LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 6: Enchantreia World (Part 1)

[Luna Syesha]

I closed my eyes as I breathed in the fresh air. After saying goodbye to everyone, I went back to the mountain where the portal tree was that will take me back to my world—my beloved Faraway Kingdom.

For one last time, I turned to look at the entire place below, the colorful town of Sampa and the purple palace of Majika. Helping this place and Mirai reunite with her family made me happy. However, the thought of returning home made me nervous and scared. What if I will be invisible again? I don't want to experience being invisible again because I am tired of it. I closed my eyes and sighed before finally entering the portal. A familiar powerful force pulled me forward, and I let the force take me wherever.

When I fluttered my eyes open, a loud gasp let out of my mouth, then my eyes bulged out in shock as my body fell from the sky. I couldn’t help but scream at the top of my lungs.



"Ouch!" I grunted when my butt slammed into the ground as I fell. I slapped my forehead and chuckled at my stupidity. Why didn't I use my powers? Stupid self!

My eyes widened as I noticed the changes in my hair color as it turned white and reached to my waist-length and my clothes also changed into a white sleeveless princess dress just an inch above my knees. My dress has blue lines at the hem of the dress and a blue ribbon belt. I touched my head as I felt something in it and took it out in front of me. My mouth hung in awe as I saw a pearl and blue diamond tiara. I look like a princess. Oh, I really am a princess! Silly me!

I chuckled and snapped my fingers to hide my tiara. As I looked at my skin, it turned even whiter than I was before. I just shrugged my shoulders at the sudden change in my appearance.

"Wow!" I mumbled as I looked around, and the heavenly scent of the flowers filled my nostrils. "This is a paradise!" I uttered and closed my eyes as I breathed in the heavenly fresh air while spreading my arms wide open as I felt the chilly wind that brushes on my skin.

When I realized the unfamiliar surroundings, it suddenly dawned on me. This is not the Moondrous World or the Madag Forest at all! Where am I? What am I going to do now? This place is unknown—just like the Majika World.

Since I don't know where I am, I walked toward the forest close to where I am. Maybe there are houses at the exit of this forest. Later on, I passed by a wide clearing, but I still don't see any houses or people nearby. This clearing is so wide, and it tires me. How long will I keep walking?

A few hours had passed until I reached a forest where the trees were all tall and healthy. It seems like a nature manipulator preserved this forest. I stopped walking as I noticed that the forest oddly became so quiet. No cricket sounds and no birds are chirping in the trees, either. I feel like someone is watching me. I guess I am not alone in this forest.

I alerted myself, and a few minutes later, I heard a faint sound, then an arrow almost hit me, but I caught it swiftly. I looked in the arrow's direction and found that the person who shot me was above the tree. Many arrows darted at me, but I avoided all of them and it was like I was dancing in the wind. I glimpsed at the person who shot me and teleported behind him.

"Sh*t! She disappeared! Where did she go?" the person murmured. Based on the person’s voice, it was a woman. She was wearing an all-black and a mask covering her face.

"Are you looking for me?" I whispered behind her back while stifling a laugh, and she gasped in surprise, then turned to look at me slowly. She jumps slightly, causing her to fall. I watched as she fell. She is stupid. I laughed out loud while shaking my head and jumped down to catch her.

"Hi!" I said as I caught her, then let out a giggle. And she was just staring at me with wide eyes without blinking and her mouth hanging in awe. When we dropped off the ground, I let her go, and she moved away from me a little.

She cleared her throat. “Thank you. Hmm, what are you doing here? This place is dangerous…” she looks at me from head to toe, “... for someone like you.” She was about to turn around when I stopped her.

"Wait! I don't know this place. I've been walking for hours and I haven't seen houses and people yet except you. Can I come with you? Please?" I said with a puppy look, and she looked at me, stunned. Then her forehead creased.

"Are you kidding me? What if you were a spy from our enemies? I'm sorry, but I can't trust you. I don't want to put the whole Enchantreia in danger." She said, and I pouted a little.

Enchantreia? The name of this world is Enchantreia?

"I'm not a spy. Please believe me. I know nothing about this place. The portal just brought me here." I said and looked her in the eyes with a serious expression.

“Portal? Are you kidding me?” she said and creased her forehead again. “It's been a long time since the portal has closed. It has never opened to various dimensions anymore.” She added.

I sighed. "Please. I'm telling the truth," I uttered seriously. Then her expression became serious. The two of us stared at each other for how many seconds until she let out a long sigh.

"If you're telling the truth, where did you come from?" She asked, then sat on the rock and so did I. We were facing and staring at each other.

I smiled and said, "I came from the Moondrous World."

"Moondrous World?" she gasped in surprise. I nodded to confirm.

"A mysterious tree took me here, and I have been walking for a while now. I have seen no houses, but I only see plants and flowers. And on my way, I came across this forest." I said, and her face looked distant. I think she was lost, deep in thought.

She looked at me and said, "That explains why you look different."

"Wait, can you tell me what this place is?" I asked.

She frowned. "Do you really not know?" she asked quizzically. I shook my head, and she sighed.

"This world is called Enchantreia. Come and follow me." She stood up and started walking. I smiled and got up enthusiastically, then followed her. It seems like she has no intention of speaking because she’s so quiet. Since I felt comfortable in her presence, I didn’t want to annoy her.

"What's your name?" It surprised me when she suddenly spoke, so I stopped walking.

"I'm Luna," I said while smiling. She nodded and smiled back.

"I'm Ereia," she said.

We continued walking in comfortable silence. I wandered my gaze around the forest and the scenery fascinates me. Many butterflies flew freely and beautifully. I blinked my eyes when my eyes caught sight of little fairies dancing above the trees happily.

"Woah! Fairies!" I uttered with glee and smiled widely.

A very cute little fairy with glittery white wings and also dressed in white approached me, with her eyes twinkling in awe. I stopped walking and smiled fondly at the cute little fairy.

‘What an exquisite beauty!!!’ the cute little fairy said in a shrill voice. She’s so tiny.

"And so are you, cute little fairy," I said, and she looked at me, baffled.

'You can understand me?' she asked with eyes widened in shock, slightly unconvinced. I nodded with a smile. Why is she asking me a silly question? Of course, she’s a fairy and I know they can talk. What’s so surprising, anyway?

"What's your name, cute little fairy?" I asked, and that’s when she squealed in joy.

'My name is Haleyna! What is your name?' she said and flew around me in pure delight.

"Your name is beautiful, Haleyna. My name is Luna." I said, and she smiled widely. She keeps flying around me ecstatically.

I heard Ereia gasp."You can understand that little fairy?" Ereia asked me, flabbergasted. I nodded, and her eyes widened.

"Yes. Haleyna asked me the same thing. You can't understand her?" I said, then frowned deeply. She shook her head no, gloomily.

"This is the first time someone has talked to a fairy. And that's you..." she said and I couldn’t help but wonder why.

Talking to a fairy felt great, but knowing that no one could understand them, I felt sad.

'She's right, Luna. They can't understand us and we don't know why. We tried to talk to them a few times but nothing really happened so I was glad that someone could understand me!' she said and suddenly flew upwards. I looked up and saw her approaching other fairies that hid in the big leaves.

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