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Two worlds collide. One risen and another fallen. They meet in the in between. Mari. I cannot Will not Shouldn't Yet I totally have. Fallen in love with the one kind my family would never accept. He struggles to understand me yet he tries. O does he try and how cute I find it when he does. Yet with every sinful pleasure we pull from one another I know he is further from his own kind. With every day I know we are closer to his visions coming true. Remi. I was created for one purpose. To serve. Now, here, with her. The only person I want to serve is her. I want to fall to my knees and hold her for a lifetime. Keep her safe and protect her even, foolish as we are both immortal. With every vision comes more uncertainty and a choice will need to be made.

Fantasy / Romance
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First Encounters

The world is not what it once was. Gone is a huge vast population of humans that knew nothing of the supernaturals that lived among them. Now they are the minority. The scarce species that has to hide or commit to slavery. Those in hell have scouts. Those scouts have watched as the population depletes and the world thrives. The supernatural now rule but along with that they have power that they have long since wanted. With power comes pain for others. Especially when such power is held by those that do not deserve it. Heaven has sat above looking down and never intervening. Hybrids or nephalem like myself will eventually become less and less. The remaining live in hell. My twin, myself and younger brother. My many cousins. My mother, uncles and aunts. We all have the remaining blood of both angel and demon.

Gone is honore Island where angels and demons would live out their life for long periods of time. Now angels remain in heaven and demons in hell. The hybrids born in hell are treated with respect. Mostly because they are so close with the royals of hell they wouldn't dare question it. Along with the power us hybrids have. The possibilities that are endless.

My grandfather Asmodeus has long since stepped down. My mother Athena and father Niko rule with a stern hand but a fair promise. Our numbers have grown. Our army is strong. Our people are happy.

Yet I find myself here. On earth. Flying over the many tall trees and endless fields of green. Towns that stand still in the bristling wind. Grass growing through the once black smooth surface of tarmac roads. Tree's sprout through pavements. Life continues to grow in the most difficult of places. Proving my idea that the human race is worth helping. Saving. Even if that be in hiding.

My twin has a different opinion but as long as she stays on her side of the planet, I will leave her to do what she will.

I have been flying for days. Observing the environment. Watching how those species of strong supernaturals use their abilities in ways that are both inhumane and demonic. Yet demons do not treat people like slaves. We demons got our title for being sinful. For feeling things like lust and greed. For acting on things, for being understanding and able to adapt with the times. Yes not all demons have lived a simple life. Both of my grandfathers, mostly Asmodeus killed, a lot. But just as with every species there is both good and bad. Even as angels sit watching the devastation. Who truly is the real monster? Is it demons or the Angel's? Or neither. Is it those here on earth? The species running free. Killing. Enslaving.

I watch the scene in front of me play out. In the day it has been quiet. Other than the noises of crying and sniffling. I can smell the humans in the air. The ammonia in faeces floats through the wind. Though I cannot see inside of the small home, I know from the smell and the noises humans are inside of the building, suffering. Waiting in anticipation for the night to fall. For the vampires I can smell to awaken and want to feed. They are cattle. I could have tried to help them whilst the vampires slept. I could but then I would be giving another human a death sentence. So I wait patiently for dawn to pass and those vampires to arise.

"Shut up. Always crying." One vampire. Filthy. Scrawny in size and build using his vamp strength to drag the frail malnourished human by her knotted and dirt ridden hair, all whilst she cries and pleads. "Come we'll drain her today." He orders the others that stand talking to the other side.

The human pleads louder now but that will not help her. In fact before I swoop down a dirt ridden shoe hits her directly in the side. Her hair being released for less than a second before again she is being dragged, now curled up in a fetal position. His speed is fast as is any vampire, for the human eyes but not mine.

"Enough." I order my wings flapping slowly causing dust to rise from the floor and swish out towards the vampires. Their shocked eyes look up at me as I lower my feet to the ground and stand before them.

My red winged feathers just touch the floor and a large spike reaching above my head. The blood red colour is a family gene from my mother. A representation of the hybrid blood that is strong inside of me. My full dark brunette fringe sits just below my eyebrows, with its waves giving it a loose carefree look. Ending just above my shoulders as a long bob. Feathered around my heart shaped tanned face.

"Mmm. You smell delicious." The scrawny vampire drops the humans hair. She quickly scurries back inside the house on her hands and knees. Not that it is any safer in there. "Boys it looks like wings are on the menu." He smiles and the other form a circle around me. I watch. Amused. One small plump vampire to my side chaps his lips in excitement of a taste. Not one of these vamps reach the height, build or strength of even my slightly younger brother. Not even close to the size of my uncles, father and grandfathers. "Shame. You're pretty and clean. Maybe we'll let you live to have some fun."

"Is your life so lonely you must speak to your food?" I ask. Eyeing the scrawny vamp who must be in charge of this clan. I question why. Strength is not always in size. Mentally you must be strong to cope with a battle ahead. Even I will be tired after using magic and fighting. I'll need to rest for a time. But this vampire hasn't even questioned what I am. So bloodthirsty and foolish. He is no real leader.

"A sweet voice and you know your place already. Food."

"My place is walking barefoot over your ashes once I kill you all." Staring him down. He doesn't seem to like my words as he snarls revealing his fangs. I expect he wanted me to cower or shiver. Instead I spread my wings and wait. Slipping a small but sharp dagger made in hell fire. Literally the fire of hell. Into one hand. My other ready and forming a small white/gray mist.

"Get her." He commands.

They rush at me. My wings force three back with ease. My dagger slicing through the neck of another whilst my mist makes quick work of more on the opposite side. Slipping into their open mouths and burning them into ash from the inside out. The blade slices through another. The pressure against thick tissue before it punctures past it, you know when it feels like finding a hollow gap inside of a tree trunk you are slicing into. No one manages to get their teeth into me. Though a few sharp, spiked and dirty nails catch my arms or feathers. So instead of play fighting I allow them close. Close enough pairs of teeth puncture my skin. One at the shoulder. Two more at my arms. The split second I needed to put my hands together and slam a large formed ball into the ground at my feet. It disperses the mist being carried up the shoes and trouser legs of the vampires greedily trying to suck every drop they can. Or the ones not yet having sucken their teeth. A moment later puff. Shallow wails as they burn inside and burst like a bubble, into no more than ash. It lands around me like a dark gray off shaped circle I stand at the centre of. Ash landing over my skin that needs time to heal.

Magic tires anyone. Even as strong and immortal as me. But I am young for an immortal. I take a steady step turning towards the crumbling brickwork on the house I know the humans are inside of. A pair of small brown eyes peep from behind a curtain. A child. My heart clenched tightly as I looked into his eyes. Managing a smile just before he disappears.

I sigh heavily. How am I to convince them I am not a supernatural. I am immortal. I am not a land dweller nor do I treat people as those who are from here have treated others. To my surprise I hear the door creak open and a small, skinny, frail but curious little boy walks out. His hair as long as mine. Covered in thick amounts of knots, grease and dried blood or mud. I like to believe mud. Mostly because the idea of it being blood makes me want to resurrect the blood suckers from the ash and kill them much slower.

"What are you?" He asks. His voice does not hold fear in his tone. Somehow something so young has managed to prove that even in the worst of times. With an open heart you can learn to trust. May be foolish at times, but this innocent purity. A heart full of hope. This is why I am here.

"I am …" If I lie then how can he ever trust my word? If I say a demon then he will be scared. The title alone brings fear into anyone. Not that we are as humans would expect. "I am a demon and an angel. But mostly I am Mari-Cate. Most call me Mari."

His eyes are wide for a moment. Then another boy. Slightly taller but even more malnourished runs out tugging the younger boy behind him. Standing as tall as he can and looking up at me. A stern protective instinct. I smile.

"Don't touch him." He says bravely. In such a way that I admire him. A brother? The same brown eyes and long hair that the colour is hiding, in need of a good shower.

"She is an angel Sam." The younger one says proudly peeking his head from behind the brother, Sam. Smiling at me. "And a demon."

"You are a demon?"

I nod. "I am both angel and demon. Though Demon out numbers angel officially in my DNA." Does he understand all this? I hadn't considered toning down how I speak to make it appropriate. How old are they? They look small. I imagine their growth has been stumped by the lack of substance.

"Why did you kill them?" He nods towards the ash. The remainder of his captives.

"Because those with power should not use it how these vampires were."

"It's been this way forever. Before I was born." He tilts his head and narrows his eyes further.

I take a breath making sure the area is clear of supernaturals. Though the smell from the humans is strong in the air. I can sense also that the vampires that were here are no more. All now dead. I love the way he thought it had been forever this way. For someone young with lack of education he speaks well. It would be easy to think it had always been this way. It may feel that way to these humans.

"And now I hope to help some of you. The ones I can."

"Are you from heaven? Did god send you?" He asks, eyes slowly moving back to normal.

"No." I made the decision not to lie. I will not start now. I will not be ashamed that hell, my mother and father, queen and king of hell. Have allowed me this opportunity to help here. "I am a princess of hell. One of, along with my twin sister."

His and his brother's eyes widened. I can sense fear rising within the older brother. Not that he shows it. Humans have such weak bodies yet they are immensely emotional. This brings them strengths even at times like these. When they face an unknown immortal, capable of wiping out vampires with a simple misty ball. He is wise to be fearful. Not all demons would be as nice as me but that does not mean I must be like all demons.

"You have nothing to fear from me. If I wanted to hurt you I would not have used my abilities to hurt those." I point to the ash as I walk over it. My bare feet pressing into the soft ash of those that would have hurt these small boys. I cannot bring myself to even feel guilty. The part of me that is angel would usually have me question myself. Feel guilty for an action that could have another route to take. Not this time. Demons may regret a decision but they will not hold onto guilt for something they cannot then change.

I do not fight the battle against myself. I am whole nothing about me feels torn apart as though I choose between two sides of myself. I truly believe in both good and evil. That everyone is capable of both. Even an angel.

"I'm hungry." The younger boy steps from behind his brother. Looking up at me expectantly. As though I can sprout something from my hand. Which of course I can.

My mother's name is from the goddess Athena. It is our belief our names have a link to those we are named after. Though I like to be called Mari. My actual name is Mari-Cate. Some sound more like Mary-Kate and others Marie-Kate. Not that I mind.
Goddess Mari is said to be present in everything, she can manifest into anything she wants. She is closely linked with dreams and hopes. Which explains how easy I find it to get into someone's head and change an emotion they are feeling. Manifesting, I cannot change my appearance but my wings can simply zip away like being neatly tucked inside of me.
Goddess Hecate is said to be capable of both good and evil. She is not restricted to one or the other. She is linked to witchcraft and magic, which are not the same things. I do not use witchcraft whereas I do use magic. She is able to form doorways which explains my strong abilities in portals as we call them.

I smile back at him. "Well let's see what we can do about that then shall we."
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