LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 6: Enchantreia World (Part 2)

[Luna Syesha]

When Haleyna returned, some fairies tailed her with a look of excitement. When they saw me their mouth hangs in awe and told me the same thing Haleyna said when she approached me a while ago. It’s a little flattering.

‘Come on, introduce yourselves,’ Haleyna said, and the four little fairies smiled widely at me ecstatically.

'Hi Luna, I'm Aleya!' said a fairy with glittery purple wings and a cute purple dress.

'I'm Mera!' a fairy with glittery blue wings and a beautiful, sparkling blue dress.

'I'm Liza!' a fairy with glittery yellow wings and a radiant yellow dress with a touch of yellow flower I haven’t seen before and it smells nice.

'I'm Yna!' a fairy with glittery green wings and a shiny yet elegant green dress. She’s literally shining.

“Nice to meet you! My name is Luna,” I said, then looked at Ereia. “And her name is Ereia.”

However, Ereia looked stunned while staring at Yna.

"Are you Yna?" Ereia uttered absentmindedly. I looked at Yna, and her eyes widened.

"Do you understand them now, Ereia?" I asked.

"I can only understand her," she answered in a daze.

Yna felt so happy about it and flew towards Ereia.

'We want to see your face!' Yna said excitedly. Although Ereia was hesitant to take off her mask, she gradually reveals her face. Her hair is blonde with green highlights. The fairies surrounded her and showered her compliments.

We talked to the fairies for a while and not long after; we bid them goodbye.

"You know, it's so weird because I can understand them now. But I wonder why I can only understand Yna?" she said and lost deep in thoughts. I didn’t know either.

"Why can't you understand them?" I asked, my voice filled with curiosity.

She sighed and said, "We also don't know the reason. Even the nature manipulators don't understand fairies, except animals."

Hmm. I felt like something strange was going on in this world. Is that the reason I am here? I need to find it out so I can go back to my world.

A few minutes later, we came out of the forest. A town greeted us and the people looked at us with a creased foreheads as we passed by. The people looked at Ereia with respect.

"Is that Ereia? Who is with her? She looks strange."

"She's beautiful..."

“Is she a princess?”

Ereia told me to ignore the folks’ stares. I just smiled at everyone. Afterward, we stopped in front of a white gate. The house is enormous. I can say Ereia came from a noble family. The gate opens, and Ereia leads me inside the mansion.

"Wow, your house is so big," I mumbled.

"Yes, I live with my mother and my father, and my two sisters." She replied with a smile.

When we walked inside, the maidservants lined up together and greeted us.

The interior of the house is so nice and welcoming. The furniture looks expensive, though. I heard some footsteps and when I looked at the stairs, two tiny figures with the same features went down in a hurry, with a wide smile while looking at Ereia.

"Big Sis!"


My eyes widened slightly as the two twin girls, around four years old, hugged Ereia ecstatically. Looking at the twins reminds me of my sister at home. Leena and I used to be like that every time mama and papa came home. I fight the urge to cry. I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of them.

The twins looked at me in awe. “Who is she, big sis?” they asked.

“Her name is Luna,” Ereia said. She turned to me and said, “Luna, these are my sisters, Zanaya and Zamaya.” She introduced the twins while pointing at each one. They're so adorable.

"Aww! They're so adorable!" I said. I couldn’t resist their cuteness, so I pinched their cheeks. They giggled and let out a toothy grin.

"You're so pretty! Are you a goddess?" the twins said in unison. Ereia and I burst out laughing.

They chuckled and hugged my legs with a wide smile. Then the twins held my hands.

"Oh, that's enough. Luna and I will eat first, ok?" Ereia said, and the twins nodded in understanding. Then Ereia pulled me away towards the dining area.

A long dining table came into view as we stepped inside the dining room. I think about 20 people can fit in. The housemaids immediately served us food when we sat in the chair. I counted fifteen maidservants so far, but not as many in the Faraway Kingdom though. The maidservants use magic as they work in the kitchen. That made things easier and saved time.

"Mama and Papa will arrive later from the palace, and I am sure they will ask you some questions," Ereia said.

"It's ok. I'll answer everything they'll ask." I said, and then we started eating.


After eating, Ereia shows me to the guest room to rest. She left to get something, and she came back with some clothes on her arms.

"I brought you some clothes. Wear this for a while. We will buy clothes later." She said,

"Thank you, Ereia. Even though we just met earlier, you still let me stay in your house." I said and hugged her. She stiffened and then relaxed. She tapped my back and said, "It's nothing. I find you interesting, so I will keep you for a while." I nodded and chuckled.

Ereia went out of the room and told me to take a bath. After how many hours of walking into the vast forest earlier, I can finally take a bath! Oh, Ereia, you’re an angel sent from above!


I smiled awkwardly when two sets of eyes fixated their eyes on me without blinking. Ereia felt embarrassed at her parents, but the twins were just giggling.

"Ereia told us you are from Moondrous World?" Ereia’s mother, Helen, asked.

"Yes. The portal brought me here. The first place I went to was the world of Majika. It is the world of wizards and when the portal opened again, I entered, hoping it would bring me back to my world, but I never thought the portal would bring me here." I explained, and they nodded in understanding.

"And my daughter also said you can understand the fairies?" Ereia’s father, Xander, asked.

"Yes. Ereia also told me that no one understands the fairies. But why? Ereia can understand one fairy, though." I said. They looked at Ereia.

"Is that true, Ereia?" Aunt Helen asked.

Ereia nodded and said, "Yes. It really surprised me when I heard someone speak in a cute, shrill voice."

"How did that happen?" the two adults creased their foreheads in confusion. The room fell silent and Ereia’s parents lost deep in thoughts.

"May I ask, what is your ability?" Uncle Xander asked curiously. Ability? Powers? I have so many powers.

“Hm, there are too many to mention. I am an elemental user.” That's all I said, so they wouldn't ask any more questions.

"Cool!" Zanaya muttered.

"You have the same ability as the princess!" Zamaya said with excitement.

"Your ability is not ordinary. Mostly, royal blood is the one who possesses such an ability. Are you royalty?" Uncle Xander asked. There is nothing wrong with telling the truth, right?

I slowly nodded. "Yes, I am a princess in our world. I hope you will keep it a secret between us." I said. They gasped in surprise and later on, they nodded with a smile.

"You can count on us. It’s a pleasure to see and talk to a princess of another dimension." They said and smiled at me.

After talking to Ereia’s parents, they let me rest in the guest room Ereia brought me earlier. As I lay my back on the mattress, I closed my eyes to sleep. However, an hour has passed but I’m still wide awake. My mind wandered toward my family. I don’t even know how to return home. Because as far as I remember, I fell from the sky.

A minute later, I got up and opened the door onto the veranda. I looked at the night sky and frowned when I didn’t see the moon and stars. It’s so dark signaling a heavy rain soon.

"Why are you still awake?" I slightly jumped when someone suddenly spoke behind me. Am I too preoccupied not to notice her presence?

"I couldn't sleep. My mind keeps wandering about my family. I missed them. I don't know how to return home." I said helplessly.

Ereia went silent, and a few seconds later, she said, "Don't worry, I'll help you. In the meantime, you will go to the school with me first. Anyway, what is your full name?"

"Thank you, Ereia. Alright, I'm going to school with you. My name is Luna Syesha McCleen." I replied with a smile. I am so fortunate to meet Ereia.

"You have a beautiful name." She said and smiled.

"Oh, thank you. How about yours?" I asked.

"My name is Ereia Shane Alteria."

"You have a beautiful name too!" I said. She smiled.

Suddenly, we fell silent and felt the wind getting chilly.

Leena’s smiling face flashed in my head. I wonder how she is doing now? Knowing my sister's personality, I’m pretty sure she’s looking for me. I tried using my telepathy a few times, but it didn't work. Maybe because I am in another dimension. I wonder why I am stuck in this world? Do I have a mission again? Does this world need my help like the Majika World?

"Are you okay?" Ereia asked while staring at me with sympathy.

"I’m fine. I just remember my twin sister. She's a crybaby, you know? I'm worried because she might do something stupid. She's not used to being without me by her side." I said sadly. A tear escaped from my eyes and I quickly wiped off the tears.

I gasped when Ereia hugged me, and that made me cry harder. "Don't worry, you'll see them again." She said, and I hummed.

Yes, I know I can return home soon. Wait for me, Leena...

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