I Believe

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Nearly twelve thousand miles away Triton is running through the dirty, crowded streets. Two Lizards and three Hell’s Legionnaires are trying to keep up with him. The crowd is so thick that Triton runs over several people. Every now and then Triton looks down to make sure that his envelop is still cradled in his arm. Knowing the paper who live in this city Triton wouldn’t be surprised if the envelop suddenly disappeared. The Lizards’ size allows them to maneuver through crowds much easier. The three Hell’s Legionnaires are having a much harder time keeping up with the Lizards. Triton and the two Lizards are wearing cloaks so they don’t scare the crowd. The last thing they want at the moment is for the world to know that they actually exist. Even after the Dog’s told the world about their existence most of the world doesn’t believe that they are real. Over half of the world’s population believes that the Dogs made the Lizards up so they can get away with anything. There is nothing that Triton and most of the Lizards want more than for the world to know they exist. They want the world to fear them. However every one of the Lizards knows that Blackstone would not think twice about killing anyone who gets in the way of his plan. Too bad there are only ten people who Blackstone has revealed his plan to. He threatened all ten them with them if they revealed it. It takes Triton and the two Lizards ten minutes to make it to the Blackstone’s lair. All three come screeching to a halt at the main entrance. They are all out of breath. Triton looks back and sees that the three Hell’s Legionnaires are not behind them.

“What is the matter Triton? You look tired.” Rasputin asks. “I thought that you were immortal.”

“Being immortal does not mean that I do not get tired. Besides, I am not immortal. I can be killed.”

“Oh, so you are just out of shape?”

“Very funny Rasputin” Triton shouts. “Where are the humans?”

“We lost them about three minutes ago.” Nikolai answers.

Triton suddenly hears multiple gunshots in the distance followed shortly by several screams. Immediately all the Lizards respond. The ones on the ground run for cover while the Lizards on top take defensive positions. Several man the machine guns and sniper rifles. Only Triton doesn’t move. He doesn’t even reach for his pistol.

“Triton, what are you doing?” Rasputin shouts.

“There is nothing to worry about. It is just our lost comrades trying to shoot their way through the crowd.”

Suddenly Triton hears gunfire that he knows does not belong to any of the Hell’s Legionnaire’s weapons.

“Bernard, can you see what is going on up there?”

“Let me grab my scope?”

Bernard picks up his sniper rifle and looks in the direction of the gunshots. What he sees terrifies him.

“What do you see?” Triton shouts.

“It looks like our comrades decided to open fire just when a military convoy was cruising by. Two of them were mowed die instantly. One of them is still alive but he is severely injured. They are trying to take him alive. What do you want me to do?”

“Kill him”

“But sir, he is one of our men.” Bernard shouts.

“Just do it”

Without hesitation Bernard shoots his comrade, killing him instantly. Triton completely ignores the gunshot and walks inside appearing completely emotionless. As soon as he is inside Triton spots his brother Victor with two female Lizards, one on each arm. Triton just shakes his head and heads downstairs.

“What happened out the brother?” Victor shouts.

“We had a little problem but I took care of it. Three of our comrades died though.”

“Human or Lizard?”

“Human” Triton answers.

“Then what are you worried about. They are just humans.”

“They are my men Victor. Those three have fought alongside me for years. They were my friends. I had to give the order to kill one of them so that our existence remains a secret. Meanwhile you are here with two whores.”

“Triton let me tell you something. These humans are beneath us. Their lives should mean nothing to you. Besides do you not remember brother that a few years ago you were in my position?”

“I remember, but I have grown tired of living like this. But I do not expect you to understand brother. Besides I have something else do than to argue with you.”

Triton disappears downstairs leaving Victor steaming. Something that Triton loves to do. As he walks downstairs Triton can hear Victor and the two women cursing at him. Triton smiles the entire way down. When he gets downstairs Triton sees an entire crowd of Lizards cheering. Triton cannot see what they are cheering about. He carefully makes his into the crowd. In the middle of the crowd is Blackstone. Five other Lizards are in the middle with him. Two are on the ground, one is on his knees holding his side, and two are standing a ways back from him.

“What is going on here?” Triton whispers to a nearby Lizard.

“This five thought that they could defeat your father so he challenged them all at once. He is beating them slowly.”

“I figured he would.”

Blackstone suddenly looks and sees Triton in the audience. He then turns to the three Lizards that are still conscious.

“Have you guys learned your lesson?”

“Yes sir, we will never doubt you again.” All three of the Lizards mumble.

“Good, now everyone leave.”

The whole crowd disappears in seconds leaving only Blackstone and Triton. Blackstone and Triton walk to the throne room together.

“What information did you get?” Blackstone asks.

“I got detailed files on all the humans who are on Jeremiah.”

“How many went back?”

“Four” Triton answers then hands Blackstone the envelop.

Blackstone up to his throne, opens the envelop, and then sits down in the throne. Triton, expecting Blackstone to say something to him, follows close behind.

“Father I was wonder, why do want this information? It is only four humans? What harm can they do?”

“One of this four is the Chosen One. I need to know which one it is.”

“Oh, so you can kill him?”

“No, without the Sword of Satan it is impossible.” Blackstone replies.

“How is it impossible? He’s just a human.”

“Do you not remember the last time we tried to get onto Jeremiah? We lost over a thousand men. We cannot get onto Jeremiah without undergoing significant losses. As long as he is on Jeremiah he is safe from us.”

“So what is your plan?” Triton asks.

“It is better if you do not know.”

“Then what do you want me to do?”

“Find me the Sword of Satan and bring it to me.”

“As you wish father.”

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