LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 9: Doubting Luna's Identity (Part 2)


Next month, it's my and Luna’s birthday and I don’t feel like celebrating without Luna. But until now, there is still no news of her whereabouts. It has been a month since she left the palace.

Where are you, Luna?

I miss her so much. My feet took me to her bed, and I lay down. I looked at Luna's side table and I didn't know, but it seemed like it was urging me to open its drawers. I got up from the bed and slowly opened the first drawer. A thick book greeted me.

Wait! This is the book Luna was reading before. I read the book's title.

'The Mystery of the Madag Forest'

Madag Forest? Isn't this the forest that everyone fears? I opened the book and started reading it. It took me an hour to read until I finished it.

According to the book, Madag Forest is the home of a wide variety of creatures that eat magic users and humans. And no one has ever come out of the forest alive once you enter.

Has Luna gone there? That's right! I know her well. She will do what she wants to do when she becomes interested in something. And it is an advantage to her because she is invisible and monsters couldn’t detect her.

Was she already in the Madag Forest? I need to go there to find her. I grabbed my storage necklace and put all the things I would need on my journey. Then I change my clothes and put on a cloak. When I made sure everything was ok, I left the room.

"Leena, where are you going and what are you wearing?" Mama said when I bump into her in the hallway.

"Ma, I already know where Luna is..."

"Really?? Where is she?" Mama said with excitement while crying.

"She's in Madag Forest," I said.

"What?!" she was stunned and looked at me incredulously.

"Is it true? Luna is in Madag Forest?" Papa butted in and couldn't believe what he heard. I nodded at him.

"Yes, I'm sure she was there. The day before she left, I saw her reading a thick book. I asked her what she was reading, but she did not say a thing and I saw the book in her drawers. And that's the book about Madag Forest. You know her mama, papa. She's interested in the forest." I explained.

They let out a deep sigh.

"Of course, it is not impossible for her to go there because of her situation," Papa said.

"Yes, so I will find her and bring her home. I promise when I return, Luna will be with me." I said reassuringly.

"But it's dangerous there, Leena." mama said worriedly.

"Mama, even if it was dangerous, it's not an obstacle for me to not go there. I will find my twin no matter what and bring her back." I said with determination.

Mama and Papa said nothing because they knew I had already decided. I hugged them first before I finally left.

Wait for me, Luna.



"Wow!!" I uttered in awe.

The Fairy Land is like a paradise. Many fairies were flying everywhere and greeted me when they passed by. There are also different colored trees here and it blooms beautifully. Haleyna told me that when the trees and plants bloom, they have new baby fairies coming.

"Look, Luna! The baby is coming out!" they said excitedly, so I followed them up towards the huge bud of a flower.

I smiled as we watched the petals slowly open, one by one. The flower is really beautiful because it is a rainbow color and most of all; it is huge!

"Do you know what, Luna? That flower didn't open for a really long time! It's so surprising that the baby's coming out now when you are here! Could it be because of you?" Haleyna said, meaningfully.

"Mother Queen Freya is coming! She found out that the baby inside the rainbow flower is coming out!" Yna said happily.

We turn our attention to our left when someone is coming our way. The Queen of the Fairies! I never thought that the Queen was big like me. I thought she was as small as Haleyna. She came up to me while smiling.

"Are you Luna? Nice to meet you. I am Freya, the Queen of the Fairies," she said. I gave her a small smile.

"Yes, I am Luna. Nice to meet you, Queen Freya." she smiled sweetly at me and then turned to the rainbow flower that slowly opened.

"There it is, there it is..." the fairies mumbled restlessly, while Queen Freya and I were just staring at the flower. Everyone is excited to see what the baby looks like.

Only one huge petal remained covered, so we patiently waited for the baby to come out. It surprised us when suddenly someone peeked. It was a pair of round baby blue eyes. The fairies were startled and everybody hid behind my back and Queen Freya clutched onto me tightly. Seriously? Pft.

I couldn't help but laugh, and then I slowly went closer to the flower. Someone peeked again, and I saw a cute baby! My eyes sparkled.

I made eye to eye contact with the baby, and she suddenly smiled at me while she sparkled. It surprised me when the baby suddenly jumped on me and my eyes widened when she called me ‘Mama’.

"Ma-ma!" the baby said while giggling.

I smiled at the baby, and she hugged me ecstatically. I looked at the fairies, especially at Queen Freya. They approached us, then we went down to the ground, and the baby jumped on the grass happily.

"How could the baby have no wings? And she was born like a human being! I can't believe it!" Queen Freya said while looking at the baby unbelievably.

The fairies approached the baby enthusiastically, and the baby was giggling, so they played with each other. And I can't believe a newborn baby can walk and talk.

"Mother Queen Freya! What shall we name her?" Haleyna asked excitedly.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly, our eyes widened in shock. It confused us because all the fairies suddenly grew bigger when the baby held them.

"That child is the key for us to return to normal!" Queen Freya said, with tears streaming down her face.

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused.

"The fairies were not small back then because everyone can transform into human beings. Our wings only come out when we fly. We are also like you then. We interacted with magic users for years, but a magic user got angry with us and cursed us. All the fairies have become small since then and couldn't transform into our human form. And I, on the other hand, stayed big with wings but couldn't make myself small like everyone." She explained.

Now I understand.

"In that case, the magic-user also cursed all of you to not be heard by any magic users?" she nodded. How cruel of that magic-user?!

"Who is the magic user that cursed you?" I asked curiously.

"That magic-user is very scary. He is a powerful creature. His name is 'Alamaddin' and he is from another world like you."

Alamaddin? I didn't know that name. I haven't heard of it.

"What world is he from?" I asked quizzically.

"Moondrous World." What?!

"Moondrous World? That's my world! But I don't know him. How long has he been here?" Queen Freya was surprised by what I said.

"As far as I remember, he was here over ten decades ago. And no one knows if he is still alive or dead," she said.

I think about what Queen Freya said. Could it be that there is a connection with Alamaddin about why I am stuck in this world? I shook my head to erase the thoughts. Maybe destiny brought me here. Yeah, I guess that's it.

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