LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 3: The Legendary Snake (Part 2)

[Luna Syesha]

A gasp let out of my mouth when suddenly a giant snake came up from the stream. It looked at me evilly.

‘I guess I’m lucky today. I haven’t eaten for a long time bwahahahaha.’

My forehead creased, and my eyebrows furrowed when I heard a voice. I looked around, but there was no one else here but me. Therefore, I conclude the snake is the one who speaks.

The snake suddenly rushed towards me, but I dashed away. I jumped on a tree branch.

“Why do you want to eat me, giant snake?” I asked, and the snake stopped attacking me.

‘You can understand me?’ the snake asked for confirmation.

“Yes.” I jumped down and landed on the rock where I was sitting earlier. The giant snake looked at me and bowed slightly.

‘Forgive my audacity, princess...’

“How did you know I was a princess?” I asked.

‘You have the blood of a princess and the blood of a goddess.’ the snake said.

Afterward, the snake suddenly glowed. My mouth hung in awe to see the snake’s new appearance when the dazzling light disappeared. The snake had wings and flew away upwards. He went in my direction and I jumped, then landed on his back. I screamed as he flew higher. “Wohoooo!” I just rode behind the back of the snake dragon and it was so cool.

“What is your name?” I asked him when we were in the air below the clouds.

‘I am Armani. The legendary snake of the entire Majika.’ he replied.

“Nice to meet you, Armani! I am Luna!” I said, smiling.

I close my eyes and feel the refreshing air on my skin. I can see up here the entire place of ​​Majika. On the left side, there is a place covered with black smoke. I guess that is the world of the Black Wizards. Armani flew towards the place of the black wizards.

I can’t see much of the entire place because of the black smoke. The witch’s creepy voices echoed around the forest. I find it funny and annoying.

Armani and I hid in a forest. Armani transformed into a small snake and then preceded me. I just followed him behind. I hid behind a tall tree when I noticed someone coming. So I eavesdropped.

“Brother, are you sure about the plan? What if it fails? And what if father finds out?”

“Don’t worry, princess, I’m sure our plan will work. I will not let our father continue his evil plan. If Mother is just alive, she will not let this happen.”

With my sharp sight like an owl, I saw them not far away from me. My eyes widened when my gaze was fixated on the face of the young girl. Why does she look familiar?

They’re not like the ugly witches I’ve seen before. I can say they have looked. They’re just ordinary beings like me. When I stepped back, I did not realize that I had stepped on something. Ugh!

“Brother, we are not alone in this forest...”

“W-who is there!”

Ugh, they caught me. I felt them walking in my direction.

“Brother... I’m scared. Let’s just leave.”

As they went closer, I showed up. I’m not planning to show up, but I was curious about what they were talking about.

“W-who are you?” a handsome boy asked.

“Ah, I’m Luna...” I said and looked at the young girl who was just around Mirai’s age. Her eyes filled with fear. She snuggled closer to the boy. My eyebrows furrowed and my eyes widened slightly when I saw the young girl’s appearance.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to fight. I was just curious about this place, so I went here. I heard you talking about your plan. What are you going to do?” I asked, and didn’t tear my gaze away from the young girl. That’s why she looks familiar.

“It’s just between us, lady. If I were you, leave before the witches see you.” the handsome boy said anxiously.

“All right, Luna, please get out of here. This place is dangerous for you. The witches are just around the corner and they might see you.” the young girl said worriedly.

“Tsk. Fine. Whatever you are planning, I hope it’s not bad. I know you are not as bad as the others.” I said, then smiled, and they looked at me with a stunned expression. “Armani!” I called the snake. It suddenly appeared next to me, which surprised the two.

Armani transformed into his real form with wings. The two gasped and stared at Armani wide-eyed.

“Until we meet again!” I said and flew towards Armani’s back. I waved at the two, who still looked terrified looking at Armani. But before we flew upwards, I heard them mumble in awe. “The legendary snake Armani! He has appeared!”

So everyone knows Armani. This is exciting. Those two will also play a big role in the entire world of Majika. I hope they succeed in their plans.


‘Yes, princess?’

“I just want to ask you a favor.”

‘What is it, princess?’

“I want you to help the world of Majika in the upcoming war,” I said, and he agreed.


When evening came, I went back to the mountain to check if the portal was open again. But I’m disappointed to find out it didn’t open. I released a deep sigh, then looked at the entire town below, and I sat on the rock while the wind blew my long blonde hair freely. I looked up at the sky full of stars and my eyes fixed on an enormous star—the moon.

“Grandma Luna....” I mumbled.

As I close my eyes, a strong chilly wind blows on my skin.

‘I hope you will always guide me with your light, Grandma...’

When I flutter my eyes open, I smile faintly when I suddenly remember my twin and my parents. How are they? Are they looking for me? I hope they are in good condition.

“Wait for me, Leena, mama, papa. I promise on my return that I’m not invisible anymore. Maybe I was sent to this place to find the answer to why I became invisible.” I blurted out.

I stayed in the mountain for a few more hours and when it was already late at night; I went back to Grandma Mela’s house. They were already asleep, so I walked in silence, going to the room they had reserved for me. As I lay my back on the comfy mattress, I fell asleep right away.

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