LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 13: Medusa (Part 1)

[Third Person POV]

When the statues came back to life, it shocked the whole town of Agua. For them, it was a miracle. No one knows the truth and a lot of speculation is circulating around the town like a wildfire. Marga and Leena kept the incident a secret because everyone might wonder how she did it. She can’t explain that she is not an ordinary human. They might accuse her of being a monster and chase her out of town, or worse, kill her.

However, Marga still can't believe what happened. She was still confused about how Leena’s touch turned the statues back to life. So she wonders if Leena has a power like Medusa?

Leena looked at Marga, who was lost in deep thoughts. She knew Marga wondered how she turned the statue back to life. They find out that every time she touches the statues; they turn back to life but fall unconscious. Out of pity, Leena touches all the statues, and afterward, they leave before someone sees them doing a miracle.

"Marga? Are you ok?" Leena asked the girl who was still in a daze for a few hours now. But Leena didn’t get a response. She sighed. "Marga... Marga..." Leena called again. She scoffed and released a deep breath, then shouted, "MARGAAA!!!"

Marga was startled and leaped out of her seat swiftly and ran around the house while looking for something. "Holy moly! Wahhhh, is there a fire? Where’s the fire? Where? Where?"

Leena burst out laughing at Marga's reaction. It dumbfounded Marga when she realized there was no fire. She looked at Leena, who was still laughing so hard and wiping her tears from the corner of her eyes because of the laughter. Leena suppressed her laughter and cleared her throat.

"You’ve been staring at nothing in particular for hours now. And I've been calling you, but you didn’t respond and lost in deep thoughts. What are you thinking, anyway?" Leena asked.

"Well, Leena, how did you bring back the statues to life?" Marga questions, and Leena hesitates to tell Marga the truth. How could she explain she had power? Will it freak her out? She still doesn't trust Marga because they just met.

"Ahh, I don't know either." Leena half-lied. Well, she didn’t know that she had the power to undo the curse until earlier.

Marga nodded hesitantly and sighed deeply. All the thinking hurt her head, so she decided to let it go because it was stressing her out.

Meanwhile, in Enchantreia World, the fight between Princess Alesia and Luna spread like wildfire. Everyone still can't believe that Luna defeated Princess Alesia. The princess is still unconscious because of using her full power causing to weaken her body. Luna and her group of friends were at the clinic while watching over the princess.

"Luna, is it true that you only used 5% of your power?" Venice asked curiously. Until now, she still can’t believe what she heard earlier.

"Yeah," Luna replied, unbothered, while looking at Princess Alesia.

"Eh? Are you sure? As far as I know, when you do such a technique, it consumes so much of your energy. But after you use those techniques, you seem relaxed and… cool. How did you do that?" Nicole asked. Luna sighed because all their attention was now on her.

"And you know Luna, we're really curious about you... Where in the world are you really from?" Leemin also asked.

"If you consider us friends here, you will tell us the truth," Zenon said, and everyone agreed.

Luna let out a deep sigh when they bombarded her with questions. She had no choice but to tell them the truth.

"Ok. But I want Alesia to hear my story, so that I will never have to explain again." She said and everyone nodded their heads.

"But Princess Alesia is still unconscious..." Claudette said.

Luna just smiled at them and went to Alesia’s bed. She touched Alesia’s forehead and her hand glowed. After that, the princess groaned and slowly fluttered her eyes. Everyone was stunned because all they knew was that Luna was an ice manipulator.

"Princess Alesia is awake!" Nicole uttered in surprise.

"What happened?" Alesia asked in a raspy voice.

"Don't you remember what happened?" Zenon asked and Alesia was stunned when she slowly remembered what had happened during her duel with Luna.

"Oh, I remember now." She uttered and then looked at Luna with a smile. She still can’t believe that Luna defeated her.

"Now that Alesia is awake, I'll tell you everything. But not here..." Without getting a response from her friends, Luna teleported everyone to her and Ereia’s room.

"Woah! Did you teleport us here, Luna?" Zaphe asked in disbelief.

"I can’t believe you can teleport us all..." Claudette and Ereia exclaimed in disbelief.

Luna put a barrier all over the room so that no one could eavesdrop on them.

"Let's sit down first," Luna said, and everyone sat down on the sofa. Now, all the attention was on her. They waited for her to speak.

"Ok. It's like this... I'm not an ordinary magic user. In our world, I'm a princess that has never been known to the world."

"Huh?" Everyone has a confused expression.

Luna continued, "Because I was invisible ever since I was born."

"Huh? If you are invisible in your world, why can we see you now?" Alesia asked, confused.

Luna smiled faintly. "I ran away from the palace and went to a forest that is feared by magic users in our world because of the different dangerous creatures. I confidently went to that forest because I had no presence and was, yeah, invisible. After a few days of wandering around the forest, I met the guardian of the forest and she helped me. Then I saw a gigantic tree amongst the trees. It looked so mysterious and I touched it." She paused and looked at everyone’s curious expression.

She continued. "I didn’t know that the tree was a portal. But it’s too late because the portal forcefully swallowed me. And the portal takes me to the world of Majika."

"World of Majika?" Zaphe blurted out, and Luna nodded.

"Yes, it’s the world of wizards that uses a wand to release their magic. But what surprises me is that I am no longer invisible. It’s like a miracle. Everyone can see and hear me. I don't know what happened, but I'm thankful for it because being invisible is also exhausting. Then a war broke out, and I helped them defeat the enemy. And after I helped that world and returned to the former quiet and happy world, the portal suddenly opened, so I said goodbye to the people there who accepted me wholeheartedly. Knowing that I could return home, I never thought that the portal would bring me into this world. Now, I'm stuck in this world and I don't know why. Although the portal has now opened, something stops me from leaving." Luna looked at everyone’s reaction after she finished explaining.

They fell into deep thought. Luna’s story slowly sinks into their mind. They couldn’t believe what Luna had been through all these years for being invisible. They tried to put themselves on Luna’s feet and they felt terrible and sad. Luna suffered, and they felt bad for thinking that she was a traitor back then.

Suddenly, a loud explosion occurred. They gasped and leaped out of their seats in surprise.

"What was that?!" they uttered in unison. But Luna felt danger when she felt a dark aura inside the academy.

"Come on, let’s go!" They quickly got out of the dorm while running faster. They also pass by other students running in the corridor with terrified expressions.

When they came out of the building, they came across a student fighting a monster. Zenon and the others, except Alesia and Luna, help fight the monsters.

"How did the Drazonian get in?!" Alesia wondered and gasped.

"The protective barrier is too weak, so they easily break in..." Luna said, and Alesia looked at her in awe. Then Alesia fights back a monster that attacks her.

However, Luna saw a man in a black cloak with a grin on his lips while watching the fight intensely. Luna felt the man’s dark aura. She teleported behind the man and surprised the man with an attack.

"F*ck!" The man glared daggers at Luna. But later, the man smiled coyly at Luna as if thinking something inappropriate.

"Hey there, beautiful lady..." the man winked at Luna. And Luna rolled her eyes and snorted in disgust.

"Oh, hi!" Luna faked a smile and at the same time released an ice dagger swiftly that wounded the man’s face. Stunned by the surprise attack, the man touched his wounded face.

"Oh, I'm sorry…" Luna said while grinning.

The man looked at the blood on his hand. Seeing his hand tainted with his blood, his eyes immediately glazed over with anger. He immediately let out immense dark energy, which scared everyone except Luna, who was looking at the man with an unbothered expression.

"How dare you wound my smooth and handsome face?!" the man let out angrily while clenching his fists.

"Haha. Handsome? What part of your body? Tsk." Luna said sarcastically while laughing, which made the latter even angrier. So the man attacked Luna with his dark fire.

"Ooh, a black fire? Now, this is interesting!" Luna grinned and counterattacked using ice. They exchange attacks on each other in a swift movement while the man is still pissed off.

Luna was surprised because the man's dark fire was strong. It easily melted her ice with the dark fire. Luna smirked and released a white fire. The only power that can counter the dark fire.

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