The Secret Agent that Married the Demon Lord

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This story is a tale of how an office worker, at an intelligence agency, got summoned into another world and married the demon lord. Yuna is a strong willed, independent woman, who has worked hard to get where she is. Yet she couldn't make it out onto the field, where the real action took place, and became a handler to the world's top agents. Because of this she found other ways to find happiness in the world. She is a comic junkie and an avid gamer. One day, as she is leaving her job, she encounters her fellow agent in trouble. In freeing him from his dilemma she is inadvertently teleported to another world. She is annoyed that such a thing happened to her. However she presses on and through a series of misadventures ends up married to the demon lord she was summoned to stop. What will her fate ultimately end up being? Will she somehow break her bound of marriage and regain her freedom? Will she embrace her new role and burn the world? Or will some other fate fall upon her? This book is a comedy romance. The romance starts off extremely slow, Yuna meets the demon lord in chapter 21. I hope you will give it a read and that it will give you some laughs.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Summoning

“Why won’t this damn thing work!” A woman yells at her printer. Her name is Yuna and she is an office worker in an intelligence agency. She stands five foot two inches tall with red hair and green eyes. She has a petite frame and slender figure. She wears business suits to work everyday as is the required dress code. Every day without fail her printer causes her grief. It is a daily occurrence. The blasted contraption never seems to want to print, as if it was taunting her. “Oh, are you going to make me resort to violence?!” She says as she violently banged her hand on the side of the printer.

“Resort to violence?” Her coworker asked. “Dear, you are already hitting it. That’s like telling someone to duck after you have already hit them.”

Yuna stopped for a second and stared blankly at the printer. “Huh. I guess I was hitting it.” She said. “Mind your own business anyway. This is between the printer and me.” She then immediately started hitting it again. “Work!”

“Just call Tech Support.” Another coworker shouted. “What are you trying to print, I can probably print it out for you on mine.”

“Oh, really? That would be great.” Yuna answered. “I was printing the mission report from Fred’s last mission. The boss wants it on his desk.”

“Doesn’t that old fart understand email?” The coworker sighed. “Fine just email the file to me and I will print it out for you. I have a great relationship with my printer, she never fails me.”

“I wish he would just use email, but he says it’s not secure.” Yuna explained. “I tried explaining that we have one of the most secure closed networks in the world and that if it was on our servers it was the same as being emailed. I do not think he understood it though. Just shook his fist and said, When I read something, I want it in my hand! and there the email is sent. Thanks for doing this for me Sam. You are my hero today.”

“It’s no big.” Sam replied. “Opening the file now. Wow! Fred did it again, single handedly wiped out an entire crime syndicate after only being on the case for a week. That is insane! What? Two hundred combatants killed in the mission that’s nuts.”

“You’re not supposed to read it Sam.” Yuna said. “We have our protocols for a reason.”

“I know, I know, I just couldn’t help myself. I love reading about Fred’s exploits.” Sam replied. “Does it ever make you wish that you were active duty?”

“What? I mean I dreamed of being active duty, but sadly it just wasn’t in the cards.” Yuna said. “Now I just read Web Comics and wish that I did the cool stuff I read about.”

“Nerd!” Sam yelled. “Seriously though, I don’t see why we couldn’t do the same things Fred does. I mean we received the same training. Well printer is done, here is your document. Go deliver it to the boss.”

“There’s nothing wrong with liking Web Comics!” Yuna shouted as she took the documents from Sam. “They have great stories and help you pass the time.”

“Oh, and what kind of stories do you read Miss Yuna?” Sam teased.

Yuna blushed at Sam’s question. “That is none of your business!”

“I bet it’s that BL stuff I have heard about.” Sam said.

“None of your business Sam!” Yuna said as she stormed off to the boss’s office. When she got to the office, she found the boss still sitting behind his desk. “Here is your report sir. Do you need anything else?”

“No, I am fine, take the rest of the day off.” The boss said. “I can’t wait to read about Fred’s exploits this time.”

“As you say boss.” Yuna said as she left the room. “I’m going home Sam. Boss said I could call it a day.”

“Ah damn, I was hoping to ask you out for drinks!” Sam replied.

“Well going to have to say no, just like the other six hundred times you have asked me.” Yuna replied.

“Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?” Sam asked. “One day I just know you will say yes.”

“Keep on dreaming Sam.” Yuna said as she left the office. As she was making her way to her car, she saw a familiar face. It was Fred. “Hey Fred, good work on your last mission!” Yuna yelled. Fred did not respond though, he just stood there unmoving. Yuna decided to investigate the situation and find out what was happening. As she approached Fred, she could see some sort of strange light under Fred’s feet. “Oh shit!” Yuna said as she ran over and pushed Fred out of the circle. As soon as Fred left the circle the light intensified, and it vanished along with Yuna who was still inside.

“What the hell was that?” Fred said. “Oh well no matter, I thought I heard a woman though.” Fred looked around and did not see anyone. “Weird.”

Yuna was experiencing something she never even could have imagined; she was wrapped in light and could see the universe move around her as she traveled. Yuna had read enough comics to know what was happening. She just did not want to believe it. In fact, she refused to believe it. Finally, the trip ended and Yuna found herself inside a great chamber. The walls were marble and there were giant gold-plated columns that held up the room. On the floor was a giant magic circle covered in runes and on the other side of the circle stood a man.

“Greetings great hero!” The man said. “My name is Demo and I have summoned you here to save our world. I hope that that trip was not too unpleasant.”

With those words Yuna knew. She already knew, but now she had to believe it. “Shit.” Yuna said. “I am in one of those damn in another world stories.”

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