LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 7: Enchant Academy (Part 2)

"Why don't you guys introduce yourself? You're just going to stand there?" Ereia said and laughed. I looked at them and laughed too, but at the same time felt weird. Seriously? What's wrong with them?

"Ah, Hi Luna, I'm Zaphe Trousa," the blonde boy with blue highlights introduced.

“Claudette Morris,” the blonde girl with baby blue highlights said with a smile.

"I'm Nicole Raven," the blonde girl with purple highlights said plainly.

"Leemin Huggins," the blonde boy with yellow highlights said with a smile.

"Zenon Ferrer," the boy with red hair said shortly. He is the only one with red hair.

After they introduced themselves, I also finished eating and then let out a burp. The table fell silent.

"Oops! Sorry." I said while chuckling and, at the same time, caressing my stomach. I am so full.

When I looked at them, they looked stunned again, including Ereia.

"Did you... finish it all?" Ereia said, unbelievably. I nodded. And they all chuckled.

“Why? It's just too little for me.” I said. “Well, I'll go first, bye!” I said and stood up.

"Wait, Luna!" Ereia tried to stop me, but I just smiled at her. I want to go to their garden and breathe some fresh air.

Suddenly, I collided with someone, and the food flew away. Because of my fast reflexes, I released my ice powers quickly, and the food slid right there. Thank God it didn't spill all over me.

"Luna! Are you all right?" Ereia asked.

"Ah, yes, I'm okay. I’m not hurt." I said, then looked at the person I bumped into. The girl was glaring daggers at me. Uh uh. I smell trouble. "Ah, I'm sorry, miss. I didn't mean to. I'll just change—" I said, but she cut me off. She glared at me more dangerously, like she wanted to rip me apart.

"If you're not stupid enough, you won't hit me! Your sorry can do nothing!" she let out angrily. Did she call me stupid? I frowned and my expression turned grim.

"If I'm stupid, then you're stupid too. Fine. I'll take back my apology. It's a good thing I stopped the food from spilling all over us, otherwise, I'm sure, all that food will get spilled all over you." I let out a sigh. Suddenly, the cafeteria fell silent.

"You b*tch!" She was about to tweak my hair when I caught her hand.

"Get off me!" she struggled to break free of her hands from my tight grip.

"Let go of her, Luna," Ereia said worriedly. I sighed and obeyed her. Ereia's friends were looking at me, too.

Suddenly, vines came out of the palm of the girl and she bound my hands using the vines.

"Venice, stop! Release Luna now!" Ereia shouted in annoyance.

"No! She's messing with me, so she should get punished," Venice said. Ugh, this girl is so stubborn.

"Stop it, Venice! We saw what happened, and Luna didn't mean it!" Zaphe said. But Venice still did not listen. Does she want a fight? All right, I'll give her a show.

I smirked. "Yes, I am in the beginner's section, but it doesn't mean that you can underestimate me. You don't know me, bitch!" I said and at the same time sliced the vines that wrapped in my hands, using my ice daggers of course, and got out from the tight grip. I massaged my wrist and groaned slightly.

The crowd immediately backed away from us when Venice attacked again, but I quickly dodge it.

This is exciting!

Venice looked very annoyed because she couldn't even hit me once. This is tiring. She just wasted her energy on this nonsense fight.

"You know what? You're just wasting your time and your strength in this nonsense fight." I said, and the students agreed.

Our fight only stopped when Headmaster Gray arrived with a grim expression.

"You two! In my office, NOW!" HM said. Venice looked at me in distaste and walked out of the cafeteria. My eyes widened as I noticed the havoc caused by Venice. The furniture was broken.

I looked at Ereia and her friends with a smile then walked out of the chaotic cafeteria and went to HM Office. When I arrived, Venice was sitting on the sofa and rolled her eyes when she saw me.

"What happened out there? Huh? You ruined the cafeteria!" HM Gray said while rubbing his temple in stress.

"Luna started it, Headmaster," Venice said. What a liar!

"Headmaster, I just bumped into Venice, and I didn't mean it. I apologized to her, but she did not accept it. Instead, she attacked me with her vines. She is the one who ruined the cafeteria's furniture and equipment." I explained. Screw you, Venice. She dares to lie.

"Is that true, Venice?" HM asked.

"N-no! She lied!" Venice denied. This girl is a liar.

"You know that I don't like dishonest people, Venice. You two broke the number 3 rules, so whether you like it or you like it, you need to get punished." HM said. Venice would have objected, but headmaster Gray stopped her.

"I saw what happened, so you have nothing to hide from me. Since you lied, Venice, your punishment will be heavier. You will clean the girls' comfort room for 1 month." HM said.

"But—" Venice tried to argue, but HM cut her off.

"No buts or else I'll add another punishment," HM said to Venice, then turned to me. "Luna, since you told the truth, you will clean the boys' comfort room for 1 week. Got it?" he said.

"Yes, Headmaster..." Venice and I said in unison, looking distressed. What a nice first day of school!

"Ok, good. You can go out now." I nodded and left the office first. Tsk. I'm so late.

"It's your fault!" Venice growled behind me. Seriously?

"Look, sorry, ok? You're not the only one punished here, remember? I didn't even fight you back earlier." I said. She went silent at my remarks. Since we were late, I pulled Venice to the cafeteria.

"What! Get off me!" she tried to pull her arms, but I didn't let her go. When we arrived at the cafeteria, it was all back to normal and there were no students anymore. Maybe they're already in classes.

I pulled her to sit on the chair and ordered food at the counter. Well, I still remember what she ordered. Then, I put the food in front of her.

"Eat," I said, and she just stared at me in disbelief. I sat opposite her.

"What are you waiting for? Eat it. You haven't eaten, right? I know it tired you because you used too much power earlier." I said and smiled at her genuinely.

"Why are you doing this? Why are you still so kind to me after what I've done earlier?" she said with a creased forehead.

"I'm not the kind to hold some grudges, Venice. You know, learn to control your anger. It might harm you in the end. You didn't hurt me, so no worries." I said and smiled at her. "Alright, you can eat now." She nodded silently and started eating.

While she was eating, I played with the ice in my palm. I create small flakes and let them float. Then I formed a plant made of ice. When I looked up, Venice was smiling while looking at my art piece.

"You know you should smile often. You're beautiful when you smile." I said. Her smile suddenly disappeared and blushed faintly. She stood up, and I noticed she had already finished eating.

"Thank you. I'll go now," she said, then walked out of the cafeteria, but I chased after her.


"What?!" tsk. She's really not in the mood.

"Hm, can you help me?" I asked and smiled awkwardly.

"What? Hurry and I'm late," she said.

"We are already late. Can you show me where the garden is? I just want to go there. Can you come with me?" I pleaded. She hesitated and stared at me.

"Fine." she resigned, and I smiled, then followed her.

I think she's kind. Maybe she wasn't in the mood earlier, or perhaps woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Well, I want to be friends with her.

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