LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 9: Doubting Luna's Identity (Part 1)


"Maybe you're the traitor, Luna? We still don't know where you came from." Zenon said, full of doubt. I know from the beginning that he has been doubting me.

"She's my cousin, Zenon," Ereia said, a little irritated.

"Shut up, Ereia! I know you have no other relatives," Zenon spat, brows furrowed together.

I sighed. "Don't cover me up, Ereia," I said and smiled at her, but she looked so worried about me.

"But..." she hesitated.

"Don't worry," I assure her.

"What's going on?" Headmaster Gray butt in when he arrived.

"Headmaster, someone from Drazona Land, entered here and killed those two students. And they accused Luna of being a traitor." Ereia uttered while glaring at Zenon. Headmaster looked at me.

"How could I not? Think about it, we don’t know where Luna exactly came from. She’s not even your relative, Ereia.” Zenon said indifferently. What’s wrong with him?

Ereia gritted her teeth. “You don’t know a thing about her, Zenon! How dare you accuse Luna! Does that mean you’re doubting me too?” she said with a dim expression. Zenon didn’t utter a word.

I sighed and looked at them, one by one.

"I will tell you everything about me, but before that, I'll help the victims first. That only I can bring them back." I said in a hurry. I didn't wait for their answer and I approached the victim's body.

Damn! This is not good!

"Move!" I yelled, and they hastened away from me.

A magic circle appeared where I stood, and I felt my power overflowing around my body. I sat down and closed my eyes. Then I tried to enter the mind of the victim and good thing I didn't have a hard time entering.

It was so dark, but I still saw the victim crying in a corner.

"Who are you? Please help me... I don't want to die yet. Please..." he cried while trembling. He is begging for his life.

"Don't cry and please stand up." he nodded and stood up abruptly while still trembling in fear.

A wicked voice suddenly rang. "Don't go with her, Aaron! She will kill you!" the woman in black said, but with a wicked smile plastered on her lips. Aaron stiffened and looked at me warily.

"Don't listen to her, Aaron. That witch is lying. I am here to help you get out of here. Hold my hand if you want to live." I said sternly, but he was still hesitant. Damn it.

I underestimated the cunning witch woman because it was too late to avoid her attack when she suddenly stabbed me in my arm. Ugh! Hah! What a b*tch! To counter her attack, I threw her a light ball and she screamed in pain. It didn’t take long for her to turn into ashes. Phew. That’s as easy as I thought.

Because of what happened, Aaron holds on to me tightly while still shaking. Suddenly, a light covered him and I knew he was back in his body. Next, I entered the mind of another victim. I'm having a hard time because the victim is getting weaker. Not too long after, I finally got inside his mind. The boy has wounds on his whole body and he's currently fighting a large ugly black dog with sharp teeth and disgusting green saliva slipping in its mouth. The pungent smell is too strong, which made me gag.

Sh*t! This illusion is so strong. That's why no one can return to their bodies because of the torture. I smirked and dashed towards the ugly black dog ​​and charged an attack using an electric ball, then it flew away.

The ugly black dog glowered at me and rushed toward me while growling. I avoided its attack using its long, sharp claws. I don’t want to prolong the fight any longer because I couldn't take the disgusting smell anymore. Using my ice daggers, the ugly black dog froze at his feet and a few seconds later, it exploded. I gasped as I approached the victim. He's too weak.

"Please don't close your eyes, just take my hand," I uttered, and he took my hand without asking who I was. I guess he doesn't have the energy to do so. His body lights up and I know he's back in his body.

When I fluttered my eyes open, everyone was looking at me and I got a little anxious about their weird stare. I noticed I was still inside my magic circle. I was about to get up when I fell back down. Ugh.


"Luna, are you okay?" I turned my gaze to my side and saw Princess Alesia with a worried face.

"I'm fine. I will be fine." I said reassuringly. She sighed.

I closed my eyes and felt my wounds heal spontaneously. After that, Princess Alesia helped me stand up.

"Luna, you make us worried. Are you okay?" Venice said and hugged me. I smiled.

"I'm fine, Venice, so don't worry," I said while tapping her back and then pulled away from the hug.

"What happened? I was worried sick when you suddenly grunted and hurt deeply," she asked. I sighed and said, "I just got into a fight while saving the victims."

"Luna..." Ereia called, and I turned to her with a small smile.

"Don't worry, Ereia, I'm fine," I said. She approached me and hugged me tightly while sniffling.

"I'm so worried. I thought something bad happened to you. Don't do that again, okay?" she said.

"I can't promise, Ereia," I mumbled truthfully. She pulled away from the embrace and let out a sigh. I gave her a small smile and wiped her tears.

"Just be safe." That's all she said. I nodded as I patted her shoulder.

Then I approached the two bodies of the victims and touched their foreheads while my hands lit up. After I did that, I stood up and looked at Headmaster Gray. "Headmaster, they are fine now. But it will take time for them to wake up because of the mental trauma." I said. He nodded with a smile.

"Thank you, Ms. McCleen, for your help," he said sincerely, and I just smiled at him. He then ordered someone to bring the victims to the infirmary, then he excused himself. But before that, he told me not to worry because he knew I’m not a traitor.

Then I turned to Zenon with a blank expression.

"How did you do that? I thought you were an Ice manipulator? Who really are you, Luna?" Zenon said quizzically. I looked at him coldly.

"I am more than that, Zenon," I said.

I looked at Ereia and the others. “I’ll just need to go somewhere. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to explain everything.” I said and vanished from everyone's sight. I felt tired of what I did earlier, so I wanted to rest for a while. The only place I could think of is the forest where Ereia saw me before.

"Haleyna!" I called out, and my voice echoed in the forest.


I smiled when I saw the five adorable little fairies flying in my direction.

"How are you?" I asked while smiling. Seeing them somehow lifts my mood.

'We're fine, Luna!' they said, happily.

'Would you like to come to our home, Luna? Queen Freya wanted to see you!' Haleyna said with excitement. Of course! I want to see their home!

"Really?! Sure!" I said enthusiastically, and they squealed with excitement.

'Then follow us!' they said in unison, then flew upward. I smiled and followed them.

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