I Believe

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Fight for survival

Shawn runs out of the tent carrying his AR – 15. He looks around and sees Frank, Mark, Nick, Jack, Jake, and Corporal sitting around the fire joking around.

“EVERYONE FORM A CIRLCE AROUND ME!” Shawn shouts getting everyone’s attention.

Frank, Mark, Nick, Jack, Jake, and Corporal immediately drop what they are doing and form a circle around Shawn.

“Doug, Roger, John, and Charles are in trouble. They are under attack by a pack of wolves a thousand meters northeast of our position. Get your weapons and ammo ready and get back to me.” Shawn orders.

Frank, Mark, Nick, Jack, and Jake run their tents, grab their ammo, and run back to Shawn, all in less than thirty seconds. Corporal already had his weapons on him. Shawn is impressed by how quickly they complete the task. He has served in army units that took longer than these guys.

“What’s the plan sir?” Corporal asks.

“Here’s what we are going to do. I want you to form two groups and run as fast as we can. We don’t have the time to form a combat plan.” Shawn orders.

“Who are the teams?” Frank asks.

“Team one is going to be me, Corporal, and Frank. Team two is going to be Frank and Nick. I want team two to stay at least fifteen meters behind us at all times unless I say so.”

Mark and Jack stand there looking confused. Shawn left them out. They both think that Shawn has forgotten about them.

“Uncle Shawn, what about me and Jack? Where do you want us?” Mark asks as Shawn, Frank, Jake, Nick, and Corporal quickly form the fireline.

“I want you two to stay here and guard the camp.”

“But Jack and I can help.”

“I know, but you two are the least experienced.” Shawn replies.

“And have been nothing but trouble this whole trip.” Frank adds.

“Are you kidding, I have more experience in the woods than Mark does. So why not just keep him here and let me go with you?” Jack yells.

“Because it is never a good idea to leave just one person at camp, and since you two are such good friends, you two should stay here.”

“But what if you five get killed?” Mark asks.

“If we’re not back by morning then I want you two to get back to Earth and tell Colonel Patrenski what happened, you got that? “

Mark lowers his head in disappointment, but he eventually nods his head to show that he understands.

“We’ve wasted enough time discussing this. Every second we stay here is another second Doug, Roger, John, and Charles comes closer to death.” Shawn yells at Frank, Jack, Jake, Nick, and Corporal.

Shawn, Frank, Jack, Jake, Nick, and Corporal take off running into the forests. They do not need to look at a compass. They can hear Doug, Charles, Roger, and John shooting from where they are. There is also a cloud of smoke coming from the same direction. Shawn believes that the smoke is from all the shooting that Doug, Charles, Roger, and John are doing or Doug’s M203 grenade launcher. Once Shawn, Frank, Jack, Jake, Nick, and Corporal are out of sight Mark and Jack walk back to the fire and sit down with their weapons in their laps. They are disappointed and jealous because of the doubt that the others have for them. Mark and Jack both know that everyone thinks that they are the weak links in the group.

Doug aims and fires the M203 grenade launcher at the middle of the pack. The round hits and explodes right where he aimed it. The explosion kills several wolves and blows several others off their feet. The whole pack stops for a second. The shockwave from the explosion knocks Doug, Roger, John, and Charles to the ground. They recover and quickly help each other up. Doug and Roger look at the pack, and see that the wolves are coming at them again. While the explosion killed several wolves it also blew out several of the bushes and undergrowth that was slowing the wolves down thus making it easier for the wolves to get through. The thick underbrush is why in the last three hours Doug, Roger, John, and Charles have only traveled a thousand meters from the camp. It may slow the wolves down for only a second, but every second brings Doug, Roger, John and Charles time to survive, and gives Shawn and the others time to show up. The ten wolves that Roger and John are focusing on have dropped down to only four by the time the wolves manage to reach them. Doug turns and sees how close the wolves are to them. He sees a Wolf less than three feet away from Roger while he is reloading his AR – 15. Doug pulls out his .45, aims, and fires. The bullet hits the wolf right in the face. It falls down dead, right on top of Roger knocking him down. Both Roger and the wolf roll down the side of the knoll.

“Charles, John, I’m going after my dad, cover me.” Doug shouts over the gunfire.

Doug takes off running after Roger while firing at a small group of wolves on his left. Charles fires the M249 at the largest group of wolves holding them back. John pulls double duty firing his M4 in one hand and his .45 in the other. His pistol is aimed at the smaller wolf group. His M4 is aimed at the larger group. The wolves are so big and close together that they are hard to miss. Doug makes it down the knoll no problem. Roger on the other hand is having difficulty pushing the dead wolf off him. The wolf is so heavy that he cannot push it off. Out of the corner of his eye Roger sees a wolf running at him. He reaches for his .38 but his unable to pull it out. Suddenly the wolf is hit multiple times in the chest and head. It drops dead just inches from Roger. Doug comes running up out of nowhere.

“Dad, are you alright?”

“Yeah, I just got the wind knocked out of me.” Roger replies.

Doug transfers his M4 to his left hand and uses his prosthetic arm to lift the Wolf off Roger. The strength in his robotic arm makes it easy for Doug to push the wolf off Roger.

“Sorry about that.”

“It’s alright Doug. We got worse things to worry about.”

Doug picks up Roger’s AR – 15 and is about to hand it to him when he sees another wolf running at them. The wolf is too close to take the time to aim. Doug lifts the AR – 15 and fires from the hip. Most of the rounds hit the wolf but none of them are fatal. The wolf flips and lands a few feet away from Doug and Roger. Doug then hands the AR – 15 to Roger. Roger finishes off the wolf by shooting it in the head.

“Charles, John, we’re coming back up.”

Doug stays back and covers Roger while he climbs up the knoll. Even though it is only a ten foot climb it has a 45 degree slope making it difficult for even the wolves to get up, a big advantage for Doug, Charles, Roger, and John. Last night’s rain made the ground slippery and difficult to climb. Roger slips and slides down several times. Doug stays at the bottom until Roger is on top. Ten feet in front of Doug is a tall patch of bushes. It is the primary direction the wolves are coming from. Doug cannot see too far into the bushes. The bushes are so tall and thick that they almost completely conceal the wolves. Doug can only see the wolves’ tails as they run through the bushes. He conserves his ammo and only fires at the wolves when he is certain the he can hit and kill them. Doug has his M4 set on three round bursts because he knows that one round is not enough to kill them. At the beginning of the attack Doug had his M4 set on semiautomatic. That means that every time Doug pulls the trigger a single round is fired. But Doug found that firing one 5.56 millimeter round, the standard M4 round, at a time isn’t enough to bring down the wolves at the rate he needed.

“Doug come on up. I’ll cover you.” Roger shouts when he makes it to the top of the hill.

Doug turns around and climbs up the knoll. But before he even gets on the mound, Doug sees a Wolf jump at him from behind. Doug turns around and fires his leopard gun. The shot hits the Wolf in the chest tearing it apart. Doug runs up the knoll as fast as he can.

Charles keeps his finger on the trigger of the M249 machine gun. It is their main defense against the wolves. He is targeting the wolves in the front and working his way to the back. But the wolves’ size means that one bullet isn’t enough to kill them. It is taking four, sometimes up to seven shots to kill each individual wolf, which is having a real affect on their ammunition. Charles has had to replace the belt twice now. He fires the remainder of his current ammo belt at a wolf that manages to get within ten meters of him.

“I need to reload again, cover me Doug.” Charles yells over the gunfire.

At this point the wolves are getting close to the top of the hill. Doug turns and sprays a large burst at two wolves, killing one, injuring the other. As Charles is reloading, Doug takes a second to get a look around him. A small group of the pack has split up from the main group and is trying to circle around and flank them from the right. The wolves are trying to surround them on three sides and cause them to back up into the rocks. If that happens, the wolves will have no problem overwhelming them.

“Take them down before they can surround us.” Doug shouts at John.

John turns and fires at the wolves. But the trees are so thick that John doesn’t get very many good hits. Most of his hits just wound the wolves. Only a few are kill shots. The shots that are not kill shots are bad enough to slow the wolves down. John continues to fire at them until he runs out of ammo. The wolves break through the trees and start coming at Doug, Roger, John, and Charles. Doug turns and sees a wolf in the air about a foot away from his head. The wolf has his claws and teeth bearing at Doug, ready to tear his head off. Doug fires a burst from the hip at the wolf. The three rounds hit the wolf in the chest. The wolf falls and lands on top of Doug, knocking him to the ground. Doug and the wolf roll off the hill and into the water. John is the only one who sees it happen. He takes off running after Doug. The blow almost knocks Doug out. He tries to roll the wolf off thinking that is it dead but it jumps up and tries to bite him. Doug grabs the wolf’s head with his prosthetic arm and holds it back. He can feel the heat of the wolf’s breath and its saliva falling on his face. Doug pulls out his bowie knife and thrusts it as deep as he can into the wolf’s chest. The wolf lets out a loud cry of pain, dies, and rolls off of him. Doug quickly grabs his knife and pulls it out of the dead wolf’s chest. As he tries to put the knife back in is sheath, he sees two more wolves five feet away from him. Doug points the leopard gun at the wolf and fires both cylinders. Both of the wolves are hit. The wolves fall down dead but kept rolling at him. Doug has to jump over them as their bodies roll towards him. John isn’t so lucky. He fails to see the wolves and is hit by one of them. The blow knocks him down.

“Charles, cover me while I help John.” Doug shouts.

Charles has finished loading his M249. He shoots at the wolves as they approach. Doug pushes the two wolves off of John. The wolves are heavy, so it takes Doug a little bit to push it off of John. He then grabs John and lifts him up to his feet then both of them run back up the knoll, firing at a small group of Wolves while they run.

“I don’t think we can last much longer Doug.” John says out of breath.

The wolves back off and disappear into the bushes.

“I think they’ve had enough.” John says.

“No, they’re just regrouping. I think that attack was a test of our strengths and weaknesses. Their next attack will be much stronger.” Doug replies.

Doug starts thinking of ideas to get him and his friends out of this situation. He knows that retreating will only get them trapped and killed. But he also notices that the wolves were attacking in the smallest numbers from left.

“Guys, focus your fire to the group on the left. We’re going to move in that direction. That will be our exit out of this kill zone.” Doug shouts.

“You want us to run at the wolves?” John shouts.

“Yes, we need to focus our fire on the wolves coming from that direction so we can move through them. Once we are past them, we will move in groups of two. One group will cover the other while they move. Once that group has moved twenty yards they will stop and cover the second group. Do you understand?” Doug asks.

The only reason why the wolves haven’t overwhelmed them yet is the thick underbrush. It is like a thick maze. The bushes are too thick and tall for the wolves to jump over. The wolves have to move through one at a time, which allows Doug, Roger, John, and Charles to focus their fire on a single wolf at a time. Roger, John, and Charles nod that they understand. Roger and Charles is one group; Doug and John are the other group. Doug wants Charles to be the suppressive element since he has the largest weapon. They don’t wait for the wolves to attack. Doug and John take off running and Roger and Charles cover them. As soon Doug and John take off the wolves’ attack all in the direction that Doug and John start running. Roger and Charles lay down a large volume of fire on the wolves. Doug and John run and fire at the same time. Doug fires his M203 at the wolves in the direction they are running in. The blast kills the remaining wolves in that direction. Doug and John stop when they reach the bodies of the wolves. One of the wolves is still alive. Doug feels some pity for it. He shoots the injured wolf putting it out of its misery. When Doug and John have ran twenty yards they stop and cover Roger and Charles. The wolves are right on their heels as Roger and Charles run. Doug and John are having difficulty shooting the wolves and not hitting Roger and Charles. But they eventually make it to Doug and John without injury. All four of them open fire on the wolves to pick off a few before they start the running again. When the closest wolf is down, Doug and John jump up and start running. This process goes on for about one hundred yards without incident. They are successful at keeping the wolves back. At this point, it seems like the wolves is really losing some numbers. They are not coming up as fast and in fewer numbers. But after about a hundred yards Doug gets a glimpse at what is waiting for them. He sees that the wolves are just hiding their numbers. The ones that they have been killing are just scouts. There are at least a hundred wolves waiting for them. Doug also sees a wolf that is larger than the others. This wolf seems to be the leader. Now he has a target to aim at. If he kills this wolf the others may back off and leave them alone.

Doug and John are now in front. John is thinking that they are going to make it. As they pass a thick grove of trees, John hears growling to his left. As he turns all he sees is a flash of fur and feels a hard hit. A wolf has just slammed into him and knocked him to the ground. Doug pulls out his .45 and shoots the wolf in the head. He then looks to his left and sees a large group of wolves coming out of the thick of trees just ten yards from his left. Doug uses the M4 in one hand and his .45 in the other. He shoots at the wolves but it isn’t enough. One of the wolves jumps and knocks Doug to the ground from behind. The impact knocks both the .45 and the M4 out of his hands. The wolf slashes his back as he tries to get up cutting deep into the flesh. Doug spins around and hits the wolf with his robotic arm in the face knocking it out. He grabs his leopard gun and .45 then turns to look at John. A wolf has managed to knock him down. John slashes one wolf in the head with his knife. He grabs his shotgun and shots another wolf. Roger and Charles are not doing much better. The wolves are getting within seven feet of them. Doug uses the strength of his legs to push himself away from the wolf on top of him. He grabs his .45 and shoots the wolf. But before Doug can get up another wolf comes out of nowhere and manages to bite his arm. Fortunately for Doug, it is his robotic arm. Unfortunately the wolf jumps back and starts dragging him. Doug aims his .45 and shoots the wolf in the head, killing it instantly. He takes his attention off of the wolves coming at him for a little too long. Another wolf jumps from the left and knocks him to the ground, again. Doug manages to hold on to the leopard gun but not the .45. He turns around to hit the wolf with his robotic arm, but it bites his arm. The wolf manages to slice the back of his neck. The pain in his neck is excruciating. He feels the blood flowing out the wound and down his back. Doug pulls out his bowie knife and slices the wolf’s paw. The wolf jumps back in pain. He turns around and tries to get back on his knees. But before he can get up the wolf jumps back on top of him, knocking the leopard gun out of his hands. Doug uses his robotic arm to hold to wolf back. It is taking all of the strength in his arm to hold it back. The wolf’s teeth are just inches from his face. He can feel the heat from the wolf’s breath on his face. Doug tries to grab his bowie knife but he can’t reach it, the .45, or the leopard gun. The wolf’s teeth are almost touching his face. All of the sudden, an arrow comes out of nowhere and hits the wolf in the eye. The wolf falls over dead. Doug is so shocked that at first he doesn’t even move. It takes him a second before he snaps out of it. When he does, Doug sees a black blur take out a wolf that is about to attack him. Doug focuses on it and sees the figure that he saw three days ago. She has her staff out and is attacking the wolves. The staff she is using has a foot long, sharp blade. The other end has a six inch spear tip. She is using the spear with the skills beyond that of a martal arts expert. Doug sees that she is followed by a dog the size of Lucky. Even though this dog is smaller than the wolves, it is faster and able to kill the wolves individually. The Dog jumps on a Wolf knocking it down. It bites the wolf’s throat killing it. Doug is focused on the first figure that he almost doesn’t notice three more jump into the fight. All of them, except the oldest, are wearing black cloaks. The oldest figure is a little bigger than the others. He looks to be in his fifties, but he seems to have more experience than the others. He is wielding two small swords. He is also wearing a thin, black armor that allows him to maneuver quicker and easier than Kevlar. The third figure is younger than the older Dog. He is wielding two small axes. He has an interesting skill where he throws one of the axes at wolf, while running, and using the other axe to cut down any wolf near him. He pulls the thrown axe of the wolf before it falls to the ground. The last figure is a female. She looks to be the youngest of the group. She is wielding two small samurai – like swords. She has amazing speed and fighting style. She goes with the younger male to help Roger and Charles. Doug sees the oldest Dog cover the one he saw two days ago. He takes out all wolves close to Doug. The female makes her way to Doug.

“You look like you could use a hand.” Katrina offers.

Katrina stands over the human (Doug) offering to help him up. The human just lies there looking at her hand. He looks amazed and surprised to see them. Finally the human accepts her offer.

“Looks like I owe you one.” The human responds.

Katrina helps the human to his feet. To her surprise, his right hand has a cold and metallic feeling. However, that is not what gets her attention. Katrina notices the mark on his neck. The mark is in the shape of a knife with a Black Mamba wrapped around it. This is the mark of the chosen one from her dream. She freezes in shock. But she quickly snaps out of it. Katrina has to get her team and the humans out of here.

“Katrina, we need to get out of here now, before a bigger problem shows up.” Judas shouts.

“Ok” Katrina answers then turns to the human. “We need your help to get out of here alive.”

“Whatever you need you got it.”

“Good, you got any bladed weapons I can use?”

Doug reaches behind his back and pulls out a bowie knife and a small hatchet.

“Good, you are going to need it.” Katrina replies.

Zathora swings her sword and decapitates the wolf that has one of the humans (Charles) pinned down. The remaining wolves back away from Zathora and Lucas. They stand back to back fighting the wolves. The wolves are fast, but Zathora and Lucas are faster. They are two of the fastest of the Rottweiler clan. Zathora and Lucas kill any wolf that gets close to them. Zathora suddenly notices a wolf jumping at her from over a bush. The wolf is above her head. She knows that this wolf will knock her down before she can defend herself. This means that she would get to use her daggers. She prefers a close up fight over a long distance fight. Suddenly Zathora hears a gunshot right behind her. The gunshot almost makes her jump out of her skin. The wolf falls down to the ground with a large hole in its chest. Zathora turns around and sees the human that she has just saved holding a shotgun. She takes a second to look at the human. He is covered in wolf blood and his own blood. The wolf that Zathora killed to save him had really cut him up. His long, black hair is soaked and covers his eyes. Zathora also notices that he is black while all the others are white. She also notices how well built he is. He looks like he has the strength to rip a person’s head off. When she looks into his eyes, she sees something unusual. Zathora sees very little fear which surprises her. She doesn’t know anyone who wouldn’t be terrified in this situation. Zathora cannot explain it but she feels a strong magnetism to him.

“Thank you”

“You’re welcome. I guess this makes us even.” The human replies jokingly.

Zathora smiles and tries not to laugh.

“You got a name?” Zathora asks while fighting at the same time.



Zathora tries to help Charles up but his size makes it difficult for her to pull him up. Their eyes meet when Zathora finally gets him up. A strong attraction comes between them.

“Zathora pay attention!” Lucas shouts.

Zathora and Charles snap out of it. There are still several wolves left. Lucas and the other human (John) are holding the wolves back. Zathora and Charles quickly get jump back into the fight. They fight their way to Lucas and John. Zathora, Lucas, Charles, and John form a defensive circle and hold back the wolves.

Out of the corner of her eyes, Katrina sees a big danger. She recognizes it as the Wolf the Rottweilers call Devil, the leader of the wolf pack (Devil is the big wolf that Doug saw leading the pack of wolves). The Dogs know Devil for being smarter, larger, and stronger than the average Wolf. Many Dogs have been killed by Devil’s strategies. Katrina sees Devil himself running towards them. She tries to attack him but every time she tries another wolf jumps in the way. Devil makes his way through the bushes around the human (Doug) and jumps at him. Before Katrina can respond the human turns, pulls out a short shotgun that she is unfamiliar with, points it at Devil, and fires. The volume of the gun makes Katrina jump. She has never heard a gun that loud before. A spray of blood covers her. Devil lands on the ground with a loud thud. The human is standing there over the body. He points the shotgun at the other wolves but doesn’t fire. The wolves are just standing there, waiting for something.

Doug looks down and sees the large wolf he saw just a few minutes ago. The once powerful wolf is now lying in a pool of its own blood and guts. The wolf is still alive somehow. It is a gruesome sight.

“You have to kill him or the wolves will not leave.” The older Dog says to Doug.

“No problem” Doug answers.

Doug picks up his .45 off the ground and shoots the wolf in head, putting it out of its misery. He has no problem killing the big wolf after all that he has just gone through. Doug is exhausted and sore from the fight. He can feel the blood from the wound on his neck soaking his back. He turns and looks at the Dogs. Doug half expected them to be mad at him for killing the wolf so easily, but they are actually smiling.

“It’s about time Devil is killed. He has been nothing but trouble for some time now. He has killed several of our kind.” The female Dog says to Doug.

“After all the trouble I’ve been through today I do not blame you.” Doug replies.

Suddenly Doug hears a large volume of gunfire from behind him. He turns around and sees Frank, Jack, and Nick coming and shooting wildly in this direction. Doug can feel the bullets fly past him. They are even firing at the already dead wolves. Shawn and Corporal are the only ones who are not firing. Doug sees the Dogs jump and take cover. They have no idea what is going on. Doug takes off waving his arms at to get his friends to stop firing.


A stray bullet hits Doug in his right leg. It knocks him to his knees, but not all the way down. He looks down to see how bad the shot is. It is just a scratch, nothing serious. Doug stands back up and shakes off the pain. He sees Shawn and Frank approaching him.

“Sorry man, I’m still trying to get control of this thing.” Frank shouts.

“I suggest you get control of it right now. A little more to the left and I could have lost my leg.” Doug shouts.

“How late are we?” Shawn asks.

“Ya’ll are late by about a minute or so. If it wasn’t for them…” Doug says as it points at the Dogs. “…we’d all be dead right now.”

Doug turns to the Dogs and approaches them. They are standing together, looking a little confused. They don’t know that these guys are his friends.

“Thanks for saving our lives.” Doug says.

“That will have to wait till later. It is not safe here.” Judas says.

“We need to get you guys to our village before something worse show up.” Katrina adds.

“What could possibly be worse than these wolves?” The human (Doug) asks.

“Bears” Judas answers. “They always roam in pairs. An angry pair of bears is almost unstoppable. They are attracted to the sounds of wolves.”

Almost on cue, two loud roars echo throughout the woods. Almost all of the humans jump with fear when they hear the roar. Only three of them don’t; the one Katrina’s talking to (Doug), the black one (Charles), and one of the older humans (Shawn). They go straight into a defensive position. Katrina, Judas, Lucas, and Zathora stop what they are doing and take a look around. The human they were talking to (Doug) does the same thing.

“Sounds to me that they are about a hundred yards to the right of us.” The human guesses.

Judas looks at the human (Doug) amazed. The human has managed to get to that conclusion before he did. No one has ever done that before.

“Hey human how do you know that?”

Katrina starts trying to thinking of a way out of here. Bears can move almost as fast as them. They will have no problem outrunning these humans. She knows that the humans’ weapons do not have the firepower to kill the Bears. Katrina thinks about it a little too long. Out of a thick grove of trees of her right, two Bears burst out and attacked them. Two of the younger humans (Doug and Corporal) and both of the older ones (Shawn and Roger) instantly opens fire on the Bears. The others take off running. Zathora, Lucas, and the two humans who are with them, are close to the Bears. They jump into action and attack them. Zathora and Lucas charge at the Bears. The two humans cover them by shooting at them.

Doug expected the Bears to be big, but not this big. They are five feet taller than Polar Bears. Doug notices that the Bears are mostly muscle. Their claws are easily six inches long. They look like they can tear a human in a half no problem. Their teeth look sharp enough to rip a person in pieces. Doug takes a step back in amazement and fear when he sees the Bears. He snaps out of it and gets his head back in the game.

“Jake, Nick, and Frank get off you butts and help.”

Doug picks up his M4/M203 and opens fire on the Bears. He runs closer to the Bears to get a better shot. He runs past Nick, Frank, and Jake who are running away. Seeing Doug run towards the Bears gives them the courage to turn around and join the fight. They catch up to Doug when he stops behind a tree.

“Got any ideas Doug?” Nick asks sarcastically.

“Yeah, I want you three to join get up on the knoll and provide cover for us while we try to get close to the Bears. Understand?”

Jake, Nick, and Frank nod that they understand.

Katrina didn’t expect the humans to stand in fight. She has heard from stories and experienced it for herself that most humans will not stand and fight. They will turn and run when the going gets tough. Katrina heard that only a few will actually fight and die for something they believe in. Fewer still will fight for a cause not their own. These humans must be those kinds of humans. She and Judas run up alongside the human named Doug. Katrina sees a sense of courage in him. She can tell that he is the leader.

“We need to concentrate our attacks on one Bear at a time. We don’t have enough people to split our forces in two.” Katrina says as she shot an arrow into the Bears head. The Bear almost doesn’t even acknowledge that it has an arrow in its head. It just keeps coming at them.

“I hate to disagree with you, but you don’t have our kind of weapons. Corporal, aim your M60 at the Bears.” Doug shouts.

Corporal aims his weapon at the bear closest to him and continues to shoot it. The M60 rattles the Bear but all it does is slow the bear down a little. At first Katrina sees it as a way to annoy the Bear. But then she sees Zathora sneaking behind the Bear.

“Doug, keep your men firing at the bears. Keep them distracted while we make our way behind them.” Katrina shouts.

“You got it”

Doug’s men open fire on the two bears, allowing Katrina, Zathora, Lucas, and Judas to sneak behind them. Zathora jumps on one of the bear from behind and plunges her swords deep into its back. The bear roars in pain and tries to shake her off. Zathora holds on with all her strength. The other bear rushes to help out its partner. It runs past the Frank, Nick, and Jake like they are not even there. But before the bear can help its’ partner Lucas runs up in front of it and slashes its throat with his axe. The bear falls down to the ground. One of the older humans (Shawn) pulls out a pistol and shoots the Bear in the eye, finishing it off. When this Bear goes down, everyone focuses their attacks on the remaining Bear. The remaining bear rears up in anger at the death of its partner. It is rushes toward Lucas, Zathora, and the humans. All of them open fire on the bear but only slow it down. Katrina can see small squirts of blood spraying from the bullets hitting the Bear. But they don’t seem to be doing much good. Lucas and Zathora run past the human fireline and attack the bear.

“Guys, try to not hit the Dogs.” Doug shouts at his men.

Katrina almost doesn’t even notice how close Zathora and Lucas are to being shot. She can see bullets hitting the trees close to them. The humans stop firing when Doug orders them to. The bear rushes at Nick, Frank, and Jake. They disperse and hide behind trees.

“Tell your men to stop firing. Bullets will not do anything to bear. Their skin is too thick for bullets to penetrate. You would need a fifty caliber to kill one.” Katrina shouts.

“How do we kill it then?”

“Only our weapons are effective against a bear. But we have to get dangerously close to use them.” Judas answers.

“Ok that should be easy. If we can distract it then you should be able to get close enough to kill it.” Doug replies.

“Sounds good to me”

Doug runs up to the Bear and gets its attention by shooting it in the butt. The bear turns and charges at him. Doug manages to avoid to the bear and keep its attention while Katrina, Zathora, and Lucas sneak up behind it. Judas stays back with the humans to make sure that they don’t hit Katrina, Zathora, and Lucas.

“If you hurt anyone of them I will kill you.” Judas shouts over the gunfire.

“Don’t worry about it, we’re all good shots.” Frank shouts back.

“If you were good shots you would not have shot Doug in the leg.”

Katrina, Zathora, and Lucas get close enough to the Bear to see the wounds from each individual bullet. They are just about to jump at the Bear when it turns around and sees Katrina and Zathora. The bear suddenly changes direction and charges full speed at them. But Lucas jumps in the way of the bear and throws his axe at it. The axe goes deep into the bear’s stomach. The bear takes a step back in pain. Lucas takes a step toward the bear to try to get his axe back, not a smart move. He gets a little too close to it. The bear swings its paw at Lucas. The paw slams into Lucas knocking him back several feet.

“LUCAS!” Katrina shouts as he flies back.

“Katrina stop, don’t get any closer.” Judas yells at her.

He is there to protect her. It is his mission to bring her back alive. Katrina however ignores him. She rushes to help Lucas. Katrina looks to her right and sees Doug running behind her. He runs in front of the bear shooting to get its attention. The human fireline also fires at the bear. The bear changes direction and charges at them. Doug runs around the bear to where Katrina and Lucas are.

“What are you doing?” Katrina shouts at him.

“You saved my life, I’m just trying to return the. . . .”

Katrina sees a look of fear in Doug’s eyes. She turns around and sees that the bear has pulled a small tree out of the ground. The bear throws the tree toward the human fireline. The tree hits the ground in front of them. The impact from the tree shakes the ground knocking over the human fireline. Katrina sees a branch hit Judas in the head, knocking him out. The bear then proceeds back towards Lucas. He is still conscious, but in a great deal of pain. One of the bear’s claws has managed to severely cut his chest. He is bleeding pretty badly from his chest. Katrina rushes to try to stop the bear. She rushes over behind it, jumps on a fallen tree, and uses the strength of her legs to propel herself into the air. Katrina brings her spear high above her head and thrusts it deep into the bear’s back. The bear roars in pain and tries to knock her off. It tries to claw her off but can’t quite reach her. Katrina keeps thrusting her spear deeper and deeper into the Bear’s flesh. Every time the bear came close to clawing her. Doug shoots the bear in the arms preventing it from reaching her. His weapon doesn’t have the firepower to kill the bear, but it has enough to slow it down. All the sudden the bear rolls over on its back with Katrina still on it. The weight of the bear almost crushes her, knocking her unconscious. When Katrina comes to she sees the Bear standing up and getting ready to kill her. But before it can Doug steps in between them. He shoots the bear trying to get its attention. The bear jumps back stunned. Suddenly Doug stops firing.

“Crap, out of ammo.” Doug shouts.

When Doug stops firing the bear stands there for a second puzzled then lunges at him. It bites Doug’s right arm, lifts him up, and shakes him around. Katrina jumps up, pulls out her short sword, and thrusts it deep into the bear’s stomach. The bear throws Doug with such force that he slams into a tree. Katrina watches Doug slam into the tree, but she almost doesn’t notice the bear swing its claws at her. She tries to jump out of the way, but isn’t fast enough. Its claw slices into her leg. Katrina falls down to the ground in pain. The bear comes at her again. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Zathora coming. But the bear senses Zathora and swings at her. Zathora doesn’t duck in time. The bear’s arm hits Zathora sending her flying backwards. The bear then continues toward Katrina. To her surprise, she doesn’t feel any fear just acceptance. When she opens her eyes, she sees Doug standing between her and the bear again. The bear just stands there shocked. Katrina thought that Doug would just lie there after being thrown like that, but that isn’t the case with Doug.

“Adios san vaja con dios.” Doug says.

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