LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 11: The New Prophecy (Part 1)

[Third Person POV]

While Luna was chasing her fairy friends, Alesia and the others couldn't stop thinking about her. They all have the same thoughts.

'Who are you, Luna?'

The thought lingered in their mind longer and they came up with different speculation about Luna.

"Ereia, how did you meet Luna?" Zenon asked while still brooding. Ereia and the others looked at him.

"We met in the Enchantreia forest," Ereia answered with a smile while recalling her memories.

"What are you doing there?" Zaphe asked, curious.

"Well, I thought I could spot a spy from Drazona Land because I felt a powerful presence. And I saw her walking freely in the forest. I thought she was a Drazonian, so I attacked her but I was wrong because she didn’t know about our world. She didn't even attack me back." Ereia said.


"How could she not know the Enchantreia World?"

"Because she's not from our world..." Ereia uttered.


“Are you kidding us, Ereia?” everyone said unbelievably.

“Then she’s from another world?” Alesia murmured, then glanced at Luna.

'Is Ereia telling the truth?' Alesia thought and looked at the fairies and Luna, who were having fun chasing each other.

The more she stares at Luna, the more she finds her interesting. But Alesia was scared because of her growing admiration for Luna. She tries to forget how she feels just like what Luna had said to her last night in her room, but she really can't do it, especially because she always thinks about her.

"Then where did she come from?" Zenon asked seriously.

Ereia was silent and thought before speaking. "I am not in the right position to tell you about her. If you want to know, ask her instead..."

Zenon didn’t press the matter because Ereia refused to speak more. They know they can't force her because it seems like she’s protecting Luna's identity.

They still have a lot to know about Luna’s real identity.



A few days passed by. I stayed in Fairy Land while Ereia and the others came back to the academy to rehearse for the upcoming leveling. They knew I was just here, so they didn't look for me anymore. I just heave a sigh.

Of course, the reason for my stay here in Fairy Land is to train. I didn’t slack off. I used most of my time honing my other powers.

Leveling will take place tomorrow, so it’s time to go back to the Academy now. As usual, I subconsciously teleported into the garden again. Because I feel better every time I see trees and plants, especially the moon.

"I know you’re here,"

I looked behind me and smiled.

"Alesia… How did you know I was here?" I asked.

"Because of your unique aura and I know you are here because it’s your favorite spot..." she said with a smile.

I nodded and sighed. "How’s your training?"

"Hm, it's ok… I think."

I hummed. Then silence envelopes between us. I looked at her, and I caught her staring at me and suddenly, she looked away.

"Ah... Luna... Uhm, I have somewhere to show you and I'm sure you'll like it!" she said with a smile, so I smiled back because her smile was contagious.

"Where?" She took my hand and held it gently. She just smiled and dragged me with her. We walked for only about ten minutes until we stopped and when I looked forward, I saw a cliff. There was a huge tree on top of the cliff and I looked around the area. It’s beautiful... I never thought there would be something like this behind the academy.

I looked at the bottom of the cliff, and it was very high. Below, there was a peaceful lake. The moonlight reflecting into the water added to the beautiful scenery. We sat under the tree and watched the moon in comfortable silence. It is better to look at the moon here than in the garden. I subconsciously smiled. I rested my head on Alesia's shoulder. She flinches slightly and then relaxes.

"Thank you for bringing me here, Alesia... It's beautiful!"

She hummed. "I always go here whenever I feel sad or have trouble thinking. I discovered this place when I was young."



It was already late at night, so I entered the cave I saw earlier. I've been here for a few days but I still haven't seen Luna or even detected her aura. And I couldn’t talk to her through mind-link.

Anyway, what I read in the book was true that many creatures live here in the Madag Forest. I come across different creatures. Surprisingly, they did not even attack me. I tried to approach them, but they just bowed to me and never bothered me. That’s so unlikely.

I was also with the creatures inside the cave.

But the sudden light inside the cave suddenly dazzled me. Out of curiosity, I slowly walked toward that light. I thought I would see Luna, but someone else greeted me. A woman dressed in white and apparently in her early 30s. The woman had her back on me; she was busy watching something in a hologram.

"Who are you?" I asked, and the woman slowly turned to look at me.

Her eyes widened slightly upon seeing me.

"Luna? Are you back? How?" my ears perked up at the name she uttered.

"Who are you? Do you know where Luna is? I am Leena, Luna's twin sister. Please tell me where my twin is... I've been looking for her for a few days now..."

"Huh? Luna has a twin?" She blurted out in surprise. Then she looks at me seriously. "Alright, you are not Luna, because your aura differs from her."

"Please tell me where my twin is..."

"I'm sorry, but Luna is no longer here. It’s been over two weeks ago."

"WHAT? And where did she go?"

"Follow me..."

It surprised me when she suddenly jumped on an enormous bat. Woah! I followed her, and we traversed into the dark forest. She took me to the far end of the forest and there was a huge, mysterious tree standing there.

"The mysterious tree swallowed Luna..."

"WHAT?! No! Luna!" I approached the tree with tears streaming down my face. No... how did that happen? I panicked. I don’t know what to do without her in my life.

"Don't worry, because that tree is a portal. The portal goes to different dimensions. Your destiny is the one that will decide where the portal will take you. I know Luna is fine, but it will take her a while to get back here. It's been a long time since that tree was opened for someone."

"Then the portal opened to Luna?"

"I guess. Because it didn’t swallow me when I tried." the woman sighed.

"Are you sure?" It’s unbelievable.

She nodded. "Maybe Luna is fated to go to other dimensions. Also, I don't know because Luna just entered the portal by accident. She was just fascinated by the tree, but when she touched the tree, it suddenly sucked her forcefully." My eyes quickly welled up.

"I will follow my twin and I will look for her no matter what!" I said, determined. As I touched the tree, my eyes widened as my hands slipped through.

"Impossible... But Leena... there’s a possibility the portal will take you to another dimension..."

I didn’t pay attention to what the woman said because I was slowly being pulled forward by a strong force that swallowed me completely. I didn’t even catch the woman’s name. Well, I will look after her when I come back.


[Third Person POV]

When Leena entered the portal, something burst into the sky and everyone couldn’t determine what was just happening. Something breaks that caused the earthquake.

"What's going on?!" Lumeena let out, her heart racing in nervousness.

"Your Highness! Your Majesty! The book of prophecy has opened!" The knight reported that the royal couple quickly went to the prophecy room. When they arrive, the book glows and suddenly, the letters float.

They were stunned while reading the prophecy and nervous about the possible occurrence. They didn’t expect that their two princesses are the key to unsealing the locked portal to other dimensions.

The King and Queen were even more worried about their twin’s future when the Oracle spoke. "The portal has opened and we are free to go to various dimensions but it also means that evil creatures may enter Moondrous World. We need to be prepared because a dreaded war is about to take place. The twins should be protected and not let the Evilandians capture them because they will use the twins to wake up their former King who has been unconscious for decades. He shouldn’t wake up or else it will be the end of the world."

The King and Queen could only pray for the safety of their twins.

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