LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Her name is Luna. No one sees her except her twin sister. She envy the life she had although their parents never failed to tell her that they love her even though they can't see her. She was in total darkness while her twin sister had the life she wanted to be. She wants to be as happy as hers but how? She's not seen. The thought really depresses her so much that it leads her to run away from the palace.  But she accidentally fell into the portal to different dimensions that she didn't know exists. She doesn't know how to come back to her world. But then she used to live life in different places. Especially when something strange happens to her.  She misses her family so much but how could she come back?  Will she be stuck forever in different dimensions? Will she survive alone? But, a twist happened. Leena, twin sister of Luna, fell into the portal too when she knew her twins were there. But fate never lets them see each other and she's gone to a different dimension. The twin face a different path.  Will they see each other? Will Leena find her? Will they reunite again?

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A/N: This story is originally written in Tagalog Language. This is the English version I have translated. I had a hard time translating so be aware of some grammatical errors. Thank you.


Third Person POV

Everyone was happy in the palace of Faraway, the people struggled to prepare because everyone was excited to witness the birth of their Queen. The joy cannot be hidden from each other's faces.

In one of the palace rooms, the pain felt was not hidden from the Queen's face.

"One more pushed, my Queen, I can almost see the head." said the midwife who is currently giving birth to the Queen.

The Queen pushed harder and screamed. She was almost out of breath while pushing more just to give birth to her baby.

"Uwaahhhh uwaahhhhhh uwaahhhhhh." The Queen smiled when she heard her baby's cries.

"It's a baby girl, my Queen!"

The Queen smiled when she heard what the midwife said. But a sudden pain erupts in her tummy like there's another one still coming out. The pain came back again. The midwife was surprised but hurriedly helped the Queen to push another baby out.

The Queen was now breathing heavily while screaming and pushing more the baby in her tummy, but the midwife wondered why she did not see the baby's head or feet.

"One more push, my Queen!"

"Aaaahhhhhhh" the Queen screamed longer one last time.

On the last scream, they heard the baby's cry but the midwife was shocked by what she saw.

"Uwaaahhh uwaahhh uwaahhh"

They heard the baby's cries but the child was fading. It appears and seems to disappear.

"M-my Q-Queen, your baby is ..." the midwife stuttered and trailed off. The Queen was shocked by what she heard so she got up exhausted and looked at her baby. She was also surprised by what she saw. What is happening to her baby? Because of what she saw, the Queen fainted.

The midwife cleaned the two babies and put it in the bed.

"What happened to you, princess? I can feel you're different." the midwife mumbled while staring at the vanishing baby.


The Queen looked sadly at her children especially at her unique child. They do not know why one of her daughters is vanishing. But they feel it is special. What will be her daughter's role in the future?

She tried to look at her twin child's future, but she wondered why she couldn't see their future. It was dark so the Queen was worried.

"Leena Ayesha McCleen, Luna Syesha McCleen ..." she whispered. The name of her children is beautiful.

In the praying room, the King was there while kneeling and praying.

"Whatever the reason why one of my children is born like that, I hope you will guide her ..." the King said tearfully before he got up and left the room then went to a room where the Queen and their children were. He found his wife breast feeding his two children so he smiled. He walked over to her and kissed his dear wife and his two princesses on the forehead. "Everything will be fine, my love ..." he said to his wife who responded with a smile.

As the days, months and until the 1st birthday of the twins arrived, they did not see Luna anymore. It has become completely invisible to them except to Leena.

Unbeknownst to everyone, their Queen gave birth to twins. The Queen and King announce only one child because they don't want everyone to know the condition of one of their twins.

But even so, they were still happy because Leena could see her twin. They were worried because how can they feed their invisible child who is only one year old at the moment?

Their worry was gone when their invisible child was still there playing with Leena who is the only one who can see their invisible child. Maybe it's a miracle because their invisible child is still alive after a few years. They did not fail to remind the unseen child that they loved her dearly.

"Don't worry, my love, we will find a way to see her." the King said decisively to his Queen.

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