LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 5: The Portal (Part 1)

[Luna Syesha]

“No! I’m not your child! You killed my parents! I will make you pay for what you did!” Mirai said, her eyes narrowed with a clenched fist.

“They deserve to die because they took you away from us! It was their fault that we lost you! They took you, Mirai! And I did everything I could to see you...” Asgar said, while tears escaped from his eyes.

“No. I don’t believe you!” Mirai cried. I knew the truth hurt her. She looked so confused because of Aira, who looks like her.

Everyone looked at me as I walked towards the air bubbles where Asgar was.

“L-Luna...” Mirai called, and I just smiled at her.

I looked at Asgar and said, “There’s only one way to find out if you’re saying the truth, Asgar. Once you are lying, I will not hesitate to kill you.” Asgar nodded. Because of the little air that he inhaled inside the air bubble, made him weak. I blew the air bubbles, causing Asgar to fall weakly to the ground. His children approached him.

“Are you okay, Father?” Aira asked worriedly.

I put my hand on Asgar’s head and closed my eyes. I felt my power flowing from my hands to Asgar’s head. His past flashed before my eyes and I saw different images. It all started with the first war that took place two decades ago.


“Asgar! Stop it!” a woman pleaded to the man while covered with wounds and blood, then walked towards the man weakly.

“We will stop this war, Victoria, but on one condition!” Asgar said while smiling victoriously.

“I will do everything you want. Just stop this war, Asgar!” Victoria said, begging.

Asgar grinned. “You already know what I want, Victoria. Did I tell you that before, didn’t I? My father will transfer the throne to me and I will be the King of Black Wizards. And I want you to be my Queen, my Victoria.” Victoria looked stunned and gulped.

“Alright... I accept your condition, Asgar. For the sake of my kingdom, I will do everything you want. I will marry you even if it is against my will.” Victoria said, and Asgar wore a victorious smile.


Suddenly, their images disappeared. And I am now in a black palace, and black smoke scattered everywhere.


All the wizards looked so serious as they witnessed Asgar and Victoria’s wedding until the ceremony finished. The next scene was the birth of Victoria. She gave birth to their eldest son. Somehow, it looks like Victoria has already fallen in love with Asgar. Then, the day came when she gave birth to the twins. But the twins are different. One twin envelopes with black and white magic, while the other is pure white. Everyone gets scared because of the sudden earthquake. The black and white light went wild, causing other witches to die. Unbeknownst to Asgar, a baby that was wrapped in pure white magic caused the earthquake. And Queen Victoria knew that. The Queen separates the twins, which she named ‘Mirai’. She orders the two mages she trusted in the Mage World to take her one daughter, Mirai, and take her out of the world of Black Wizards.

That night Queen Victoria fled Mirai and took her to the Town of Sampa, and left the baby with the two mages she trusted.

King Asgar found out what Queen Victoria did, so he searched for his other child all over Majika. That’s where the battle begins between the Mage and Black wizards.


When I fluttered my eyes open, they were all looking at me. I looked at Mirai, who had tears in her eyes.

“Luna...” I nodded at her, which made her cry. “No. He is not my father,” Mirai shook her head incredulously. She can’t accept the truth. I hugged her.

“He is telling the truth, Mirai. He is your real father.” I said, and King Asgar wept while looking at Mirai.

“My daughter, Mirai. Please come with us and we will stop this war...” He said with tears streaming down his face.

“No. I cannot accept that my father is a bad person. You kill innocent people just for your own sake.” Mirai said while wiping her tears.

“I just did it for you, Mirai. To see you. And I’m happy to see you because I know your mother will be happy once she sees you...” Mirai raised her head and gasped.

“Mother?” she confirmed. Asgar nodded and slowly stood up to approach Mirai. Before he could reach Mirai, I stopped him.

“You can’t go near her, Asgar,” I said authoritatively.

“Why not? I want to hug my daughter.” Asgar said while his forehead creased.

“You can’t,” I said sternly, and everyone turned to me with confused expressions.

“Why can’t he, Luna?” Mirai asked, puzzled. I look at her sadly.

“Listen to me Asgar, only your children can get close to Mirai because they have mixed white magic,” I said, which further confused their minds.

“What are you talking about, Luna?” he asked, still confused.

I sighed and said, “Queen Victoria separated Mirai from you. She knew what would happen to your world, especially to you, so she took Mirai away from the world of Black Wizards. Mirai was born with pure white magic, while her twin was mixed with black and white magic. If Mirai stays in your world, she can ruin your world. Do you remember the death of the witches during the time they were born, don’t you? And the shaking of the ground every hour?” Asgar looked stunned and froze. I think he remembered the incident little by little. He slowly nodded.

“That’s what Mirai can do in your world if she will step into your world again,” I added.

“But why can’t I get close?” Asgar asked, confused.

“Because you are a pure black wizard and once you get close to someone with pure white magic, it could get you killed,” I said, and he gasped.

“How come you know this? Who are you?” he asked with a confused expression.

“Because I can see the future,” I replied, and a gasp left their mouth in surprise.

“Queen Victoria—” someone cut me off.

“Where is my sister? Where is Victoria, Asgar?!” I turned to the owner of the voice. It was Collins, the King of the Mage. His sister is Victoria. Asgar froze and could not speak.

“Father, is our mother alive? You said mother is dead. Where is she, father?” Asgar’s eldest son asked, filled with tears.

“Fier, Aira, forgive me. I lied about your Mother. She is still alive, and she is inside the palace.” Asgar said with guilt.

“Why, father? Why did you hide our mother from us?” Fier cried while clenching his fist and gritting his teeth.

“I’m sorry. I was just carried away by my anger because your mother is the one who took away your sister from us and I can’t accept that she did it to her daughter. So, I locked her up because she didn’t want to say the reason why she did that. I’m sorry...” Asgar said, with a hint of remorse in his voice.

“You are so cruel, Asgar!” Collins said angrily.

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