Enceladus 3: The Heat

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Chapter Two

That night, I had a dream like no other.

“Stacia,” my father sang. “It’s time to go.” His form was still the seven foot, red, reptilian I met months ago.

We were in his throne room, at least I thought that was what it was. We were apparently going to Earth to cause destruction and kill people. The usual.

Suddenly, we were on Earth with his army. Satan’s army. People were screaming. And I was loving it.

“Please, please don’t hurt me,” cried a useless human. I had killed Enceladians and even Tethians but never a human. It was pathetic. They could do nothing to defend themselves.

I ignored the man and snapped his neck with my telekinesis.

I heard my father laugh behind me. “Now you must kill the one you love.” He pointed.

I looked to where he was pointing and I saw a girl with blue hair. I recognized her. It was Lainie. Usually when I turned dark, I didn’t recognize my friends or family. This time I did.

I whipped back around to my father, confused. “Kill the one you love.” When I turned back to Lainie, Talia was kneeling next to her. “You will eventually. Chose!” the Devil shouted.

Then I woke up.


I raked a shaky hand through my hair. It was matted with sweat. It must have been getting warmer.

That dream was so real. It felt like I really did kill that man. It felt like I really did want to kill Lainie and Talia. Lainie or Talia. “Kill the one you love,” my father had said. And who was that? I knew I liked Talia and wanted to try with her but loved? It was just a dream, after all.

I got up, showered and dressed in the clothes Talia had prepared for me after the library last night. It wasn’t a dress, thank goodness, but a blazer and nice slacks that I could actually move in.

I went to Lynx’s room and found he was still asleep. “Lynx,” I said gently, touching his shoulder.

He sat up with a quickness. “Alex!”

I grimaced. He must have had a nightmare about Alexander. “It’s me, nïxï.

The gloss in his eyes cleared when he saw me. He was sweating also. “Ah,” was all he said before getting up and heading to his bathroom.

I sat on his bed. I hated seeing him like this. It was heart-breaking. He was by far my best sibling; he had never bullied me and always tried hard to defend me. He protected me when I needed it most.

I heard the shower turn on. At least he showered normally. I suspected that even though his personality was buried under the grief, he was still Lynx and would never purposely smell bad.

He exited the bathroom, white hair soaked, clothed in only sweats.

“Lynx, do you remember me telling you about our planet and how it’s heating up?”

He nodded as he sat next to me.

“Well, Cassiopeia has a solution and she wants us all to be there when she tells the citizens.”

His brows furrowed and I took that as a good sign. He barely had any facial expressions anymore. “What is it?”

“If you come with, Cass will tell you herself.”

Then he squinted at me as if he could see through my bribery. I doubted he could. He was so out of it. “Okay.”


He nodded again, drops from his hair landing on my pants. I didn’t care. My brother had agreed to leave his bedroom. I leapt up and got him some slacks and a pleated shirt.

He changed into them but had no energy to put on shoes or socks so I did it for him. It would do him good to get a little fresh air. Even if it was hotter than we were used to.
I grabbed his arm and nearly drug him out of his room. The second we hit the first floor, the whispers started. The palace staff was as shocked as I was.

“They’re staring,” Lynx said, shocking me even more. I was surprised he noticed.

I patted his hand, still linked through my arm. “If at any time you want to go back, just say the word.”

He nodded absentmindedly.

I walked him into the throne room and Cass gasped, briskly approaching him. She hugged him but his arms didn’t move. “Lynx, I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Wouldn’t miss it.”

Delphinus and John showed up and we flew to what was the equivalent to a city hall. Planet Hall.

I looked over and saw Lynx’s eyes closed. I couldn’t tell if he missed flying or if he was trying to block out that Alex had died right under us.

We landed and went inside Planet Hall.

Most of the citizens were already waiting impatiently. When Cass stepped in, everyone quieted.

“My dear Enceladians, as you all know, our planet is heating up. Our scientists have been working tirelessly to find a solution. They have found a temporary one.” Cassiopeia normally spoke to her citizens in Enceladian, same as she was now.

I still held Lynx’s hand in the crook of my elbow. My other hand resting on his.

The crowd cheered until one woman said, “Temporary?”

Our Queen nodded. “The scientists have come to the conclusion that if we use our elemental abilities to cool the core it will give us a few more months.”

Only months? The people cried out. They were saying the same thing I was thinking. A few months wasn’t that long. Would we have to keep freezing it every few months?

“Silence!” Then I felt Cassiopeia’s mind control being forced into my head. Only it had no effect on me. I wasn’t compelled to be quiet, like the rest of Enceladus was. It happened again. Before the war, Cass had said the same thing, using her ability, and it had the same result. It didn’t work on me . . . Maybe I could go talk to Jae.


“A few months will help. It will give our scientists more time to find a permanent solution,” said Cass, finality in her voice.

And with that, it was over.

“You did well today,” I said to Lynx on our fly back to the palace. It didn’t look like he heard me.

“Princess Amelia, please tell me what is wrong,” Talia pleaded.

We were in my room and she had been pestering me for an hour. Pestering wasn’t the right word. She was just worried. I should just tell her who my father was and that I met him. It was hurting to keep it in for so long. Caelum’s unconscious body didn’t help. But what if Talia thought I was lying or she was scared and never spoke to me again?

“I cannot help you if you do not let me in.” She crossed the room to where I was sitting in the corner. It was pathetic, really. That was where I had been ever since I took Lynx back to his room and made sure he was okay. I wished he was okay enough to make sure I was okay.

Talia had found me in a fetal position.

Forty. Forty. Forty. Forty. Forty.

I gripped my head. That number never left my mind.

“Amelia . . .” Talia was so concerned; I heard it in her voice.

“Fine! You want me to tell you?” I yanked my head up and instantly felt bad for shouting at her so I apologized.

“Yes, I want you to tell me. What did you see when you blacked out during the war?”

“I saw my father,” I whispered.


I felt my face contort. “Orion wasn’t my real father. My mother had an affair. Well, not really an affair.” I sighed. “She claimed that she prayed to god to give her a baby girl who was kind and pure. What she really prayed to was the Devil.” I stopped.

“The Devil?”

I nodded, wishing I didn’t have to say this out loud. “My father is the Devil.”

Talia simply stared at me. “Your father is the Devil,” she repeated.

“Yes. Do you believe me?”

“Of course I believe you but should we believe your mother?”

“It’s true. I know because I saw . . . I saw him.”

“You saw the Devil?” she asked slowly.

“That’s what I saw when I blacked out. He had-” I paused, searching for the right word, “summoned me. To Hell. Or, not really Hell. It was more of a vision, I guess. He came to me while I was still—not me. He wanted me to join him in Hell.”

Talia was looking at me like I was crazy. Was I crazy? Did I imagine the whole thing? Yes? No. No, I didn’t. “And you said no, right?”

“I wanted to say yes. I wanted to so badly. It was so . . . tempting. I almost said yes but-” I choked on a sob.

Talia took me in her arms. “But you didn’t,” she finished for me. “You didn’t and that is what matters. That is the only thing that matters. It doesn’t matter that he is your father. It doesn’t matter that you almost said yes. You refused and that took a lot.”

I rested my head against her chest. It felt good. Great, even.

“What did he look like?” she asked in a low voice.

“His skin was red and scaly. He was easily seven feet tall. His eyes were yellow. He had hooves for feet and red wings slightly bigger than mine. He even had dark horns and a red tail that resembled mine.” During the war, when Amy went away, I had grown black horns and a black tail.

I felt Talia shudder, picturing Satan. I would never forget what he looked like. I had nightmares about him.

“He called me Stacia, the one who shall rise again.” I mirrored her shudder.

“Amelia, you will never be like him. That is nothing you have to ever worry about.”

I broke from her arms to look her in the eyes. She meant what she said.

“I mean it,” she said as if she read my thoughts.

“What are you, Talia?” I asked in awe.

She cocked her head at the question.

I sat up more. “How can you think this way? You’ve seen what I can do!” With every word, my voice grew louder. “I mean look at my eyes!” I widened my grey eyes for effect. “And my wings!” I shot out my wings. “My abilities! That new one.” During the war I had developed another power. I was able to shoot electricity bolts out of my palms. “And the most dangerous of them all . . . I’m a succubus.”

I looked down and realized I had summoned the electricity. My hands were crackling in a blue hue. I stood slowly and backed away from Talia. I hadn’t used the electricity since it first appeared. I didn’t know how to stop it.

I glanced up at Talia and to my complete and utter surprise, she didn’t appear afraid of me. “Why are you not afraid?”

“Because you won’t hurt me,” she said simply.

“I could and I will.” That sounded like a threat. “I could hurt you right now. I could turn dark this very second and kill you. It would be nothing to me.” My voice was low and menacing. I stepped closer to Talia.

She stood but didn’t back away. “You won’t,” she said firmly.

I was losing my sanity. I could feel it slipping away, leaving me.

Then Talia took a step forward. Then another. And another. Another. We were inches apart. Only then did the electricity diminish.

She didn’t say anything, just stared into my demon eyes.

I stared right back and felt myself calming down, felt my heartbeat slow. My powerful wings disappeared and then it was just us.

“Amelia,” she whispered, “you are a wonderful person with a beautiful soul. Your father—Satan—cannot change that. Do you understand me?” She placed her hands on either side of my face.

“Yes,” I whispered back. Suddenly, I was extremely exhausted.

Talia seemed to sense that and led me to my bed. I laid down and she moved to leave. “Wait,” I called out. “Will you lay with me?”

I saw Talia’s inner struggle. It seemed she wanted to but she was my servant and it wasn’t entirely allowed. Even though she had held me while I cried many times these past few months. Eventually she did lay next to me.

I fell asleep shortly after.

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