LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 10: Fairy Land (Part 1)


It was already dark when I came back from Fairy Land and I directly teleported into the academy's garden. Because of baby Shan (the newborn fairy), I didn’t notice the time. That baby is just too cute and the fairies let me name the baby. And because of it, baby Shan won’t let me go and wants to come with me. Luckily, Queen Freya thought of a way to get Shan to stay in Fairy Land.


It surprised me when two voices called my name, so I turned around and saw Princess Alesia and Venice looking at each other. The two girls approached me at the same time. But Venice was glaring at me. Am I in trouble?

"Uh, hi?" I said awkwardly. Venice looked at me sharply while Princess Alesia breathed a sigh of relief while looking at me with a small smile.

I got up and smiled awkwardly.

Venice sighed, then walked closer and hugged me with a sob. I tap her back with a smile. She was worried about me.

"I'm very worried about you. I thought you would never come back… don't do that again, okay?" she sniffed, and I smiled. Even though we only met for a short time, she became my friend.

"I'm sorry for disappearing... I just went somewhere to breathe because I was tired earlier." She pinched my cheek as we pulled away.

"If you weren't just so cute! Hmph!"

"Hehe, am I forgiven?"

"Tsk. Yes." She pouted, and I chuckled.

"Ahem," I turned to my side and saw the Princess.

"Ah, Princess Alesia," I smiled at her and she smiled back.

"It's late and cold, so let's go back inside," she said, and I nodded. Venice snorted silently.

We just walked quietly to the dorm. Venice said goodbye first because her room was on the east side. So now it’s only Princess Alesia and me, walking awkwardly.

Suddenly, Princess Alesia halted and let out a sigh while looking around.

"What?" I uttered with a creased forehead and my eyes widened when she opened the door beside her and then pulled me inside.

I hadn't reacted yet when she suddenly hugged me tightly. I was stunned by what she did. Then she pulled away slightly just to look into my eyes without breaking the hug.

What happened in the garden when we first met flashed in my head, so I looked away from her in embarrassment. To cover up my flustered self, I just looked around the room.

"Who’s this room?" I asked, and that’s when she released me. I sighed in relief.

"It's mine. Hmm... have you eaten yet? Do you want me to cook for you?" she asked shyly. Her face has a tint of red. Hehe, I guess she’s embarrassed too.

"Hmm, it’s fine. I’m not hungry." Her expression changed and smiled sadly.

"Ah, I see." She motions me to sit on the sofa.

“Hmm, Luna?”


"Can... you stay here tonight? Please?" she uttered, staring into my eyes.


"I just..." she sighed. "I just miss you... I was looking for you everywhere, but I couldn't find you. And I was so scared that what if something bad might happen to you out there." she said and looked down.

I sighed. "You don't have to worry about me. I can handle myself."

She looked up and asked, "Where did you go?"

I gave her a small smile. "Hm, I can't tell you yet... sorry. Don't worry, I will tell you about it with everyone."

She nodded reluctantly. "Okay."

"Ah, Princess..."

"It's Alesia. Please call me Alesia," she said firmly.

"Ok. Alesia..." I uttered, and she smiled, satisfied.

"What are you going to ask?" she asked.

"Hm, Alesia... d-do you... do you like me?" I asked while staring into her eyes. She gasped and looked down again. And she seemed tense because she kept playing with her hands. She breathes deeply.

Suddenly, an awkward silence fell over us. A few minutes later, she looked up and gazed at me.

"I don't know, Luna. I don't know, but whenever you are nearby, I want to be by your side. I felt so excited to see you and talk to you... I guess you are special to me, Luna."

My eyes widened slightly and my tongue got tied. I just stared at her, dumbfounded.

"Aish, what am I saying? I shouldn't have told you this..." she murmured and sighed deeply.

"I know it's wrong to feel this way, Luna, but I'm trying to restrain myself. It's just that... I can’t get my eyes off of you. I know we just met. But that night I met you, it was as if we both had a connection... I don't know if you felt that too. It's like there's a bond between us."

So, she also felt that connection? But it’s so weird. What does this mean?

I think it might be because we’re both princesses in a different world. It’s just my speculation, though. But...

"I don't want to hurt you, Alesia. Please, just ignore it. I felt that connection too, but it’s not that strong. It feels so wrong... It's just so... wrong." I said while shaking my head. Her eyes welled up, but I can tell that she was trying to suppress her tears.

"I know... but why is it so hard? Since I saw you, you are always been in my mind. I always think of you even though I don't want to. I feel like I'm going crazy thinking about you all the time. Do you know that? Ugh," she said and closed her eyes firmly.

I gasped, and my mouth hung in awe. I let out a deep breath and looked at her seriously.

"Then stop thinking about me... or the best thing to do is to forget what you feel for me and don't come near me or talk to me."

"That's ridiculous, Luna! I can't do that..." Her lips trembled while shaking her head in disbelief.

"I know you can, Alesia," I said, feeling guilty.

"...." She was glaring daggers at me.

It surprised me when she suddenly burst out crying. My chest tightened at the sight, so I hugged her, trying to console her. And she clung to me tightly.

Please don't be like this, Alesia. It's getting hard for me too. I don't want to hurt you because I'm leaving this world soon...


When I opened my eyes, a dazzling light coming from outside hit my face. I groaned slightly. It's already morning. I looked beside me and saw Alesia still sleeping next to me. Her face looks so restless. Despite being hurt last night, she still insists on letting me stay the night. I slowly got off the bed, careful not to wake her up. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. I was about to undress when I realized I was not in my room. Oh geez! Then I teleported to my room.

In just a second, I was in my bedroom. I strip off my clothes and enter the bathroom to take a bath.

Afterward, I finished preparing for school, then I went out of my room. At the same time, Ereia also opened the door next to my room.

"Luna!" Ereia beamed and her face lit up when she saw me and jumped on me.


"Where did you go? We are so worried about you!" she pouted.

"Ok, ok, I'll tell you, just get off me first," I sigh in relief when she pulls away.

"I went to Fairy Land..." I said, and her eyes widened.

"Really?! It’s unfair! Why didn't you take me with you? How’s Yna and the others?" she whined, and I chuckled.

"Well, they're fine. And guess what? There's a newborn fairy! And she’s so cute!"

"Waahhh, really? I want to see her!!! When are you going back there? Let me come with you!" she said with excitement.

"I can't,"

Her wide smile slowly faded and frowned.

"WHAT?! Why not? Nooooooo! I'll go with you whether you like it or not!" She suddenly clung to my arm like a koala. I shook my head in disbelief. She’s acting differently today.

"Hey! Where is Ereia? What did you do to her? Oh! Leave her body in this instant or else I’ll put a spell on you!" I said playfully. She pouted and tightened her grip on me instead.

"Yah! What do you think of me? Please let me go with you?! Pretty please?" she still insisted while pouting.

"You're not really Ereia..." I teased while shaking my head.

"Waaahhh, Luna! Stop teasing me! I’m the one and only Ereia!" she whined and pouted more.

"You are not the Ereia I knew," I said with a poker face because she won’t let my arm go.

Knock! Knock!

A knock on the door interrupts us. We walked to the door together. Yes, together, because Ereia still clings to me tightly like a koala.

When I opened the door, Venice greeted us with a wide smile.

"Good morning, Luna!... and Ereia."

"Morning," I said shortly, a little annoyed.

"Oh," her eyes widened when she saw Ereia clinging to my right arm and still pouting like a duck.

"Hey! Let go of Luna!" She rebukes Ereia.

"Noooo! I won’t let her go! Hmph!" Ereia glared at Venice.

"Haist, you may enter Venice," I said, and we walked towards the sofa and sat down. Venice sat beside me while looking sharply at Ereia, then she also clung to my left arm.

"Tsk. What's the matter with you two?" I let out with an annoyed expression.

I saw the two glare at each other and scoff. What’s with them today? Why is Ereia acting like this? Ugh.

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