LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 15: Hasna, The Gigantic Snake


As I expected, I woke up first. Marga and Alyssa were still sound asleep. I decided to get out of the cave. When I came out, I closed my eyes as I inhaled some fresh air. What time is it?

Oh, it's already noon. I'm a little hungry. From a distance, I hear a sound like a stream of water. I followed the noise with the use of my power. Using my sharp vision, I saw the water stream at a distance and it made me smile.

"Leena! Where are you going?" I looked behind me and saw Medusa–I mean, Alyssa and Marga walking towards me.

"Ah, I heard some noise, and I saw a stream down there. I would like to have a look." I said.

Alyssa smiles. "Yes, there's a stream ahead. You want to go?" she said.

"Really? Great! Let’s go then!" Marga said with excitement. Then we walked towards the stream. After a few minutes, we reached the stream.

"Wow, nice!" Marga said in amazement.

"Hey, where are you going, Leena?" Marga asked when she saw me walk and land on a rock.

"I'm going to swim!" I replied and her eyes widened, which made me chuckle.

"What?! Aren't you scared? It looks so deep." she said while looking at the stream.

"Nope!" Alyssa just smiled at us.

I took off my clothes and left my underwear. Of course, I didn't remove my shades lest I turn to stone in no time. I turned my shades into goggles.

"Hey, hey, why did you strip off your clothes?!" Marga and Alyssa both said with eyes widened.

"Well, I’m going down there. I still have my underwear." I said while chuckling and then I jumped into the water. Marga was right. The water is deep.

Woah, it’s so cold! But even though the water is cold, I still enjoy swimming. I see a lot of fish. I dived under for a few minutes until I went up to the surface. It surprised me when Marga suddenly shouted.

"Oh, my god! I thought something happened to you! Waahhhh," she cried. Alyssa giggled. I also giggled. I sprinkled them with water, causing them to get wet.

"Waahhhh, it’s so cold!" I laughed at their reaction.


I burst into laughter. When I’m done, I got out of the water and took out some clothes in my storage necklace. Then I turned the goggles back to a shade.

My ears perked up when I heard some footsteps. It is not just one, but many.

"Leena? Is something the matter?" Marga asked.

"Shh, we need to get out of here! People are coming!" I whispered. Alyssa was confused, but quickly hid.

"Climb up to the tree, Alyssa!" I told her and she followed what I said. With the help of the snakes on her head, Alyssa could climb up higher. I teleported beside Marga, who was in a daze, and then pulled her over. We hid under the big bushes.

How did they get here? Hopefully, they didn’t see the cave.

"Look around!" a knight commanded. I think he’s their leader. There were over thirty people. The knights followed the order as I heard their footsteps getting closer around us. Marga was trembling in fear. I saw Alyssa up in the tree while looking at the knights warily. She’s so serious and her gaze is scary, like she’s ready to attack any moment, but she’s shivering from the cold. Tsk. I regret splashing water on them earlier.

I enjoy the water so much that I didn't take notice of the surroundings. And now we’re hiding like criminals.

"I'm cold, Leena..." Marga whispered, her voice trembling. Sh*t, it's my fault for getting them wet.

"Just hold on to me and don't let go," I whispered, and she nodded. I immediately teleported us to Alyssa’s home inside the cave.

"Woah! How did we get here?" she uttered in awe.

"Get dressed and I'll go get Alyssa." I tossed her some clothes I pulled out from my storage necklace.

"Be careful," she said, her eyes filled with worry. I nodded and then teleported to Alyssa.

Alyssa was startled when I suddenly appeared next to her in the branches she sat at.

"Oh, gosh!" she blurted out a little loud, and she suddenly covered her mouth for fear the knights would hear her.

"Who's there? Find her!"

The knights look upset. I motioned for Alyssa not to make any noise, and she nodded. I grabbed her and then teleported back to the cave. She immediately felt relieved.

"Leena! Alyssa! Thank God you’re safe!" we just nodded at her. Alyssa changes her wet clothes.

"We have to be careful because they're just around."

"I hope they don't see this cave," Alyssa said in shock.

"I doubt that. Don't worry, I'll protect this part of the cave."

I used my power to see what was happening outside. My eyes widened.

"They’re now inside the cave!" I said.

"What are we going to do?!"

"I'll take care of it!" I said.

I went to the entrance of Alyssa's house that wasn’t covered with light and cast a spell. I put a barrier to hide this part of the cave so that they can't get in here.

I feel relieved somehow. Alyssa’s safety must come first. I have to protect her and Marga.

"Leena..." Alyssa called. She seemed tense like something was bothering her.

"What is it? Is there a problem? If you're thinking about the knights, don't worry because I've put a barrier already. They can't get in here."

"That's not my problem... but the snakes..." she said, a bit uneasy.

"Huh?" Snakes?

"What about the snakes, Alyssa?" Marga sounded astonished. Alyssa sighed.

"I'm worried because they might disturb Hasna," she said.

"Hasna? Wait, we're confused, Alyssa." Marga uttered.

"Who is Hasna?" I asked, confused.

"Hasna is a gigantic snake that lives in the innermost part of this cave. Hasna allowed me to live here in the cave. You just don't notice but there are many snakes around here and just watching us..." I know that.

Because of what Alyssa said, the snakes came out in different corners. Marga scooted closer to me. But we wonder why all the snakes left in a hurry like they were being called.

The sudden earthquake alarmed me.

"It’s Hasna… The people are in danger. I have to save them!" Alyssa exclaimed. And all of a sudden, she ran and followed the snakes.

"Alyssa!" Marga and I shouted. Marga and I looked at each other and then ran after Alyssa.

"What if the knights see her?" Marga sounded worried.

Alyssa ran so fast, but we managed to catch up with her.

"Alyssa," I stopped her, and she halted, then looked at me. She looked surprised when I handed her the shades.

"Wear it." Surprisingly, she took it and wore the shades without a second thought.

We heard some voices begging to spare their lives. The sounds of cries for help echoed.

"Hasna! Don't kill them!" Alyssa suddenly shouted.

The gigantic snake turned in our direction and hisses angrily.

‘Don’t meddle, Alyssa! These people are blasphemous! They entered my home without permission and disturbed my slumber!'

I stared at the gigantic snake and squinted my eyes. Did that gigantic snake speak just now? I thought Hasna was a man, but she was a woman.

"We apologize… but these men didn't know this was your home," I said, and the snake stared at me with its sharp gaze, dangerous and scary.

'And who are you, young lady?'

"I'm Leena. I'm from Moondrous World," I introduce without beating around the bush.

Shock registered on Hasna’s face when I mentioned Moondrous World.

'Moondrous World?!'

‘How did you get out of Moondrous?’


Hasna uttered question after question. The knights who didn’t understand Hasna almost peed their pants in fear and they trembled terribly.

"I entered a portal to find my missing twin sister, and the portal brought me into this world,” I said, and Hasna looked so serious.

'It's been so long since the portal to different dimensions was sealed. I wonder who unsealed the portal. Why now?' Hasna wondered, and hissed.

Sighed. I turned to the frightened knights and used my power to erase their memory before they entered the cave and teleported them outside. Then I closed the cave entrance so that they couldn’t enter again.

I turned to Hasna. "My twin sister is the reason why the portal opened," I said.

'If so… how did she break master’s spell?'

"Master? So you know who sealed the portal?"

'Yes... My master is so powerful, who was feared all over Moondrous and other dimensions because of his unique ability. Since many are trying to destroy the Moondrous World, he sealed the portal to protect the people from dark magic-users because they intend to take over the entire Magic World.'

"Then the entire Magic World is in danger now? In that case, I must find Luna as soon as possible..." I said anxiously.

Where in the world are you, Luna?

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