LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 2: Invisible to Visible (Part 2)

[Luna Syesha]

After our long talk, they let me stay in their house. It is almost six o’clock in the evening and people are getting ready because any minute from now, their appearance will change. They will transform into wolves.

Grandma Mela and Berting told me not to leave the house until morning. But I want to see their transformation. They left the house in a hurry because it was only a few seconds to six o’clock. I just peeked out through the window. All the people are outside.

At exactly six o’clock, they all transformed into wolves and howled while looking up at the moon. Then, I saw a woman in black riding a broomstick and I could hear clearly what she was saying because of her loud ugly voice.

“Bwahahaha, how are you, my pets? Hahaha haha, you all deserved it!” The ugly woman laughs like a witch. Oh, she’s really a witch. And she’s so ugly!

I saw all the wolves looking like lost sheep. They seem terrified of this witch. A smile curved on my lips. I didn’t follow Grandma Mela’s order earlier, and I got out of the house. All the wolves growled when they saw me. They almost attacked me, but two wolves intervened and stopped in front. It’s Grandma Mela and Berting.

‘I told her not to come out. This girl is so stubborn.’ Berting grumbled in irritation.

“I’m really stubborn, Berting, and no one can stop me. When I say I will help you, I will help.” I said stubbornly.

‘You can understand us?’ He asked in surprise and I nodded. All the wolves growled. They can’t believe I can hear them. Many asked why I understood them, but I only returned them with a smile.

“Well, well, well, there’s still a child left? Hmm,” I turned around and looked up. The witch passed by while riding on her broomstick.

“You’re ugly...” I said with a shudder. And her face went sour.

“Blasphemous! You have a sharp tongue, kid! You will regret calling me ugly!” she retorted, and I laughed in response. Now she’s completely angry.

Suddenly, she drew her wand and aimed at me, but I moved quickly to avoid it.

Electric? Hmm, let’s see that.

“You’re lucky, young lady, and you avoided my attack. It looks like you are difficult to deal with,” she said, and I smirked.

I floated in the air to level her, and I released the aura that I hid. She looked surprised.

“W-who are you?! How did you float without even using a wand!” she grumbled, and I just smiled in return. I felt her fear towards me. Tsk. Weak.

To protect the crowd of wolves, I put on thick barriers around them before confronting the witch.

“I said, who are you?!” she said impatiently.

“My name is Luna. Remember my name, ugly witch!” I said, testing her patience. She got angry with my answer and suddenly used her magic wand to attack me. Tsk. She easily gets annoyed. She even cast a spell to attack me. Too bad I know the spell she used, so I avoided it effortlessly. It’s just an electric magic ball, nothing interesting at all.

“How do you avoid all my attacks?!” she let out furiously.

She looked even more surprised when I showed her my hands with an electric magic ball. It’s not too big. Her eyes widened as she looked at my hands. She flew away to avoid my attack, but the electric magic ball already hit her quickly. She got electrocuted. Hahaha. She will not die because of that. I just tested her.

“You will pay for this!” she let out furiously when she recovered. The witch cast a powerful spell—the air tornado. I didn’t move into my current position and just observed her. After how many minutes, I flew upwards.

“Hahaha, are you scared of this tornado? This is your end, kid!” she said while laughing. The air tornado slowly went up to me, but it didn’t faze me at all.

“Bye-bye!” the witch mumbled while laughing wickedly.

I heard wolves growling in fear. They will not get affected by the air tornado because of the protective barrier I put up earlier.

I couldn’t help but laugh at this witch. She’s hilarious. The wolves groaned and let out a cry as the air tornado hit me. I even heard the witch laugh out loud.

Without the witch's knowledge, I can easily control the air tornado. With just a snap of my fingers, I effortlessly vanished the air tornado while grinning from ear to ear.

“No! How did that happen! It can’t be!!!!!!!!” the witch screamed hysterically. Ugh, her voice is damn annoying.

I didn’t want to prolong the fight, so I released light magic to defeat the witch. My light magic dazzled the witch and gradually vanished while screaming in pain. Suddenly, its ashes exploded in the air like fireworks.

Then, the dark spell enveloping the entire town disappeared. While all the wolves turned back to humans. People shouted in pure bliss because the curse lifted. I smiled as I slowly descended to the ground. They looked at me in amazement.

“Thank you so much, kid! Thank you for saving us! You are a messenger of God!” they all uttered while bowing their heads and knelt with Grandma Mela and Berting in the front.

“You don’t have to kneel. All of you stand up! I just did the right thing and I think helping this town is the reason I stumbled upon this world.” I said. They gave me a wide smile and welcomed me to their town.

Since the curse already lifted. The people celebrated the entire night as a thankful celebration for my bravery to fight the witch and defeat it. Grandma Mela still welcomed me to their home like I was her granddaughter. They are really grateful to me for saving their town.

But I couldn’t help but still worry about the entire town. What if other witches might come back here because I killed their companion? Sighed…

I am currently sitting on the veranda of Grandma Mela’s house while carrying Regit in my arms as I caress his fur. Plenty of thoughts were running through my head. I still can’t believe that people can see me and hear me now. This is like a dream come true. But then, even if I wanted to stay here, I know I can’t because I am sure that my parents and my twin are looking for me.

But how can I go back home?

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