LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 17: Mortal World


When I came out of the portal, the wind felt strange in this place. The air is polluted. The portal took me to a dark narrow alleyway.

I closed my eyes and felt the surroundings. I heard some noises.

The air in this place is strange, and a little contaminated. It’s different from the magic world. Where in the world am I?

After a few minutes, I was out of the dark alley and a crowded wide road came into view. It’s too noisy in this place. However, I was amazed at the many cars and the weird transport in front of me, although it made my head hurt at the honking sound the drivers made. It dazzled me when the sunlight hit my skin. I sighed in relief. It made me happy because I was no longer invisible.

I walked towards the crowd of busy people walking from there and to. As I look up, many skyscrapers come into sight and it amazes me.

Where am I, exactly?

People are very busy talking and selling things. Children were chasing each other while laughing. Some people were drinking liquor and gossiping on the side of the streets. Why do people seem to not care about their surroundings? What a strange world.

I continued walking while observing the people. Damn, the noise is killing me. Drivers of cars honking continuously and it gets on my nerves. And it seems to be because of stagnant traffic. Sigh…

I saw people who seemed to be just waiting on the side of the road while looking the opposite way. What are they looking at up there?

Suddenly, the cars stopped, and the people walked across together along the white lines. Did the cars just stop to let these people pass by? It made me curious, so I joined the people walking in awe. Some people were looking at me with knitted eyebrows. Hm? Is something the matter? Anyway, it amuses me because after we crossed; the cars were moving again, and on the other side of the road; the people crossed.

This place is cool!

I halted when I almost bumped into a girl who looked about my age.

"Ah, excuse me, miss..." she looked at me and frowned slightly.

"Yes?" oh, she seems unfriendly.

"Ahm, may I know where in the world I am?" I asked, and she sighed.

"You're in Manila." my forehead creased.

"Ah, thank you..." after I thanked her, she left immediately.

What should I do? I don't know about this world. Ah, I have an idea! The girl hadn't gone far yet, so I secretly followed her.

I immediately hid on the post when she stopped and looked behind her while frowning. She continued walking, so I quickly followed.

The girl entered a narrow road, and many people were lying down, looking helpless. There are also children playing around. She turned left into a small alley, then turned again, but I frowned when she suddenly disappeared. Huh?

"Where is she?" I whispered.

"Who are you? Why are you following me?" It surprised me when someone spoke behind me. I slowly tilted my head to see the girl I have been following.

"Ah, hehe. My apologies... I don't know about this place and I don't know where to go, so I followed you." I explained, and her forehead furrowed even more.

"How do I know if you're telling the truth? What if you're a serial killer?" she raised an eyebrow while shaking her head.

"What? Hey! I’m not a killer! I swear! I admit I killed someone. But they are evil creatures." I said, then pouted my lips. Her eyes widened and stepped backward.

"So you admit you killed someone?!" she yelled in horror.

"Eh! They are not human beings. They are evil creatures! And those evil creatures are the same as the people of Drazona Land who were ruthless!"

"What are you talking about? Are you crazy, girl?" she said, annoyed. My eyes widened.


"What?! I'm not crazy!"

"Tsk. Stay right here. And... don't follow me!"

"But... I have nowhere to go. Please help me. I don't know about this place and I just accidentally stumbled here." I said with a puppy look. She looked at me in disbelief.

"It’s not my problem. Just go back to where you came from," she said and turned away.

It saddened me. What should I do now? I shrugged as I continued to follow the girl.

"You are so annoying!" she yelled. I pouted, trying to make myself cute.

“I'm not a bad person. I swear at the bottom of my heart ‘till I die!” I said with a pitiful look. Huhu, I hope it works.

"Haist! Fine!" she relented hesitantly, still doubting me. I smiled and couldn't help but hug her.

"Yay! Thank you so much!"

"Yah! Let me go!"

"Hehe," I really couldn’t help but be pleased when she agreed.

"Follow me." I nodded.

A few moments later, we entered a house. I saw some people inside, but the girl I followed was just silent and didn’t greet anyone. Wait, I haven't asked her name yet.

"Hey, Claire, who's with you?" a girl asked, who looked about just my age. I smiled at her.

"Hi! I'm Luna!" I introduced myself when Claire didn’t respond.

"Ah, I'm Mona! How are you related to Claire?" Eh! What will I say?

"Hmm, I… I’m her friend! Hehe," I saw Claire roll her eyes. She entered a room, so I immediately followed.

"Hm, I got to go. Nice meeting you, Mona!" I said, and she smiled.

"Nice to meet you too, Luna!"

When I entered Claire's room, she was taking off her shoes. The room is small, but it's ok because it's clean.

"Hmm, I haven't introduced myself to you yet. I'm Luna Syesha McCleen," she looked at me.

"Claire Roque," she said nonchalantly. Even so, I smiled. She has a cold personality but I can feel her kindness.

I sat in a small chair while looking at her.

"Are you alone here?" I asked, and she nodded. She stood up and took out something in the cabinet. Ah, it’s clothes.

She threw something at me, which I caught swiftly. It's just a t-shirt and shorts.

"Wear it because you look so weird in those clothes," she said, and my eyes widened when she suddenly took off her clothes in front of me.

She was changing in front of me. The eff!

"Stop staring. Get dressed."

"Ah… Uhm."

"Don't tell me you're shy? We're both girls, so you won't lose anything." I scratched my head.

I could do nothing but hesitantly get dressed in front of her. After I got dressed, she asked me some questions.

"Where are you from and why don't you know about this place?"

"Well, I'm from the Moondrous World."

"Moondrous World? Where is that place? Stop fooling around. Hey! Wake up, girl. You're here on earth!" I frowned. Earth? Mortal world? Then am I in the mortal world? In which ordinary human lives with no powers?

"Then you have no powers?" I blurted out, and she chuckled.

"You know you're funny. Where do you get that idea? Pft," she stifled a laugh. "You know it's just hunger. Come with me and I’ll treat you to a meal outside." My eyes lit up and my stomach grumbled.

She darted out of the room, and I followed. Then she locked the door before we finally left.

We walked just a few blocks and entered a diner. My eyes glimmered seeing the food on display.

"What dish do you want?" Claire asked.

"All of it," I replied with excitement. Her eyes widened slightly.

"What?! You're going to spend all my money. Tsk. Let me order for both of us." she said while shaking her head and I pouted. I looked at the people eating and I swallowed. Only now did I feel my hunger.

Claire pulled me over and we sat at an empty table with two chairs. Not long after, someone served our orders. An elderly woman serves us two dishes I don’t know and two cups of rice on each plate.

"Thank you!" I said, and the woman smiled at me.

Claire gave me my portion. Alas, this food isn’t enough for my empty stomach.

We started eating silently, and I quickly finished mine while Claire hadn't finished yet.

"You’re done? You eat too quickly," she said in amusement.

"I ate really fast." she just nodded.

‘Huhu, I’m still hungry! How can Claire eat so little?’ I complain in my mind.

After eating, we went back to her rented room.

"Where are your parents?" I ask.

"They’re far away."

"Ah, why are you alone here?"

"Why are you asking question after question? Just shut up, will you? I'm still hitting the books. I have an exam tomorrow."

"You go to school? Can I come to your school tomorrow?" she rolled her eyes.

"You can't. Non-students can't enter without an ID." My shoulder slumped down in dismay.

"What a pity," I murmured.

"Just go to sleep..." I nodded and lay down on her small bed. However, I just kept tossing and turning. I cannot sleep at all.

I stared at the ceiling. I miss Alesia and the others, Mirai, especially; my family and my twin sister. If only I hadn't left the palace, we would have been together now. But I also won’t experience being seen by everyone if I haven’t left.

If I return to Moondrous, will I be visible to everyone? What if I turned invisible again?



[Third Person’s POV]

It’s very dark, and only the light of a small fire illuminates the whole place.

In the center of the room, a huge casket and an undecayed corpse are lying there for many years.

"Father, don't worry. You will wake up soon. Just wait a little longer. I promise to find the twin stated in the prophecy." A man blurted out with determination.

"I will make sure that we will once again rule the entire Magic World. We will take the rein on the Moondrous World that was ours in the first place..."

After the man spoke those words, lightning roared in the dark sky, causing his followers to jump in fear. So they immediately hid in their home except for the warriors on guard who were already used to the lightning.



Claire left early for school. She was already wearing a uniform when I woke up. She just gave me some money to buy food.

I just stared at the paper money. Humans' money is strange because it looks so easy to tear apart. Unlike in Moondrous and another world, we use gold, silver, diamonds, and pearls as our payment.

I grinned when I remembered something. I snapped my fingers, and in a flash, the money in my hand multiplied. Fortunately, I have powers. Yay! I can finally eat a lot of food!

I was over the moon as I stepped out of the room. The house is so quiet and I didn’t feel any life form. Perfect for what I was about to do. I closed my eyes and concentrated. One of my abilities is to see the past of a person or a place. With my ability, I learn the history of this world. Of how ordinary humans have lived over the past thousands of years.

I smiled and fluttered my eyes open. Now, I can move freely in this place. I was no longer ignorant of this world and a bother to Claire.

When I walked out of the house, I saw children in uniform. They look so adorable, which made me smile. They looked at me in amazement and smiled sweetly.

"Hi, pretty big sister!"

"You are so pretty!"

"Big Sister, what's your name?"

Ah, so cute!

"Hello, kids! Call me Big Sister Luna. Are you going to school?"

"Yes, Big Sister Luna!"

"Really? All right, let's go together." I said with a smile.

They ran towards me and the two little ones held my hands. While the other kids walked ahead of us while giggling.

"What school did you go to?"

"At Western High, Big Sister Luna!"

"Really? I'm going there too!"

"Yay! Do you study there, too? Why aren't you in uniform?"

"Ah... I haven't gotten my uniform yet!" I said as I scratched my head. Damn, I forgot to eat.

A few minutes later, we arrived at the school. I let them in first and then I hid in the cars. In a blink of an eye, I was already in uniform and with ID. I smiled as I walked closer to the gate. The guard let me in after taking a glance at my ID. And just like that; I was free to go inside with the other students.

I tracked Claire, and I saw her walking down the hallway. So I quickly followed her. Claire entered the restroom, so I just waited outside. The other students kept looking at me.

Claire noticed me when she stepped out. Her eyes widened in realization.

"Luna?! What are you doing here?!" She pulled me away from the students. I smiled at her. She looks at me from head to foot in utter disbelief.

"How did you get a uniform and.... an ID?! What the f*ck!"

"Hmm, with my powers?"

"Stop fooling around. Where did you get your uniform and ID?" I scratch my head. Tsk. How can I explain it?

"Look, Claire, it's not important. The thing is… I can go here with you!" she slapped her forehead and rubbed her temple.

"You look like a stalker, you know? You have a lot of explaining to do later. You better tell me… all of it. I'll go now. My class is about to start. Please go home..." she said, a little distressed.

She turned around and walked away. I shook my head and pouted my lips.

But I smiled when I came up with an idea. I walked into the restroom. Luckily, no one was inside, so I was free to use my powers. I changed my clothes into ordinary ones and walked out of the restroom, smiling from ear to ear. Claire can’t stop me from coming here.

I walked to the principal's office while humming a song. When I arrived, I knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

I turned the doorknob and walked in. A man in his early 50s sat in his chair while looking at some documents. He lifts his head.


I walked closer and sat in the chair in front. "Hmm. Mr. Principal, I'm Luna Syesha McCleen. I wanted to go to this school, but it looks like I'm late. Can I still enroll?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Ms. McCleen, but the school doesn't allow late enrollees," he said, and I frowned.

"Is that so? But can I just sit in class? It's ok with me if I don't have a diploma. I just want to study. Please, Mr. Principal!" I pleaded.

"I'm sorry, hija, but—" I know he will refuse me, so I cut him off with my powers. I have no choice but to hypnotize him. He smiled at me.

"All right, I'll let you. I'll tell the teachers to let you in the class."

"Really? So, can I come in now?" I asked with excitement, and he nodded.

"Waah, thank you!"

I walked out of the principal's office with a victorious smile. Then, I immediately went to the restroom to change my clothes into a uniform again. I check myself in the mirror with a satisfied smile.

I exited the restroom and walked to Claire’s classroom. Claire looked so bored, and I waved at her when she tilted her head to look out the window. Her eyes widened in disbelief. Hehe, I really like Claire's reaction every time I surprise her.

She mouthed, ‘What are you doing here?’.

I just smiled and winked at her.

I knock on the door. The door opened, and the teacher welcomed me. The teacher let me in, and everyone’s attention was on me. However, Claire’s reaction is priceless.

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