LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 16: Leena and Medusa in Enchantreia World


Using telepathy, I called Alesia and the others to meet me in the garden. I have something to tell them. Soon, they all came.

"Luna!" They greet me. I smiled and looked at them seriously.

"Why did you call us?" Ereia asked and sat beside me, then leaned her head on my shoulder. Venice also sat beside me. Alesia smiled at me and sat next to Venice. The others soon followed.

"What is the important thing you have to say?" she asked.

I looked at them one by one and let out a deep sigh.

“Luna, you make me nervous…” Ereia said, and looked at me.

“Yeah. I don’t feel good about this.” the others said at the same time.

“You make us nervous, Luna. W-What is it?” Alesia uttered, her voice a bit shaky.

Yeah, I make them nervous. Sigh…

"I'm leaving," I finally uttered.

They were all stunned.


"N-No way!"



I heave a deep breath.

"It's time for me to go. I've been away from home for a long time. I know my parents and sister are worried about my well-being."

"But Luna... Waahhh!" Ereia cried.

"You're leaving us?" Venice also cried while the others were just looking at me sullenly. I know what they are thinking.

I looked at Alesia, and she faked a smile. A glint of sadness and hurt flashed through her eyes.

"Don't worry. We'll meet again, eventually. I promise. Don't forget me, okay?" They nodded with tears in their eyes and hugged me one by one.

"When are you leaving?" Zenon asked. I sighed.

"Right now,"

"Huh?" they were startled. I let out a sigh.

“Too soon?” I nodded.

"But before I leave, I want to tell you something."

"What is it?" they asked reluctantly.

"I want you to promise me that you will all be safe. You are the savior of this world and it is your destiny." I said, and their forehead creased.

"But how can we defeat the Drazonian? They are way stronger than us." Leemin said, his eyebrows knitted together.

"No. You are stronger than them. I hope you remember that the strongest weapon does not come from power but from the heart. Only the power of your heart is the strongest when put together. Please don't forget that during battle." They nodded at what I said. I can see that their friendship will become stronger with time.

I will miss them too. They have also become a part of my life, but I have to go back to where I belong. I have someone there I miss dearly. I wonder what he’s doing right now. Thinking about that guy made my heart skip a beat.

I opened my palm, and it glowed. When the light subsided, eight necklaces made of string beads with a white crystal pendant each appeared. One by one, I gave it to them.

"What is this, Luna?" Alesia asked while looking at the necklace with a smile and a glint flash in her eyes.

“It will protect you. You should wear it all the time and do not take it off.” They nodded with a smile and thanked me. They wore the necklace in front of me that put a smile on my face.

I summoned a portal in front of them. Gradually, a swirling motion appeared. I honestly don't know where that portal will take me again. Even if I’m the summoner, I still can’t guarantee it will take me back to Moondrous World. I felt like the portal had a mind on its own. It senses my uneasiness.

"Luna, be careful… Boohoo,"

"We will miss you, Luna..."

"Visit us when you have time, okay?"

I gave them a nod and smiled warmly. With teary eyes, we all hugged each other one last time. They all burst into tears nonstop. Even Zenon, who I wasn’t very close with, also cried. I gave them a last warm smile before I finally entered the portal.

It hurts to leave them, but I have to face the truth. The truth is, I don’t deserve this world. I don’t know why the portal brought me here in the first place.



After hearing my words, Hasna cast a spell and after a while, a swirling motion appeared. My eyes widened.

"A portal!" I gasped.

I immediately turned to Marga. "Marga, I need to leave and continue the search for my missing twin sister. And I'll take you with me, Alyssa." I said, glancing at Alyssa.

"You will leave me behind?" Marga cried, tears streaming down her face.

"Marga, we have to leave. Don't worry, when Alyssa returns, she will be with you for the rest of your life and live normally like everyone else." I said, and looked at Alyssa with a smile.

"Don't worry about me, Marga. I'll make sure I'll come back soon and be completely normal like you. We have to find Leena's twin sister because only she can remove this curse." Alyssa said, and they hugged each other while crying.

"You need to leave. The portal will soon disappear." Hasna interrupts. I nodded and turned to Marga.

"We need to leave now. Marga, I'll teleport you directly to your house." she nodded and cried again. She hugged me and Alyssa one last time.

"Please be careful, you two. I'll be waiting for you, Alyssa…" she sniffled.

With a snap of my finger, I teleported Marga. I saw Alyssa wiping her tears away.

"Let's go?" I said, and she nodded.

"Hasna, thank you very much..."

"It’s nothing. Be careful on your journey." We nodded and entered the portal.

My eyes widened as I screamed at the top of my lungs as I fell from the sky. When I looked down, my heart almost leaped out of my chest. I also saw Alyssa plunging as well and screaming like me. As a reflex, I quickly control the wind to prevent us from falling to the ground hard. Alyssa let out a sigh of relief and thanked me.

We looked around us. We are in a forest.

"Where are we?" Alyssa asked.

"I do not know either."

“Wow. Leena, your appearance changed,” she said, staring at me in awe.

I frowned and looked at myself. My mouth hung in awe when I saw my long black hair turned silver? I just shrugged my shoulders.

“Let’s go?” I said, and she nodded.

We walked to find our way out of this forest.

When I looked at Alyssa, the snakes in her head were wriggling. She scolded the snakes. I sighed and took out a cloth in my storage necklace to cover the snakes.

"Alyssa, wear this," I said and handed her the cloth.

"Thank you, Leena."

I smiled as she wore the cloth to cover the snakes on her head. I gave her a shade because all living beings that looked into her eyes turned into stone. And I touched all the animals that turned into stone to undo the curse.

"How did you do that?" she asked, curious.

"One of my abilities. I only found out about it when I was with Marga. I accidentally touched the statues, and they returned to life."

"Really?! Thank you, Leena. I was glad I met you. Because I really don't know what I'm going to do when I turn someone into stone again." She said sadly.

"Don't worry, Alyssa. By the time we see my twin, she will remove the curse from you."

We continued walking. After a few minutes; we were finally out in the woods. When we saw many houses, we both smiled. The people were staring at us strangely. But we just kept walking. We halted when someone shouted in panic. There was a commotion ahead. I pulled Alyssa over and we approached the chaos. My eyes widened slightly as we saw people fighting. They use dark magic and white magic.

We were almost hit by the enemy's attack if I hadn't dodged a second late. Other magic users around helped the fight when more and more strange men showed up. The dark magic users seemed stronger.

Alyssa and I hid when both sides suddenly attacked at the same time.

To my surprise, Alyssa suddenly shouted in fear. Someone pulled her out.

"Let her go!" My expression darkened and released fire in my hands. I moved swiftly and pulled Alyssa away from the man’s hold, and I burned the man with my fire. He screamed while slowly dissipating into ashes. I immediately approached Alyssa.

"Are you okay, Alyssa?" I asked, and she nodded while breathing sharply. She has an unbelievable look while staring at me. I guess she didn’t expect I would kill the bastard that was trying to hurt her. Rage got the best of me sometimes and acted out before giving my action a second thought. I guess it’s a reflex.

"Thank you..."

Alyssa suddenly grabbed my arm when we were suddenly surrounded by a few dark magic users.

"Leena," Alyssa uttered, scared. Suddenly, the snakes in Alyssa's head hisses. Did the snakes feel the surrounding danger? The snakes struggled, which caused the cover to slide off. Alyssa yelled when the snakes suddenly attacked the enemies. I protected Alyssa from the enemy who was trying to attack her. Using my fire, I burned them all.

Alyssa removed her shades and turned the others into stone. I helped the other magic users in the fight until the enemy all turned to ashes. They all sigh in relief when the enemies are gone.

"Big sis Luna!"

"Big sister!" my ears perked up at the name I heard. Luna? My heart pounded with excitement.

But I was shocked when suddenly two little girls hugged me. They are also twins.

"Big sister Luna! Good thing you are here! You're so awesome and beat those bad guys!" they exclaimed, eyes twinkling in awe.

"Wait... who are you? Where is Luna?" The two looked at each other and then laughed.

"Eh? Big sister Luna, did you forget us already? We are big sister Ereia's younger sisters." the little girl pouted with eyebrows furrowed together.

"Eh, why are you asking where big sister Luna is? Aren't you big sister Luna?" the other little girl frowned, confused.

Oh, they mistook me for my twin. Then they know my twin sister? She’s here? I have to see her!

"I'm sorry but I'm not Luna. My name is Leena, Luna's twin sister. I'm looking for her. Do you know where she is?" I said, and their eyes widened.

"Eh?! You are the one big sister Luna talked about! You are her twin sister! It's so cool!" they said with eyes that glimmered in awe.

"Big sister Luna is at the academy with our big sis Ereia."

"Which academy?"

"Hmm. At Enchant Academy."

Enchant Academy?

"Leena!" Alyssa called. She already has a cover on her head and is wearing shades. As she was approaching us, she fixed her gaze on the children, who were still smiling at me.

Someone suddenly shouted, which startled us.

"Zanaya! Zamaya!"

"Big sis Ere!" the twins beamed at the girl in school uniform.

The girl immediately embraced the twin with a sigh of relief. "Are you alright? Did you get hurt?"

"We're fine, big sis Ere. Someone defeated those bad guys!"

"Really? Who?" The twins pointed at me and when the girl finally looked at me, she looked baffled. Her eyes widened in shock.

It surprised me when the girl suddenly cried. My eyes widened when the girl rushed to me and hugged me tightly while sobbing hard. I gasped in shock.

"Boohoo! Luna, you came back! You lied! Huhu, I thought you were really leaving us..." What is she talking about?

"Wait. Wait. Miss," she let go of me and frowned. Her eyebrows knitted together.

"Oh my gosh, big sis Ere. She's not big sister Luna, okay? So pull yourself together," the twins said while shaking their heads.

"Huh?" She looked at me with wide eyes. I smiled at her.

"I'm Leena, Luna's twin sister. I'm looking for her. Where is she?" I said and tears suddenly formed in the corner of her eyes.

"You are not Luna? Boohoo, she really left. Waahhhhh," she cried. My forehead frowned.

"Wait, what do you mean?" I asked.

She sniffled. "Luna left yesterday. She entered a portal going back to Moondrous World."

I can't believe what I found out. She’s back to Moondrous?

"Is that true?" She nodded, and she looked at Alyssa quizzically.

"Seriously, you and Luna really look the same, like a spitting image. I can’t tell who is who?" the girl said. "By the way, I'm Ereia. I'm Luna's first friend here." I smiled.

"Nice to meet you, Ereia. And this is Alyssa. Hmm, may we know what this world is?"

She smiled with a look of nostalgia. "This reminds me of Luna when she first came here. She also asked the same. This is the world of Enchantreia. We also have magic like you. I am a Nature Element User." she said, and I nodded.

"I am a fire user and Alyssa can turn people into stone," I said, and she looked at Alyssa with a smile.

"You have a cool power, Alyssa. Come with me and I will introduce you to my friends." I looked at Alyssa, and she nodded. We walked after Ereia with the little twins.

It was a bit noisy around here because people were still talking about the encounter with the dark magic users that took place just a while ago.

We approached a group that was just our age. They were all dumbfounded to see me.

"Waaahhh, Luna! You came back?!" my eyes widened when a girl suddenly ran towards me while crying.

"W-Wait!" I was too late because the girl jumped on me.

"Boohoo, I miss you so much, Luna!" the girl cried. I smiled because they obviously became good friends with Luna. I'm glad Luna found a true friend.

When the girl let go of me, she looked at me with a stunned expression because… well; I didn't return the hug because I was caught off guard. "Luna? Didn't you miss me?" the girl pouted, and I smiled at her.

"I'm sorry but I'm not Luna," I said.

"Huh?" they gasped and looked so shocked. They all frowned except Ereia, who already knew who I was.

"Wait, wait. Are you fooling us, Luna?" a boy with red hair chimed.

I heave a sigh. "I'm really not Luna. My name is Leena Ayesha McCleen, Luna's twin sister. I'm looking for my missing twin sister. She ran away from the palace." I said.

They looked at each other. And then they examine my appearance from head to toe. However, my eyes widened when I realized something and I couldn’t help but gasp.

"Wait, how did you see Luna?" I asked, my heart beating faster.

They frowned at what I said. "Huh? What do you mean?"

"Of course, we can see her. She's not a ghost, is she?"

There seems to be something wrong. Does that mean they can see Luna? What’s happening?

"Wait, you mean... Luna is not invisible anymore?" I asked, dumbfounded. I couldn’t hide the excitement in my voice.

So Luna returns to Moondrous because she’s not invisible anymore? But how? This is a miracle!

"Luna is invisible?!" they said at the same time, flabbergasted. I sighed.

"The reason Luna ran away was that she was depressed. Everyone can't see and hear her except me." I explained, and they suddenly snapped their fingers like they remembered something.

I wonder what happens to Luna. How did she become visible? If so, I was glad for my twin.

"Right! Luna has already told us about her story and how she became visible to everyone," Ereia uttered.

"What? How?" I asked.

"When she came out of the portal, she was no longer invisible, which surprised her."

So, even Luna doesn't know how?

Maybe I need to go back to Moondrous as soon as possible.

Wait for me, Luna... We’ll see each other soon, my twin.

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