ON YOUR WINGS [rin & mitsuki omegaverse]

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rin and mitsuki have been friends since childhood and have always hid their feelings but always enjoyed being on the court together becuase they made the best team ther will be SMUT,SEXUAL VIOLENCE,LEMON,FLUFF,AND ALSO OTHER MAIN CHARECTER SHIPS I WARNED YOU THANKYOU FOR READING I APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!!! HAVE A GOOD DAY

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

rin's pov

today volley ball practice hit hard. we ran lots of laps and a couple of sets before going home. I WAS BEAT. i asked kaminero to help me with my little problem after...... well you see it was my heat to day and i have classes and practice with alot of alphas and betas so they were just staringat me . and i also have this wierd thing where my ass swells up but this time it stayed that way when i got in highschool and everybody thinks im a femboy well if only they knew i was an boy omega then what. im scared tho kami is the only one who knows that im a omega becuase he is too. i just wish my bestfriend since preschool knew . his name is mitsuki but im also scared to tell him becuase he's an alpha so in my head all i can think of is him with me and its not fair becuase......... he has a girlfriend. i always smell that bitch n my man and i hate it she too clingy and somtimes when mitsuki leaves us alone she would threaten me to leave him alone or she'll get her mafia father to eliminate me. like that bitch could. it dosent matter cause whAt she dosent know is hes coming over in a few minutes and wanted me to cook for him. now you know that hoe cant cook.......lmao...sorry i just like the fact that he spends time with me but some times i grt his fumes in my nose and gooooooood does he smell soooooooo good its like cinnamin rolls i cant help my instincs but give in but today is the day. i will tell him.

time skip]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
ding dong ding dong
i ran to the door and opened it .it was mitsuki. hi he said with a low tone. hiiiiiii come in pls i said while smiling. well this is going to be a good night... oooo did i mention hes staying the weekend . his parents and mine are gone and so we where going to stay together while they're there. he hates being alone and i couldnt help it hes my friend but also ima be in heat tomorrow so i have to tell him. after he got settled i knocked on the door to tell him it was time to eat but he was on the phone with his girlfriend lina uuuuggggggh i hate that girl.
mitsuki pov
i was at the table talking to rin he looked so beautiful . those crimson eyes whit and silver locks and damn that body it got me every time. i couldnt help but want him but he's an alpha it would be wierd and he dosent like me.......maybe "mitsuki can i tell you something up stairs after you shower" he said in a cute voice sure i responded till then i had told hold back

in the room
rin's pov
i took a shower and then put on some booty shorts and one of my old volleyball t-shirts and went to his room. knock knock knock.comeiiiiiiiiii- whoa . move idiot i said pushing him away knowing exactly what i was doing. i sat on the geust bed and he sat next to me so close that our shoulders where touching eeeeeeek. it was silent for a while listen we both said in harmony. i let him go first since i was scared. "i broke up with my girlfriend" YOU WHAT!!!!! i was shocked and happy at the same time i didnt know what to do. "now you go" he said with those dark green eyes and cute orange hair slickked back "well your my bestfriend and i dont want you to get mad at me becuase of this and you might find me weird after this but promise me you wont be mad " i said facing away from him. he looked suprise and pulled my face so our eyes were meeting "id never be upset little moochi now tell me ok" i knoded and took a breath in and out i-im a o- ...... IM AN OMEGA AND MY HEAT IS TOMORROW i said with tears all over my face. he was in shock he looked upset and that made me even sad maybe i was about to lose my bestfriend
mitsuki's pov
i was in shock and kinda upset that he didnt tell me but i saw how scared he became and i couldnt help it. i sat him on my lap and rubbed his belly and gve him cute kisses while he sniffled.
mitsuki~~~ mmmmmnh. woah woah woah woah woah rin are you ok. "no i wanna kiss" he looked at me with those puffy red crimson eyes and hair in a bun and just sniffled away......... you know i couldnt resist. rin please i cant resist. it ok i dont mind suki daddy~. i started to kiss his neck all over sending sensations thru the body then i trail up to his soft pink lips .... mmmmmm cmon you ast like you dont want meeeee rin said in frustration with the erection now in his tight shorts.moochi i dont think you know how much im resisting i dumped that bitch becuase of you you know i said grinding against him with my deep husky voice. he was sent with waves of pleasure. oooookook we started kissing soft kisses grinding sensation upon our body . he then took my hands and put them on his ass. i didnt even notice he sliped those shorts off and kept his sexy blue ribbon panties on and carried my hand to rub. rin goddammit i shouted. he smiled.......he knew what he was doing. i wanna cum in you rinrin you sexy moochi i said squeezing the life out of the fat ass in front of me. "baby plz let me suck you" rin said "only if you let me eat you;" ok suki..... i started topull my pants down with my boxers and let my dick spring out while i was doing so rin was ass up face down taking the lingere off his ass pulling his cheecks apart leting me ooze at his pure pink hole infront of me shaking his ass a little so it moved and jiggled. damn how much ass do you have moochi i said slapping it hard enough to make a handprint. "as much as you like daddy:" rin said........he said it again o goooooood.
this is gonna be so fun!!!~~~
ok soooooooo yeah this is my first story do expect errors and also i will introduce the charecters at the beginning of the next chapte!!!!!! forgot to do it this chapter i was too exited ......
bring your holy bibles the WILL BE SMUT NEXT CHAPTER............ i warned you thank you babes have a good day

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