LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 12: Leena in Another Dimension (Part 2)


It’s now Zenon and Claudette’s turn to duel. A fire user versus an air user.

Zenon attacked first, using a fireball, but Claudette avoid it with her fast speed like a wind. Claudette releases an air dagger as a counterattack. Zenon dodges it swiftly. And now, they are exchanging attacks and they look so serious glaring at each other.

"Fire dagger!" Zenon cast and the daggers flew in a swift motion toward Claudette, but she immediately cast on a shield. "Air shield!" The fire almost burns her as it pierces through the shield.

Claudette ran and cast. "Invisible air dagger!"

At the same time, Zenon released a huge fireball. "Air barrier!" Claudette cast. The fireball is so strong and it almost burns her into toast.

Zenon immediately put a fire barrier around him.

"Air fist!" Claudette attacked, but suddenly the fire grew stronger. Claudette's eyes widened and backed away in a hurry.

"I won't prolong this fight!" Zenon shouted, and the crowd cheered loudly. "Fire dragon!" he cast.

A gigantic fire dragon came out above Zenon. Woah.

However, Claudette smirked and also summoned her guardian. "Air phoenix!"

“Attack!” they both yelled and the two guardians attacked each other. Claudette and Zenon also exchange attacks. Suddenly, their attacks exploded and now the stage was covered with smoke. Everyone fell silent and waited for the smoke to subside.

When the smoke subsided, Claudette was lying unconscious on the floor and Zenon remained standing with a few cuts. Zenon won the duel. He got a score of 99 while Claudette scored 98. Wow, that's great! Everyone applauded loudly. So far, Zenon has the highest score.

"You are so awesome, Prince Zenon!" the crowd cheered.

Huh? Prince Zenon? He is a prince? Eh, I don't know that.

"The last duel for today will be Princess Alesia Gregory versus Luna Syesha McCleen!" Headmaster Gray announced, and my eyes widened. Alesia is my opponent?!


"Woah! Luna and Princess Alesia?"

“Isn’t Luna a beginner? What was the headmaster thinking?”

"Gosh! I know the Princess will win! No one can beat her!"

The crowd blabbered, and they looked at me with judgmental eyes as I stood up from my seat.

"Good luck, Luna! Show us a good fight!" Ereia and Venice said with excitement while Zaphe, Leemin, and Nicole smiled at me while mouthing good luck.

I nodded and walked to the stage. The crowd cheered for Alesia. I saw Alesia already on stage and looking at me with a serious expression. When I stopped across from her, we stared at each other.

When Headmaster Gray signaled us to begin the fight, no one moved. We just stared at each other and sighed at the same time. We both gave each other a small smile.

"Show me what you've got, Luna,"

"Same to you, Alesia,"

She smirked and cast an attack. "Fireballs!"

I just dodge her attack and cast. "Freeze!" I froze her fireballs, and they turned red ice. She stopped with disbelief on her face, but she attacked again.

"Water dagger!" she attacks, and I immediately dodge it with an ice shield.

"Ice meteors!" I uttered and attacked her back.

"Earth shield!" she counterattacked and her shield was now covered with my ice.

"Earth fist!" I avoided her attack with a smirk.

The crowd gasped as well as Alesia because I covered her earth fist with ice. I saw everyone's shocked faces because I turned Alesia’s attack into ice so fast without casting a spell.

Alesia looked at me with a stunned expression.

"How did you do that?" she asked, but I just smiled at her, mysteriously.

Suddenly, all of Alesia’s attacks that I turned into ice were slowly moving. Alesia looked at my hand and then looked at the moving ice I created. Yes, I control all the ice I released earlier.


[Third Person POV]

Everyone witnessed how the ice was slowly forming. They gasped when the ice formed into a giant. But what was even more surprising was that its eyes were burning with fire. Everyone remembers it was Princess Alesia’s fireball that Luna covered with thick ice. And the giant’s body is also Princess Alesia’s earth fist that Luna also covered with thick ice.

The crowd was stunned, including the King and Queen of the Enchantreia Kingdom. It was the first time they saw that kind of technique. And they know that using such a technique will consume a large percentage of energy.

Unbeknownst to them, Luna only uses 1% of her power.

Princess Alesia was caught off guard by Luna’s technique. She felt excited and smiled at Luna. Now she’s ready for another attack. She summoned her elemental guardian.

"Elemental Dragon!" she cast and a golden dragon appeared and growled loudly. Luna smiled because the princess was going all out with her power.

The crowd cheered and felt ecstatic. They couldn’t wait to see more of Princess Alesia’s ability. They finally saw their princess' elemental guardian.

"Luna is so strong!" Venice exclaimed with excitement.

"Princess Alesia is still stronger!" Nicole said.

"Nah, don't underestimate Luna. Remember, she came from another world? She could make a giant with just her hand without casting." Ereia defended Luna. The others give it a thought and now they’re interested in what would be Luna's counterattack on Alesia’s elemental dragon.

The battle continues. Luna’s giant ice and the elemental dragon are now fighting face on. Meanwhile, Luna and Princess Alesia were also exchanging attacks.

"Air dagger!" Princess Alesia attacked, and Luna quickly avoided it. Princess Alesia continued releasing an air dagger while Luna swiftly avoided her attack like she was just dancing in the air effortlessly. Luna stepped into the floating ice ladder she made and jumped on it while Princess Alesia attacked her using four elemental balls.

Everyone notices Princess Alesia catching her breath while shivering a bit, but she continues attacking Luna. Princess Alesia already used half of her power and her energy was almost drained, but Luna is still so relaxed like she didn’t use up her energy at all. It surprised everyone to the core.

They are wondering why Luna looked so calm and at ease, like she was so used to fighting.

As the giant ice and the elemental dragon collided, everyone already expected that Alesia's elemental dragon was going to win because it was strong. Right before their eyes, the giant ice exploded to pieces. Everyone thought it was all over, but they saw Luna smirk. The crowd gasped again in shock when the scattered ice gradually formed again into a dragon.

An ice dragon!

Everyone’s eyes widened, and they couldn’t help but be amazed at Luna.

“Woah, she’s so amazing!”

The crowd couldn’t contain their excitement and the entire auditorium chanted Luna and Princess Alesia’s names loudly.

"I told you not to underestimate Luna!" Ereia said to her friends with a wide smile. Her friends were gaping at Luna in disbelief, as well as Zenon.

The two dragons attack each other. The ice dragon releases a tremendous amount of ice while the elemental dragon releases enormous flames. And then the two dragons just exchanged attacks until Luna's ice dragon exploded into pieces again. The elemental dragon growled.

Everyone thought Luna was at a disadvantage now because of the elemental dragon.

"I didn't know you were so good at fighting, Luna." Princess Alesia said with a smile and summoned back her elemental dragon because it was wounded.

Luna smiled back. "Same here, Alesia. But I know you are exhausted. You lost 50% of your power because of your excessive use of the four elements. And your energy slowly drained because of the cold temperature here."

The crowd gasped at Luna's words. That's why the princess was shivering because of the cold.

"How did you know?" Princess Alesia asked in surprise.

"I know you used your fire magic to ease the cold, and it reduces your energy. To tell you the truth, I only used up 5% of my power."

Everyone was dumbfounded, as well as Alesia. It is unbelievable to hear. And now the crowd blabbered in disbelief. Noise filled the entire auditorium.

"Are you kidding me?" Princess Alesia blurted out in disbelief.

"No. Why should I? Let's finish this, Alesia."

"Ok. Let's finish this, Luna."

"Elemental ball!" Princess Alesia created an enormous elemental ball that amazed the crowd.

"Oh, no! Her attack would use up all her energy!" Nicole uttered, her voice filled with worry.

"What is she thinking? Is she going to kill herself?!" Zenon said with concern.

Luna was surprised. She didn’t expect Alesia to use an elemental ball. But she could only sigh and shook her head.

‘Hayy. Ok, I'm going to finish this.’ Luna murmured to herself and then released a huge ice ball as a counterattack. It’s thick enough to dodge an elemental ball.

They attacked at the same time, and their attacks collided with a loud thud. The collision created thick, dark smoke. The crowd made a noise, eager to see what happened on the stage because they couldn’t see anything. When the smoke subsided, everyone gasped in shock. They couldn’t believe the result.

Everyone has the same thoughts.


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