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One murder and two cases. That's exactly what took Lana Gill to go to prison. Now she's determined to prove to everyone that she's not the killer. But it's not an easy job when she suddenly starts to see her boyfriend who she supposedly killed. And it's definitely isn't going her way when her boyfriend tries to kill her in every step forcing her to get locked in an asylum. Her secret? She's a Reaper. And, her only goal? Escape the asylum. Detective Harrison got two new cases connected with a murder and a fire in the asylum. All he got for a clue? A diary of a girl from the asylum. His secret? He's a warlock. And, his only goal? Get the only witness that can help him solve the case. But it's not as easy as they both thought when one has the Deshayes bloodline and the other is a warlock. And it's definitely not easy when the door of hell is verged to be open- Only to unleash hellhounds to take over the earth.

Fantasy / Romance
K.H. Kate
Age Rating:


She was a destroyer.

Wherever she went, destruction followed. It always did like fate had something against her. As if she somehow deserved it. So, she wasn’t surprised to see everything burning down in front of her own eyes. People, her mistakes, that horrible past she was trying to forget.

All of them wanted to see an evil, she’d happily show them what it meant to be truly evil.

“Detective, did you find something?” Asked the cop who was searching the area, kicking the broken glasses from his way. Some people were taking photos of the room, some were taking the blood sample from the floor.

“Nope, still nothing.” The young detective huffed in annoyance. His hazel eyes were zoned on the half-burned room, trying to find something that would help him understand what happened there.

“How is this even possible? It’s like a cold-hearted murder with a perfect plan.” The other cops sighed. “There’s no clue other than the blood which is most likely the victims. Whoever did this must really want to see this asylum burned to ashes.”

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but this looks like someone escaped.” The detective’s assistant stated looking at the bathroom mirror behind him and shook his head slowly as if making sure he was seeing clearly.

“How did you...?” The detective trailed off, looking back to see what his assistant was talking about.

“See this for yourself. Or I’m helping you out.” The assistant cowered behind the detective. His body shook with fear as he looked at the mirror.

“Jesus! We are dealing with a mental patient, great.” The other cop sneered, looking at the bloodied mess in the mirror.

“We’ll see. Let’s read. All of you wanted to see an evil, I’ll happily show you what it means to be truly evil." Detective finished looking in the mirror with amused yet surprised eyes. The words were written messily in the blood but not with fingers, like whoever did it used a knife or some kind of brush to write it. Which meant finding a possible fingerprint on the mirror was close to none.

“That’s not it. Look at the other sides of the bathroom.” The first cop pointed at the wall behind him where there were more writings.

"Whoever will come in my way can say their life goodbye." The detective read them aloud and once again his assistant winced.

“L-Looking like empty threats.” The assistant Aaron tried but failed to hide his fear. His lips were trembling, his amber eyes looking forth the detective and the writings. They were going wider in fear when a worker who was clearing the massive area entered the bathroom.

The worker looked around before showing the object in his hands, not sure who to give this to. “Sir looks like we found something. It was half burned but can still work.”

The detective stepped forward before any of the cops could. Taking the object from the worker he let out a whistle. The diary in his hand looked torn and old, the brown texture almost fading away. “A diary. Fascinating for a mental patient to keep writing.”

The other cops rolled their eyes at Detective Harrison’s cockiness. It wasn’t the first time he was called to solve weird cases. And this was going to be by far the weirdest case considering the asylum was rumored to hold people with paranormal cases for years. But the cops just went along with the idea that the patients liked to think of themselves as an entity other than human.

“Are you going to stare at the diary or look inside it?” One of the cops taunted. Ignoring them, the detective opened the diary only to curse inwardly. Right there on the first page, he found the invitation to go through the mind of a mental patient who thought ghosts were real.

“Dear diary,

Life has a way to fuck people up. But I think I like to fuck them over to avoid the storm I know is coming anyway. If you are asking, who am I? I’m Lana Gill and I am really starting to hate being a Reaper.”

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