Theirs to Claim

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“His eyes turned into this dark, black color. The green in his eyes disappeared. He looked at me and said under his breath, “mate” What happens when an alpha sets his eyes on Ana and twins sets their eyes on her best friend Kenzie? Pain..? Pleasure..? Love..? Will they change their lives?

Fantasy / Erotica
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Ana’s POV
Thirty three... thirty four... thirty five... I counted in my head as I lifted my body up in the air. thirty six... thirty seven... I felt sweat run down my forehead causing it to itch. thirty eight... thirty nine... forty... I formed my hands into fists. I bit my bottom lip and sucked in the pain. Just a couple more seconds. I lowered my head a little and gripped my hair as I bit my lip harder. More sweat came down my forehead causing it to itch more. *beep beep beep* I drop down and face planted on my mat.

Kenzie shut the timer off and walked in with a popsicle and looked down at me. “Now you know why I hate doing planks??” I lifted up my head and looked at her. “Well I actually want abs.” She rolled her eyes and walked away. I got up and put my workout stuff away and jumped in the shower.

As soon as I got out Kenzie came running through the door causing me to scream. “What the hell Kenzie!” I yelled and glared at her. “Ariana Grande is coming to Cali!!” My eyes widened, my glare turned into a smile. “Shut up! Are you serious??” I said jumping up and down. “Yes! Why would I lie about that!!” She said rolling her eyes.

I laughed and ran to my bedroom. I threw on a random sweater and sweats on and ran downstairs where Kenzie was. Kenzie and I have been best friends since middle school. She’s my everything, literally. My supporting, weird, beautiful best friend. We’re now twenty one years old living in California. We’re both roommates and go to the university of California. We’re both studying to be registered nurses! It’s been our dream since we were kids.

Kenzie was on the laptop looking for available seats and tickets. I run towards her almost knocking her out of her chair. She elbowed me in the stomach and gave me a quick glare then looked at the screen again. “Ok so section D, seats 12 and 13 are available for four hundred dollars each.” My eyes widened. “That’s eight hundred dollars! That’s like half our rent, we can’t afford that!” I rubbed my eyes and looked at the laptop again.

Kenzie scrolled up and clicked green boxes. “Ok you got a point there, let’s see.” She scrolled up some more. “Section T, seats 18 and 19 for two hundred dollars each.” She said glancing at me then at the laptop again. I scratched my head and walked over to the big calendar in our kitchen.

“It’s on August 8th right? Hm let’s see that’s two weeks from now. We have to get groceries soon, and our car payment is coming up too.” I said grabbing the stack of bills on our microwave. “Ok I ordered and paid for the tickets!” Kenzie smiled and screamed in happiness. “Did you not hear anything i said?!” I put the bills on the microwave and laughed.

I ran to the couch and put on the walking dead. The walking dead was literally the best show I’ve ever seen. “Oh my goddddd” Kenzie whined as she walked to the couch. “This show is so gross Ana! Why do you like it?!” I rolled my eyes and turned up the sound. “We need to go out and celebrate! We’re graduating in a month! We have to live life a little instead of staying home and watching zombies eat people.” Kenzie said resting her head on my shoulder. I didn’t hear a thing she said and continued watching my show. My eyes widened when I saw the most horrible thing ever. My heart sunk into my chest. My eyes got watery, I felt tears start to form in my eyes. I got up and started jumping up and down. I cried and screamed.

“What?!!” Kenzie said standing up and looking around. “Brian killed Hershel!! Oh my god look!!! He cut his head off!!! No!!!” I gripped my hair and walked around in circles. “Are you fucking kidding me??! I thought something bad happened Ana!!” Kenzie said throwing a pillow at me. “Kenzie look at the fucking TV! Rick do something!! Oh my god what about Maggie!? Their gonna ruin the fucking prison dammit!!!” I yelled at the TV. “You know you have problems.” Kenzie said as she walked upstairs. “I’m gonna shower and get ready! I expect you to be ready too!” She yelled.

I went in the kitchen and grabbed a jar of Nutella and a spoon then ran back to the living room and sat on the floor. I ate spoonfuls of Nutella and continued to cry. I watched as they ruined their home and cried harder when the team separated. “I hate you Brian, I am so happy you died you stupid piece of shit.” I glared at the tv then shut the TV off. I got up and put the Nutella away then threw the spoon in the sink. I ran upstairs to get ready, I didn’t want to piss Kenzie off. I laughed and ran into my room.

“Ok lets see, I hate dresses, makeup, heels, skirts...” I walked into my closet and threw clothes on the ground. “Bingo!” I said grabbing an outfit that caught my eye. I threw on these light blue ripped jeans with a white strapless crop top. I grabbed my red jacket and put it on. “Ok now my hair..” I said sighing. I ran into the bathroom and plugged in the hair drier, my hair was still wet. I then reached for my curling wand. Piece by piece I curled all of hair and looked at myself in the mirror. “Ew” I said in a disgusted tone. I reached for a hair tie and put my hair in a low ponytail. “Now that’s better!” I said smiling.

I grabbed my mascara and put a few strokes on my lashes then ran downstairs. Kenzie was on her phone waiting for me. “Dang! Your looking pretty! Like always” I smiled and blew a kiss. “Thank you boo, you look beautiful too!” She walked over and brushed underneath my chin. I grabbed the car keys and an Apple. “Last one to the car is a retard.” I said running out the door. “Hey! Cheater! You had a head start!!” Kenzie shut the door and ran towards our car.

I got in the car and locked it. “Unlock it right now!” Kenzie glared at me. I flipped her off and blasted my music. “We get to listen to my music this time, ok?” I unlocked the car and she went in sighing. “Your music is weird tho!” She whined. “Oh you poor baby!” I laugh and start driving. “Let’s see, Kiss goodnight or Razzmatazz..?” I glance over at Kenzie. Her arms are folded over her chest. “Kiss goodnight I guess” she rolled her eyes and laughed.

She looks at me with this weird look on her face. “This song sounds weird.” I rolled my eyes and continued driving. “So where are we going?” I rolled down my window and smelled the air. “In and Out! Obviously!” She said looking out the window. “Yes!!” I turned up the music and started singing out loud.

We arrived and parked near this tall palm tree. Kenzie was the first one to get out and sprinted inside. I smiled softly when I saw that smile of hers. She’s happy again. And that makes me so happy.

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