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Small town tomboy, goes on holiday. Not your normal tomboy though, I’m 39, yes you read it, 39 and still single. Oh, but gets better... I’m still living at my parents and we’re on our way to the holiday resort that we’ll be staying at for two weeks. I’m trapped in a life I would never have imagined living. I’m really starting to think that this is all it’s going to amount to... until something happens that I never expected...I got bloody kidnapped! Who would want me? Right? Well, I don’t know if my luck has changed for the better or not?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

**Note to readers: When Charlie speaks/thinks it’s in Bold letters. Other characters would have normal letters and some will have Italic letters, depending on how many characters are communicating/interacting with each other. When Charlie is not part of the communication/interaction between characters, the most important character’s words/thoughts will then be in Bold letters. When words are spoken it would be captured like this “Hello” for example with quotation marks and if it is a characters thoughts there would be no “quotation marks” used, the words would however be captured in either Bold, Italic or normal letters depending on the character. This is to try and help the reader differentiate between characters.**

Charlie POV

Agh, no it can’t be...the’s morning already! I hate mornings. In fact I hate daytime. Do I really have to get up now?
“ Charlie! Come on get up! Get some breakfast and get your bags in the car! ’’
O, that’s right I’m going on holiday with my parents...
“ I’m coming mom! Geez give me a break. ’’ I only got two hours worth of sleep, I’m a Galatean! You know what I’m talking about ladies....
I get up, forgetting poor old Duke decided last night he would accompany me to my apartment and keep me company for the night. I stepped on the poor souls tail, thus owning myself a squeal,howl,bark noise. And the deadliest of looks! In the process I tumbled over him and face slammed into the floor!
This is so not starting the way I thought it would, hope it gets better...knowing my luck...not a chance in hell. I quickly brush my teeth, put some clothes on and brush my hair.

Little info on me...where do I start...Well, I’m 39, living with my parents in my own little apartment. Hey! Don’t laugh, don’t judge! Ok you’re going to think I’m lame..I’m single, never really had a relationship, thus never been kissed or even...that’s why I read ok! I don’t really have friends, the ones I have I don’t see anymore. They’ve all moved away, got married, had kids, you know? Life. I live in a small town (well, more of a village), nothing ever happens here, there is absolutely nothing to do. Not really any singles or a chance to meet them. I go to work, come home. I go to church and I occasionally go to the bigger towns nearby when we need to do shopping. I am a couple of kilos overweight, 1.58cm tall...haha! Tall? Haha what a joke. Ok I’ve got a sense of humor, so sue me. I’ve got short brown hair and brown that’s not true. I recently found out my eyes aren’t brown but hazel. It looks brown but on further inspection it is actually hazel. I was gobsmacked! I hate exercising! I would rather play team sports than exercising by myself in a gym. Don’t even get me started on something like hands and feet are like alien life forces beyond my control! I’m a tomboy, never liked dresses...still don’t, only wear them to church. I have no clue whatsoever of how to do makeup. I’m your average girl (woman) next door. Did I mention that I tend to go all flatline when I’m in the presence of a good looking male? That’s my life in a nutshell.

I’ve finally had some breakfast and I’m taking my bags to the car. We’ve said our goodbyes to my brother and the furry kids, time to head on out to our holiday destination. I put my headphones on and call up one of my playlists. Soon I’m asleep...I’ve got to get my beauty sleep in somehow.

I wake up only when we reach our destination. It’s been a good three hours. Well it’s better than two. We sign in at the gate and make our way to the main building where we locate the reception area. We sign in and collect our chalet keys. Our chalets are next to each other, and right next to the river. I’m so glad I’m not sharing a chalet with my parents, dad snores like it’s a practice run for a snoring contest every night. My poor mom...

I open my chalet and put down my bag. It’s an open plan kitchen and lounge area, one door leads out of the open plan area to the bedroom. In the bedroom there is a double bed, a cabinet and mirror. It’s your standard chalet. Perfect for my needs. Only downside is that I’ll have to use the ablution block outside to use the toilet and take a shower or bath. I’ve done it before, I’ll was also the case when I was in a hostel when I was in tenth grade.

I guess I’ll go and check out the resort, the rest of the family should arrive soon. It’s a family reunion, yes one of those things you try to stay clear of especially when you’re single and my age. There several swimming pools, mini golf, horse riding, quad biking, canopy sailing etc. I can’t wait to go horse riding and canopy sailing. There’s also walking trails.

I’m going to take one of the short trails for now. It’s about five kilometers, not too far. I’m alone, no one else in the vicinity. Yet I feel as if I’m being watched. I stop a couple of times but I see no one. It’s dead quiet as well. Guess it’s because there’s not a lot of people around, it’s the off-season. But still...

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