Love Bites and Bruises

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Part One. 17-year-old Luna of Amber Moon, Caralina Rossi, has had a crush on her old brother's friend, 22-year-old Christopher Hensley, brother to the Alpha of Beryl, an allied pack, for as long as she can remember. She has a wonderful, loving, boyfriend Stephen Greene, who just so happens to be the hottest guy in school, yet she can't get Chris out of her head. Christopher moved in with the Rossi's following the death of his Mate, Selene, needing a change of scenery. After a few close calls and an attempted kidnapping, Chris is offered and accepts the role of her bodyguard. Chris has always been protective of Carly, so much, so it's earned him the nickname The White Knight. He always comes to her aid regardless of how much he can't stand her disrespectful, bratty attitude. As time passes, he finds some creative ways to make her obey him. The closer her 18th birthday approaches, he finds himself unable to get her out of his head. Soon after her birthday passes, he finds himself unable to get her out of his heart too. Things heat up between them in ways neither one could ever imagine. Chris keeps pushing her away until he can't deny his magnetic attraction to her any longer. Carly breathes life back into him and makes him crave more. They know their relationship is strictly forbidden, but defy their families, their Alpha’s, and the Elder's laws sneaking around to be together.

Fantasy / Erotica
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The Warden

Hello lovelies, If you enjoy my work, please like, comment, follow me for updates, and review my book later. I try my best to edit this before uploading, but I am dyslexic, so If you see something that needs fixing, let me know. It won’t hurt my feelings. I appreciate your feedback. It helps me grow as an author and create a name for myself on this platform. Thank you! ❤✨ -El


I’m going to kill myself if she doesn’t stop talking,” I mind link Kyle, my best friend.

Carly, hush. I’m trying to listen.”

I’m serious.” I look over at Kyle sitting at his desk, his brown hair with blue spiked up fringe and blues eyes looking back at me as I lift the pencil up to my face. “I’m going to take this and jab it into my eye straight into my brain for a quick, painless death.”

That would be so painful. Nothing about that would be slow and painless.”

Fine, then I would order you to do it.”

Hell no! I’m not spending the rest of my life in a jail cell for murdering our packs, Luna! It’s not my fault you can’t take Mrs. Johnson’s Biology class.”

I cut the link feeling my phone buzz in my pocket. I swipe my finger across the screen to see a text from Chris, one of my brother Jared’s best friends. He’s picking me up today since Jared is out of town.

“10 mins Caralina, I mean it. In and out.”

“Would you chill? I’ll meet you outside when I’m ready. I need to hang back and ask one of my teachers something about finals.” I lie, but he doesn’t need to know that.

“Fine. 15 minutes, then I’m coming in to get you.”

He wouldn’t dare. I click the button on my phone’s side, closing the screen putting it back in my jacket pocket.

“Remember, students, your finals are next week and will count for 20 percent of your final grade. I would suggest studying over the material on the syllabus I gave you at the beginning of the semester. This will make or break some of you.” Mrs. Johnson says, looking at both Kyle and me as the bell rings.

“Thank God!” I shout, packing up my books and folders flying out of the room. My last class of the day, I’m free!

“Carly, wait up!” I hear Kyle running after me as I’m briskly walking to my locker. I whip my head around to look at him, my long brown curly hair flowing behind me.

“No time, Kyle run faster!” I round the corner, weaving through crowds of people. “Excuse me, Pardon me” until I’m at my locker. I quickly gather the books and materials I need, placing them into my bag, then deposit the others into my locker. Using the mirror in my locker, I apply my favorite vanilla cupcake lip gloss, tussle my hair, and apply a quick coat of mascara to my hazel eyes. As I’m about to close my locker, his scent hits me.

“Hey Baby,” he says. I pretend to jump and be startled by him. It’s the little things like this that make our relationship work, letting him be the dominant one at times. If he only knew how much stronger I was than him, why his fragile male ego couldn’t take it.

“Oh, Stephen, you scared me! I didn’t know you were there,” I clutch my chest, uttering a little white lie.

“I know I love seeing the surprised look on your face every time.” Yeah, because it’s only the 20th time you’ve done this now, I think to myself. He pulls me into his arms, kissing me, and I drag my fingers through his slate black hair and beard stubble.

“So, what’s your plans for the weekend, Sexy?” He runs his hands up my tan miniskirt to my waist, licking his lips.

“I’m not sure. Why? Did you have something in mind?” I whisper in his ear.

“Not exactly. Is your Dad in town?”

“Nope. And Jared said he had other Alpha duties to attend to in Rose Moon.”

“Maybe I can sneak over?” Stephen looks at me with his piercing blue eyes tracing his fingers over my pink tee shirt’s hem by my stomach.

“Maybe,” I wink at him.

“Carly, what’s taking so long?” Chris. Fucking great. I roll my eyes, scoffing at his presence.

“Gotta go, Babe, I’ll text you” he pulls me in for one last long goodbye kiss. I open my eyes, watching him, staring in Chris’s direction. It’s so cute how territorial he is over him. I hear Chris clearing his throat.

“Sometime today would be nice, Carly. Some of us have better things to do than wait around on you all day.” I peck Stephen on the lips again and turn around, seeing Kyle standing, catching his breath.


“Sorry, Kyle, I have to go. The Warden’s here.” Stepping over to Chris, “Look, I told you I would be out when I’m ready.”

Chris growls at me. “Next time, you’re ready when I say you are, or I’ll leave you here to find your own ride.” I roll my eyes at him crossing my arms over my chest marching past him down the hall. “Faster,” he says, grabbing my arm dragging me out of the double doors to his black four-door Jeep.

“Okay, Asshole, let go of me! I can walk by myself.”

“Can you?” I roll my eyes at him again.

“Keep doing that, and your face will get stuck that way.” I mimic him under my breath, climbing inside of the Jeep putting on my seatbelt. I notice his hand gripping the steering wheel tightly, his sun-kissed skin and tattooed arms, his muscles flexing against his black V-neck Tee. His long brown hair up in a bun on his head. It looks like he’s growing his beard out again. Sweet baby Jesus, help me. I bite my lip, “Keep it together, Carly.” I think to myself.

“I’m so tired of you disrespecting me and treating me like your lap dog,” Chris says.

“You mean you’re not?” he glares over at me.

“I swear, I CAN NOT WAIT for the day you smart off at the wrong person, and they put you in your place.” I pull out my phone to distract myself and text Stephen; Chris takes it from my hand, throwing it in the back seat. “I’m talking to you.”

“Hey, you asshole, that wasn’t cool. Wait, where are we going? Home’s the other way.”

“You have a dress fitting at 4:30, and the seamstress closes at 5, remember? It’s an hour drive to the city, so we’re going to be pushing it.”

“Oh. I completely forgot.”

“You’d think you’d be more mindful of your own appointments, especially since they revolve around your favorite thing in the world, yourself.” I unbuckle my seat belt, tired of hearing him, leaning back to find my phone.

Carly, what are you doing? Cut that shit out! You’re going to make me wreck!” I twist and turn, trying to maneuver, looking under the seats.

“Ah-ha, gotcha!” Grasping my phone in my hand, my stomach flat against the center console, I feel a hard smack come down across my backside. “Owww! What the fuck? You Asshole!”

“Someone needed to do it.” I flip, sitting back in my set, buckling back in.“You were asking for it. That’s part of your problem; your father never whooped your ass enough when you were younger, and now, you’re this little pampered brat.” I roll my eyes at him, popping in my earbuds.

I’m tired of you and this conversation.” I turn away from him, looking out the window. He keeps trying to talk to me, but I turn my volume up full blast, and he eventually shuts his obnoxious sexy mouth. The Jeep comes to a stop, and Chris taps me on the shoulder. I remove my earbuds. “Hmm?”

“We’re here. Get out.”

“Gladly.” I open the door walking towards Cecil’s shop. Cecil’s been a friend of my father’s and the woman who has altered all of my dresses for special occasions since I was little. This wasn’t just any occasion; It was for my 18th birthday! I was going to have this tremendous blow out to rival any of my friend’s previous parties. I’d been planning this for months, and it was only a few weeks away! I opened the door to Cecil’s, greeting her. She was around her mid-60s, with brown greying hair and brown eyes. I follow her into the back to try on my glorious black and grey sequin dress. It was everything I had imagined when I gave her the idea for it, and more! She brought my masterpiece to life.

“Oh my god, Cecil, it’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to wear it!”

“You’re going to be so beautiful; make sure to send me pictures.”

“Sure thing.” Cecil helps me slip into the dress and finished the final alterations, including the fabulous black lace train. This dress was everything I ever wanted. I snap a photo of myself in the full-length mirror.

“You’re incredible. You know that?”

“All I did was follow what you wrote down. You truly have a knack for design. I should mention that to your father. Maybe I could convince him to let you go to college for fashion design.”

“I wish,” I sigh. “You know daddy is super protective, I’ll be lucky to go to community college the way he is, but I really appreciate you taking the time to make this for me.”

“Anytime, honey.” Cecil unzips the dress, and I change back into my clothes. “I should have it finished in a couple of days. I’ll call your father and let you know when it’s ready for pick up.”

“That would be lovely, thank you!” I tell her, hugging her, kissing beside her cheeks. “I’ll see you later, Cecil!”

“Bye, miss Carly take care.”

“You too.”

I close the door to her business stepping outside to see Chris standing in front of his jeep, smoking a cigarette. I trek over to him. “I thought I told you to quit that filthy disgusting habit?

“No. You said not to do it around you.” He blows out a puff of smoke, arching his head back resembling a chimney.

“Same thing.”

“No, it’s not; You were inside when I lit this” he says, shaking his cigarette at me.

“Okay, so? Put it out. I’m starving. We’re on our own for dinner tonight.”

“No. Go sit inside. I’ll be finished shortly.” He opens the door climbing inside.

“You smell like an ashtray. That’s so unattractive.”

Do you think I care if you find me attractive?”

“I-I didn’t mean me. I meant other people. I have a boyfriend remember? You’re not even on my radar, Christopher.”

“Why do you care what I smell like, Carly?”

“Because unfortunately I have to be around you, and you’re risking my health with your selfish secondhand smoke.”

God, you’re something else! Heaven forbid the world not revolve around Caralina Rossi!

“And heaven forbid Christopher Hensley not be such a dick!”

“Really? That’s the best you could come up with?”

“I don’t need to say anymore. It summed you up perfectly insignificant, small, and weak.” He looks over at me, chuckling,

Sweetheart, my dick would destroy you.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that line before,” I roll my eyes at him.

“You have no idea what you’re missing out on.”

“I’m not interested,” I confidently lie. “I don’t need you. Remember, I have a boyfriend.”

There you are saying that again. Is that to remind yourself or me?” I scoff at him.

“It’s for you. You need to remember your place.”

My place?”

“Yeah, your place. You work for me.”

“No, I work for your father.”

“He pays you to watch after me from time to time and allows you to stay in MY pack territory. How do you think he’d feel knowing the disrespectful, vulgar way you talked to me? Let’s not forget you physically abusing me earlier, dragging me out of the building to your Jeep, then hitting my ass.”

“Physically abusing you?” He looks over at me. “Carly, you know I have absolutely no interest in you, romantically, right? You’re too young for me. You’re the same age as my sister, and you’re not my type. At all. You annoy the absolute shit out of me. You have nothing to worry about; My dick isn’t going anywhere near you. I doubt you could even get it hard. Sorry to break your heart. I know you’ve been carrying a torch for me for such a long time, but I don’t- let me repeat that- I DON’T see you that way.”

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