LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 10: Fairy Land (Part 2)

Knock! Knock!

A knock on the door interrupts us again. The three of us looked at each other and I nudged the two to get to the door, but they remained rooted to the seats. How can I stand when these two girls are clinging to me like a koala?

In the end, we stood together to get to the door.

"Can you two let me go already?" I said with a poker face. They shook their heads while pouting. Tsk. Childish.


I just let out an exhausted sigh. When we opened the door, Zaphe was smiling like a dog.

But his smile slowly faded upon seeing us. I just look at him with a poker face.

"What the hell?" he blurted out.

"Hey! What are you doing to Luna?" Nicole appeared behind Zaphe.

"Tsk." Leemin snorted and Claudette chuckled.

We turned and walked back to sit on the sofa. They look at us weirdly.

"Hey! Ere! Is it the day of the month?" Claudette shook her head while grinning.

Ereia pouted. Tsk. That's why she acted like a child. Hmph. This girl is weird.

They all laughed, but I still wore my poker face expression.


"Fortunately, I was not the first one Ereia saw, hahaha," Zaphe said.

"Hey! You two! Let go of Luna already!" Claudette tried to get the two off of me but to no avail.

“No! It’s comfortable here.” Venice and Ereia both said. Claudette shook her head and looked at me with a smile.

"Wait, since we have a week off, why don't we go to Emerald City?" Zaphe said, and their eyes shone. What's in the Emerald City?

"You want to go, Luna?" Venice asked.

"No. I'm going somewhere now… Oh, damn it! Why am I wearing a school uniform?" my face scrunched up at my stupidity. They laughed at me and they just noticed my attire. I’m the only one wearing a uniform.

“It’s ok, Luna,” Nicole said while suppressing her laughter.

"Where are you going?" they asked in unison. Seriously?

"Secret," I smirked.

"Waahh, I'm coming with you, Luna!" Ereia said with excitement. I guess she knew where I was going.

"Eh?! Then I'll come with you too!" Venice said. Aisshh!

"Then we're coming too!" Zaphe, Nicole, and Claudette said at once. Leemin had a poker face.

Knock! Knock!

"Oh, they’re here!" Nicole stood up to open the door and Zenon and Alesia got in. Alesia was trying to avoid my gaze.

"So, where do you really plan to go, Luna? And wait, explain to us where you went yesterday? We've been looking for you all day." Zaphe asked, and they all looked at me.

I heaved a sigh. "Fine. I'll tell you."

They are looking at me seriously.

"I went to Fairy Land," I said.

"In Fairy Land? Isn't that a place for fairies?" they mumbled.

"What are you doing there? Did they hurt you?" I shook my head at Alesia's question. I smiled at her.

"They're not what you think they are. They are kind creatures. In fact, I can understand them..." I said, and that piqued their curiosity.

"What?! Are you serious?" Zenon was stunned.

"Yes... and I can talk to them,"

Their mouths hung in awe, and their eyes widened in disbelief.

"How did that happen? How can you understand them? No one understands them ever since..." they blabbered.

"No, you're wrong Zenon. They are also like us before they were cursed..." I said.


"Yes, they are cursed because of a misunderstanding between fairies and magic users, but that curse was already lifted just yesterday."

Their eyes widened more.

"Wait! I don't understand. How did you know all this?" Zenon asked with doubt.

"Because of their Queen. I went to their land, remember?"

"How... How did the curse disappear?" Alesia asked, her eyebrows knitted together.

"Because of the newborn fairy. She has the power of breaking the curse."

They looked at each other, still doubting my statement. I sighed.

"I'll bring you to Fairy Land, but only if Queen Freya let you..." I said and their eyebrows furrowed while looking at me except Ereia.

"But how can we talk to her?" Claudette asked.

"It’s simple."

My eyes lit up, then I snapped my fingers and in just a second, Queen Freya was in front of us.

"Luna! How did I get in here?" She said in astonishment.

"Uh, because of my power?"

"Ok, you're being sarcastic, Luna. Why did you summon me? Oh no, Shan might look for me. She’s crying now for sure." she said while slightly panicking.

"Tsk. Fine. Hm, will you allow my friends to go to Fairy Land?" when I mentioned friends, she looked around us. And the guys were staring at Queen Freya with jaws dropped.

"Uh, hi! Are you Luna's friend? I'm glad to meet you... I'm Queen Freya of Fairy Land." she said with a wide smile.

Everyone was still gaping at Queen Freya in awe. I think it hasn't sunk into their minds yet.

"Are you a fairy? I thought the fairies were small?" Zaphe uttered in disbelief.

"Yes. Well, I can make myself small with wings and all. Oh anyway, I let you all enter my kingdom, but on one condition!" Queen Freya said.

"What condition?" I asked.

"Make sure they don't cause trouble in my kingdom or else they won't be able to get out alive in the Fairy Land." she threatened and everyone gasped.

I nodded. "Ok. So what do you think, guys?"

Everyone was still dumbfounded.

"Ah... eh.." they mumbled.

"Ih… oh... uh..." I continued playfully. Are they going to spell the vowels? Haha. "Tsk."

I snapped my fingers, and in just a blink, we were already in Fairy Land.

"Woah!" They all gasped and looked at the surroundings.

"How did we get here quickly? You're so awesome, Luna!" Queen Freya exclaimed happily. Queen Freya sometimes acted like a kid. She’s becoming hyper again. I thought at first that she was mature, but I was wrong. She’s childish sometimes.

Venice and Ereia were still clinging to my arm while gaping at the colorful plants and trees.

"This is paradise..." Ereia and Venice uttered in awe. I just smiled.

I breathed a sigh of relief as their grip loosened a bit. So I took that opportunity to break free and fly upwards.

"Waaahhh, Luna! Don't leave us!" they shouted, but I just chuckled.

I flew up and went to Freya's floating palace.

I saw baby Shan chasing Haleyna at full speed. Shan is really a strange fairy. She grows so fast.

"Mama!" Shan called and giggled when she saw me. She ran towards me and hugged me tightly.

"I miss you, baby Shan! Haist, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Big Sister Luna?! My baby is really naughty!" I giggled and tickled her. Then she burst out laughing.

"Hahaha, stop! Enough!" Shan whined while panting. She is really cute. I can't help but pinch her chubby cheeks. So adorable. She just giggled in return.

"I want to fly! Let's fly!" she exclaimed.

"Ok! Then chase after us! Hahaha," I said, then Haleyna and I flew away from Shan.

"Wahhhh, you’re unfair! Wait for meeee!" We just laughed because of Shan's tantrums. It surprised me when Shan's speed suddenly sped up. My eyes widened because she was about to reach me. Haleyna also flew at full speed.

I stopped for a moment when an idea popped up in my head and Shan stopped in front of me, wondering why I halted. I smiled and spread my angel wings.

Shan was surprised, and her eyes sparkled in awe.

"Wow!" I laughed and flew faster away from the distracted Shan. When Shan recovered, she chased after me while whining. Our laughter echoed throughout the place.

We were having a good time together when Queen Freya also joined. Ereia and the others just stared at us in amazement. I think they’re surprised to see my angel wings.

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