high for dancing and drinking.

I spotted Talia flying in, her wings pure, unlike mine. She landed in front of Lynx and I, wind ruffling my hair. “Sorry.” She leaned in and smoothed my hair. Before she got the chance to step back, I gave her a peck on the lips.

“You look beautiful.” She was wearing a thin floor-length dress that was more of a slip. There was a sexy slit that went past her mid-thigh. It was an orange that brought out the dull specks of orange in her eyes. “I love that dress on you.”

“Thank you,” she whispered, close enough that I could smell her minty breath. “Prince Lynx, you look nice.”

He looked at her for a split second, nodded and went back to staring at the lights above.

Talia shot me a worried look. I took her hand.

The food I had prepared was already up on the roof and I took to pouring us all glasses of wine. Not long after that we heard the citizens in the square talking and drinking and eating.

Then three of us sat and started eating and chatting lightly. Lynx didn’t engage much in conversation. He just kept looking around the sky and the roof and sipping his wine.

An hour later occurred the first problem of the night.

Someone appeared at the roof’s door. It was Jae.

“Alexander?” Lynx was drunk now and stumbled to Jae, landing in his arms.

“No, Prince. It’s Jaeel, his brother.” Jae tried, but failed, to stand Lynx upright.

“Alex, I love you. I only said it once but I should have said it many times. I’m so sorry.” His slurring was bad but his tone broke my heart.

I took him from Jae and we made our way to the door of the roof. It was time for Lynx to sleep.

“Amy . . .” he groaned. “I want to see Alex.”

“I know, nïxï, I know.”

I took him down the stairs, half holding him, half using my telekinesis. Once we got to his room, I took off his shoes, shirt and crown and laid him in bed.

“Amy . . .” Just that one word held so much pain and grief. I laid down next to him and stroked his hair. Once I was sure he was asleep, I snuck out.

“Was he okay?” Talia asked me when I got back to the roof.

“I really don’t know, Talia.”

A little after we ate some cake, Talia pulled me out of my funk, and we started slow dancing under the stars.

I got so lost in the moment with Talia that I didn’t hear the beginning of the next catastrophe.

Talia rushed to the roof’s railing. I followed and the first thing I saw was Cassiopeia’s worried face between heads of a crowd gathered in a circle. “Give her some space!”

Talia and I flew down to the square. On the ground at Cass’ feet, was a girl my age. She was unconscious. I knelt down next to her, feeling her pulse. It was faint.

“Heat exhaustion,” a man who was kneeling on the other side of her told me. Heat exhaustion. This girl was no older than me.

Cass put her hand on the man’s shoulder. “Take her to the palace infirmary.”

He complied and picked her up. He spread his wings and flew away.

“Maybe we should be done for the night,” Cass suggested. “I don’t want anyone else passing out.” The citizens groaned. “Everyone go home and get some rest.” An order.

Everyone started to walk back to their divisions. Talia started to spread her wings but I stopped her from taking off. “Wait, let’s stay out here a little longer. Star gaze.”

“But Queen Cassiopeia said everyone needs to go home and get some rest.”

Oh right. I hesitated. I could have used my ability and told Talia to stay with me but I didn’t want to cross a line by controlling her. “Okay, let’s go.”

We flew hand-in-hand back to the palace.

When we got to the second floor, Talia turned to go to her room. “Hey let’s go to my room,” I said devilishly.

“Queen Cassiopeia said we must go home.” Her eyes were sort of glossed over. It was actually a bit creepy. I hadn’t much experience with watching people under mind control up close. It was, well, controlling and very literal.

I gave in and followed her two doors down to her room.

It seemed that once we were in there the mind control was fulfilled. Talia went back to her normal self. She blinked several times. “The Queen used her mind control, didn’t she?”

I nodded. Most citizens could tell when someone had used mind control on them. The only ones who weren’t aware were the children. Nobody seemed to care that Cass did it because whatever she made them do was civil and justified. Orion had used his mass mind control for things like submission. The citizens recognized how kind and fair Cass was.

“I like your dress.”

“You said that already.” Talia blushed.

“How about we see what it looks like on the floor?” Smooth, Amy.

Talia’s cheeks deepened to cherry red.

I sauntered over to her. She kissed me passionately. I kissed back just as fierce. I loved the way her lips moved against mine. We walked back to the bed, still kissing. Before we sat, I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. I was taken aback by her beauty. “Wow.”

I grabbed her slim waist and sat her down on the foot of the bed. I reached around and unzipped my own dress. Talia pulled it off my hips.

I laid her down on the bed and kissed her more feverishly. “You, Talia Durand, are amazing.”

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