LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 13: Medusa (Part 2)

[Third Person POV]

Everyone noticed another powerful aura and when their gaze found Luna, their eyes widened because Luna released a white fire which also surprised Luna’s opponent.

The man was stunned. "No. It can't be..." he said and for the first time felt danger. "H-How? I thought you were an ice manipulator? You also have the power of white fire?" he said incredulously and flummoxed.

Luna opened her eyes, and it was glowing with white light. She smiled at the man.

"You don’t know what I can still do besides my ice magic and white fire, so don't underestimate me..."

"Who are you?" the man asked seriously, though his voice was trembling, and felt goosebumps at the immense aura he felt from Luna.

"You are not worthy to know my name," Luna smirked.

Feeling insulted, the man releases a dark fire but Luna dodges it using her white fire. They attack each other while moving swiftly. Luna purposely let the man’s attack wounded her. When her wounds heal quickly because of her white fire, the man is stupefied. He doesn’t know what Luna could still do.

Even though he felt so uneasy, he still attacked Luna with his dark fire and now they attacked each other so fast, like lightning, which is hard to keep up, unless you followed their moves without batting an eyelash. Both are good at fighting and no one surrendered. But Luna was enjoying the fight because it made her blood pump with so much excitement.

When they stopped attacking, the man was almost out of breath and had many wounds while Luna remained unscathed, which angered the man.

"How?" he said in disbelief.

"I'm using white fire, remember? I can heal myself faster." Luna said, grinning evilly. The man backed away, seeing Luna’s expression.

"I'll come back again and I will kill you!" the man said and vanished in a swoop. Then the monsters also disappeared. Everyone was surprised and sighed in relief because they could finally rest. They looked at Luna with a stunned expression.

"Luna... your eyes," Ereia said in awe. With everyone staring at her, Luna immediately closed her eyes. She opened her eyes and returned to normal gray.

"I saw you fighting with Ezekiel. Be careful with him, Luna, because he's not just an ordinary dark user." Zenon said with caution.

"Who is he?" Luna asked.

"Ezekiel is the prince of the Drazona Land. We feared him because of his dark power. He has two abilities; a dark fire and he can create monsters like the ones we fought just now." Leemin explained.

"I'm not afraid of him. In fact, he’s afraid of me. That’s why he backed down. Anyway, I'm also a princess, remember? Which means I have a lot of hidden abilities."

"But don't be complacent, Luna, because any day and any time I'm sure they'll come back..." Venice said worriedly.

Everyone looked at Luna with concern. They also consider Luna a friend and they admire Luna’s ability.



"What’s wrong with the people?" I uttered, and Marga was surprised. Marga approached an old woman and asked. I followed her.

"Mrs. Roda! What's going on? Why is everyone in a hurry?"

"Oh, Marga! Go home now because someone saw Medusa here in town. The knights are now looking for her and hopefully, they will catch Medusa so that there will be no plague in our town!" the old woman said.

"Ah, is that so? All right, we'll go home now." Even though Marga was smiling, I knew she was worried about her friend Medusa.

We walked away, and I just followed Marga without saying a word. It surprises me when she goes in a different direction and it is towards the forest.

"Marga, where are we going?" I asked curiously.

"I'm going to look for Medusa. We have to find her first and warn her of the danger. I don't want them to capture her because they will kill her." she said with a tinge of worry.

"Do you really want to see her?" I asked, and she nodded.

"All right. I'll help you." I said, and she turned to me questioningly.

"Huh? How?" she murmured, and I just smiled at her and then scanned my vision through the forest. I can track people down just by using my wide night vision.

It shocked me when I saw a girl with something on her head moving. Is that really Medusa? A girl with a scary aura, her eyes are like a snake, sharp and dangerous. And her hair is full of snakes and they are big.

"What’s wrong, Leena?"

"I think I saw her..." I said.

"Really?! Where is she? Is she here?" Marga said eagerly, while looking around us.

"If we walk now, it will take us an entire night to travel because she is still a few kilometers away..." Marga’s eyes widened in surprise.

"What? How did you know—wait..." her eyes widened.

"Don't pay attention to what you notice now, Marga. You should stay silent about it because I have no intention of saying it yet. You might freak out, you know? And all I can say, Marga, is that I'm not an ordinary human." I said, and she became silent. So I started walking without her response.

"Wait! Wait a minute, Leena! Wait for me..." I slowed down so she could keep up with me. The two of us just walk quietly and sometimes we take a break because Marga is not used to walking for long hours. Her body is weak compared to mine because I was used to long walks.


"Shh," I shushed her to be quiet, and she covered her mouth. She must have noticed me scanning the area. I heard a lot of footsteps and I used my night vision again. People are coming our way. Tsk. It’s the knights patrolling the forest. I dragged Marga with me and we hid in the tree because they were approaching us. We can now hear their whispering.

"Hey, we've been looking for Medusa for a while now, but we still can't find her..."

"Yes, can we just come back?"

"Yeah, it's scary here."

The voices slowly faded, as did the footsteps. When they were far enough, we came out of our hiding place.

Marga stared at me in amazement. It looks like she wanted to say something but stop herself.

"I know what you are thinking. Come on, let's go. You can ask me after this." I said, and she sighed, then nodded. "Are the knights far away now?" she asked as we continued walking.

"Yes, they go in a different direction, so don’t worry," I said.

We traveled a few more hours before we reached a stream. It was also getting too dark, and we decided to rest first. I made a fire, and I knew Marga was surprised again.

"Wow!!" I smiled at Marga.

"Can I ask now, Leena?" she asked, and I nodded.

She took a deep breath first before asking. "You said you're not an ordinary human. Then what are you?" She looked at me without blinking, so I chuckled lightly.

"I am a being with the ability or power blessed by the gods and goddesses." She was stunned.

"Gods and Goddesses?"

"Yes. And I'm not from this world. I just came here to find my lost twin sister." I said sadly. And my thoughts filled with Luna again. I wonder how she’s doing now. Is she okay?

"You have a twin? Wow! That's cool! Don't worry, I'll help you find her!" Marga said while smiling.

"That's impossible because I'm the only one who can see her."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Because she's invisible..."

"WHAT?! I’m sorry," she was frowning.

I stood up and picked up wood from the fire.

"Let's go..." I said, and she stood up, then followed me while also carrying a piece of wood with fire.

We only heard crickets. But I came to a halt when I felt eyes watching us, so I became alert. I held Marga, and she was shaking with fear. Humans can actually feel danger. Gradually, the creatures came out while looking sharply at us as if we were prey. We were now surrounded by a lot of wolves.

"Leena... huhuhu, I'm scared." She cried and I could feel her trembling. She clung to me and hid behind my back.

Any minute, the wolves will attack us. If I were a human, I would probably have been squatting in fear and crying like Marga.

"Don't be afraid, Marga. While I'm here, they can’t harm you. I promise..." I said and smiled at her to make her relax a bit.

A wolf suddenly attacked us, causing Marga to scream in fear. "Aaaahhhhhhh!"

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