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This book can be read as a stand alone, but I encourage you to read Cruel Max first. Jackson has been waiting for his mate for four years. His father Max is ready to retire and give the reins over to Jackson. Jackson has hosted many parties and invited packs from all over. So why hasn't he met his mate yet? Tired of sitting around waiting he takes his future beta with him as he travels to go looking for her. Layla was born of low status. She's a quiet girl hiding many talents and secrets. She was born into a poor pack that somehow went many years without being attacked until one night when it all went down. She lost her family, any confidence she had, and her freedom.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

POV Layla

I jolted up in bed to the sound of the sirens blaring. I looked out my window to see the sight of the black night sky with the tint of orange glowing in the distance. I hurtled out of bed and threw on the first clothes I could find. I ran out the door down the hall to my parents room.

"Mom! Dad!" I screamed.

Throwing open their door I was met with an empty bed. I sprinted back down the hall to my brothers room and found his room to be empty as well. How could they of just left without me? Looking out the window in my brothers room I could see the blazing fire swallowing the pack house. I opened the front door to our house and crept out hoping to make a break for the forest edge.

I could smell the smoke of the burning buildings all around me as I ran. I covered my nose with the crook of my arm trying to keep myself from inhaling it. I coughed and my eyes began to burn as it got thicker the further I ran through it. I sprinted as fast as I could towards the woods looking for anyone I recognized. Wolves were running left and right trying to out run our attackers. Snarls and screams ripped throughout the town.

I saw one of my school friends Lena hiding in the bushes as I reached the forest edge. Lena wasn't of age yet so she didn't have her wolf, so I'm sure she assumed hiding would be her best bet. A werewolf normally got their wolf at the age of 18. I turned 18 a few months ago and am still getting to know my wolf. My wolf is a light tan color with specks of brown in it. She has a more spunky and bolder attitude then I do.

I yanked her out of the bushes forcing her to keep running. No one is safe from the nose of a werewolf. My heart was beating so hard it was ready to burst through my chest. I could hear thundering paws underneath me as I ran. I glanced over my shoulder and saw wolves rushing towards us. I spun around and shifted into my wolf. I am not much of a fighter yet as my father had just started to train me a year ago when he decided girls could be allowed to fight. My father was an old fashion man who was a one of the patrol guards. An omega status, which makes me an omega.

I snapped my jaws at my first attacker sinking them into his shoulder. He yelped loudly as he stumbled back, but quickly recovered and came lashing in again once more. I snarled out threatening any that dare to hurt Lena or I. I knew I wouldn't be able to take them all, but maybe Lena could get away if I kept them busy. I nudged her back with my back leg hoping she would get the hint. If she had her wolf I would just mind link her. This is a wolfs way of communicating telepathically to one another, but you can only do it if you have your wolf and are from the same pack. You can also do it with your mate.

Lena didn't get my hint as she stood there frozen. A wolf leaped out to me and clamped down on my muzzle. I yelped and swiped up at his face trying to get him to release. When he released he scraped his teeth down my muzzle and I could feel the warm blood trickle out. He swung his paw back at my face smacking it hard causing me to fall back. He leaped on top of holding me down by my neck. I squirmed beneath his weight. Any movement I made he lashed at my side causing me to whimper out in more pain. Looking out of the corner of my right eye I could see a man approach me holding Lena in silver shackles. Silver is our kryptonite. You can't mind link with it on you, shift, or communicate with your wolf.

"Shift young wolf or I will do more then just chain up your friend here." He demanded.

Drawing out a knife, which I would assume is coated in silver, he held it up to her cheek threatening to slice it open. Heaving out a breath I shifted back into my bare naked body. When you shift wearing clothes you just shred them so you end up being naked when you shift back. When I shifted back I felt a wet nose touch my rear end. I kicked back making contact with a snout. The wolf above me shoved me down harder making me bleed more from my side wounds.

"Someone thinks there tough now do they? Will see about that now won't we." The man said with an devilish smirk.

I was placed in silver shackles and I held in a whimper as they were placed on. I could smell the burning of my flesh from it. I followed the men and Lena to a bus. Walking to the bus I saw the burning ashes of my home. It was small place so there wasn't much to burn down, but it was my home. When we got on the bus all I saw was women and young boys. I didn't see my mother. I assumed the worst and it made a weight fall into the pit of my stomach. This was officially my worst nightmare coming to life.

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